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Whether you’re snorkeling with sea lions in the clear blue waters of the Galapagos Islands, or sipping sundowners on the tan-colored plains of the Serengeti, you know that we are there for you anytime.

Our 24-hour White Glove Service® guest assistance begins before you leave home with our pre-departure documents. You receive a welcome phone call after you arrive at your destination. Our WGS® guest assistance team maintains contact at various times throughout your journey to insure that your trip runs smoothly or address any problem that may arise. WGS® can be tailored to your particular needs and interests. Big Five is leading the way in guest relations for the travel industry.

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White Glove Service – “It’s quite a feature”

Hello BigFive,

 Many thanks for the update.  It’s been a pleasure having you keep in contact with us regarding this client.

I know they are being loved graciously by Big Five for their entire journey.  It’s quite a feat to find a company such as yours that we can entrust our clients.

 Much regards and thank you’s are just not enough.



Morocco – “Start to Finish to a Wonderful Destination”

This was a wonderful trip, start to finish to a wonderful destination. Everything was perfectly planned and executed without a single glitch.

Our guides and drivers were extraordinary and the night camping in sanctuary in the Sahara, a life highlight experience!




India – “The Graciousness of The Indian People”

Somos muy felices! ( we are so happy!)

Just returned from our trip to India.

As before, Big Five met &/exceeded all of our expectations.

A big KUDOS & THANK YOU & to ALL the crew at Big Five.

Everything went flawlessly (as with our last year’s trip to Ecuador, the Galapagos & Peru)– a great comfort – very much appreciated & contributing much to our enjoyment!

 Most important was the graciousness (courtesy, kindness & pleasant attitude) of the Indian people.

Additionally, to repeat an old adage- it’s all about location, location, location—–the Sanctuary Inn at Machu Picchu last year, The Oberoi Amarvilas in Agra, etc. etc….

Our guides were very pleasant & even personally accompanied us for a portion of our trip.

My wife’s foot injury (fractured calcaneous & torn peroneus tendon) was taken into account & properly cared for.

 Loved every portion of our trip—-without exception!!!

May go back to Varanasi for our cremations. Varanasi was really a highlight. A Holy place for Hindus where they go to die/must make a pilgrimage during their lifetime (like Mecca/Jerusalem). The Holy River Ganges—bathers brushing their teeth, bathing, washing their hair, submerging for blessings next to a guy washing his dirty kitchen pots & dishes next to somebody doing their laundry (with detergents)–the water is absolutely filthy!!!!–but who cares: it is the sacred River Ganges, Gangrithi!

Walked through very narrow streets amongst the tens of thousands of people & cows & cars & motor scooters & bicycles. Cacophony of sounds including the ever-present blaring car-horns! Saw lepers for the first time in my life. And of course the ritual cremations on the Ghats – 11 going on at the same time on this occasion- great flaming & smoking pyres, lots of family members, goats, cows, dogs everywhere! 

Also loved the ever-present cows everywhere, the Taj Mahal (the most beautiful, magnificent edifice we have ever seen, “heaven on earth”), and Mihir Garh. … Our driver, Balram, often quoted that in order to drive in India you must have “a loud horn, good brakes, and much luck!”

My wife was almost attacked by a cobra at Jawai; and we repeatedly spotted many leopards, rare birds, crocs, & other wild life as well as the other 9 couples at this camp. Met a nice Welshman, now a businessman in Vietnam, & his wife (Australian).

A Brahmin priest in a remote village invited me to partake in an opium ceremony to Lord Vishnu (of course)….. but they sure were looped on opium… when I correctly diagnosed his L5-S1 radiculopathy; he even showed me his MRI.  I was instantly promoted from my status as third caste to first caste (Brahmin status) for telling him he did not require surgery & would most likely benefit from an epidural steroid injection.

We were invited to an Indian wedding in Jaipur–about 2,000 guests…  (the bride) was bedecked in a gorgeous golden sari & he in a similar golden outfit with matching turban & large golden scimitar & jeebs for shoes (you know, the Aladdin type). We watched them circle the ceremonial fire 7 times, sang our blessings & then danced (Bollywood-style). Everywhere blazing colored lights, garlands of flowers, gorgeous saris—-the whole works!

The food everywhere was magnificent!!! Fantastic curries & spices & yummy Tandoori-baked buttered Nan with saffron. Dinners on gorgeously lit terraces with accompanying musicians & classical Indian dancers. At the hotel in Delhi, ate at their restaurant – best meal we have had in years!

Visited several villages, meeting many villagers & actually seeing how they live without any staging whatsoever. All spontaneous & natural. People in India however were the real highlight—-very friendly, genuinely, & interested in foreigners. Bunches of families invited us to their homes for tea, etc (we graciously declined) & to take photographs with them. The kids are amazing & very inquisitive–education is highly stressed.

Thankfully we remained in good health throughout. The weather was perfect during the entire sojourn.


We are now ready to plan our next trip: JAPAN.

We have decided on an EXTENDED visit to Japan, especially KYOTO. We would like to be there as long as necessary with several days- at least- in each locale; best for the proper rest, absorption & enjoyment of the entire visit!

We will skip other locales, for now, on this trip. NATURALLY we want to go at the best times for weather & events there. Staying in some ryokans while there would be interesting. As usual meeting the people and learning about their culture is most important. A priority would also be a visit to the most important sites, gardens, celebrations as appropriate So start planning for us!



Quito and Galapagos -“This is our first trip with BigFive Tours and Expeditions”

We first found you through Conde Nast, and this is our first trip with BigFive Tours and Expeditions.

You have met all of our expectations. We worked with your Destination Specialist, and she was very helpful in planning the perfect itinerary.

In addition, our guide in Quito were excellent, and the room was GREAT!  All accommodations were superb as were the meals, and all guides.

Overall, our trip was excellent. We definitely see ourselves traveling again with Big Five.


Thank you.



COSTA RICA – “Memorable and Exciting Family Experiences!!!”

 We are back from Costa Rica and again it was a great trip with a lot of exciting adventures!!! 

We really enjoyed the River Rafting and the Rappel activity!!! Thanks again for helping us create memorable and exciting family experiences!!! 

Believe it or not we are ready for the next one- South Africa!!!

Thanks again,




Tibet, Nepal & Bhutan

All of our guides were Excellent!

Including dinner the first night in Lhasa. Although would have been nice at the hotel just because of being tired from traveling.

Our overall trip was wonderful. Next time we would like to travel Asia or Africa in the future.

Thank you!

T, R & K.M

Ecuador & The Galapagos Islands – Exactly what the client was looking for

As a travel planner, working with your Destination Specialist was great. He assisted in the planning and coordination of the trip in conjunction with another provider who my client was travelling with post-Big 5.

The itinerary we developed together was exceptional and exactly what the client was looking for. On the trip, everything went exactly as planned and was delivered by the Big 5 ground partner with exceptional service, great guides, interesting itineraries and efficient problem solving.

My client thoroughly enjoyed the entire journey, the experiences, foods and accommodations.

Thank you.


Peru – Cusco – Machu Picchu – Lovely Time

Dear Big Five,

Both my husband and I were VERY pleased with this Big Five Tour – Our guide was super – He truly made our experience as the rest of your team with our pick up / drop off at the airport.  All drivers were excellent, the hotel very good.

Just lovely.

We would RECOMMEND your company.


Thank you

N & L. P

Wine Country , Krueger, Victoria Falls

Dear Big Five Tours,

Our guide in Cape Town was great!

We have NEVER had such a trerifict and knowledgble guide – and we have traveled EXTENSIVELY!

Everything was simply Excellent and we would like to travel again with Big Five to Thailand, Russia & Israel in t he future.

Thank you for a wonderful time.

R & K. B


South Africa –

Hi Bigfive – short and sweet but great comments back from my clients/South Africa 

Thanks for taking such great care of them on this trip. I was a bit nervous as I get the sense her two older siblings on the trip are not in the best shape to be traveling such a far distance, but everything obviously worked out with no issues.

Thank you again.


South America – Ecuador

Hello Big Five,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for the my clients trip. They had a really good time. Here’s what they said: “Had a great time in Ecuador/Galapagos. The hotels were wonderful.”

Best regards,


Kenya, Zambia & South Africa

I had a very lengthy chat with my clients last night!   They had a marvelous time and one fun experience after another!  


P. / DL.W

Private tour in Manuel Antonio National Park

Dear Big Five,

Just few minutes ago I spoke with My Clients  at their Hotel. They are very happy and they enjoyed a lot their private tour in Manuel Antonio National Park yesterday. They saw monkeys and they had an amazing morning in the beach.

My client told me that they did a ATV tour today and it was very funny. The staff, the restaurant, their room and the services at the property are fantastic.

I checked with him their pick up time for tomorrow and he told me in a future they can come back and visit other regions of Costa Rica.

Best Regards,



Tanzania, Cape Town, & Madagascar

My clients were extremely happy. They only had great things to say and enjoyed the journey so much that they are considering coming back to do the Namibia tour next.

Thank you

wf/ MM J.S

lucky to see the crossing twice in Serengeti

We  had a fabulous trip and we couldn’t ask for more. All the lodges were great , good food and everybody was friendly. Our guides were a perfect match for us.  We were even lucky to see the crossing twice in Serengeti,  I believe we saw more than expected.  In all, we had a memorable safari.

kind regards,


South Africa –

Hi Big Five,


My Client said, they had a fantastic time at Kirkmans, they are very happy with everything.

Thank you!



Kenya & Tanzania

Dear Big Five,

Today, I am pleased to say my group was extremely happy.

The weather didn’t cooperate in the Serengeti with rain however the camp did a marvelous job pampering my clients and the rain still allowed great lion sightings.

They had just finished the full day game drive in the main mara were they saw lots wildebeest at the river, hippo, crocodiles and they got to see a Topi giving birth, lions feeding, and several pairs of cheetah.

The only big 5 they have not seen was the rhino, which is very rare anyway.

They had a wonderful time seeing lots of lions including one kill a gazelle. They saw mating lions, even a leopard which the first group did not see, and her cubs. With the migration near their camp now, they saw herds of wildebeest and this was before even visiting the main reserve

On their last day at Kitich they even learned how to make a fire and throw spears.

Thank you for taking Great care of my groups.


South Africa , Zimbabwe

Everything from our pre departure documents, hotels, flights and guided tours were excellent.

We went thru our Travel agent, this was the first time traveling with you, Our Guide in Cape Town was great, we NEVER had such a terrific knowledgeable guide – and we have traveled extensively.

We would certainly like to travel again with BigFive, possibly to Thailand.







Cape Town, Wince Country, Krueger, Victoria Falls –

Hello Big Five,

Thank you for keeping me in the loop; I know for certain from all the communications received from My clients South Africa trip was just perfect!!    I am so very pleased that I selected “BIG FIVE” as my tour operator of choice for their journey and shall definitely utilize your expertise on future bookings.  Thank you thank you for all your follow through and extras you provided.  I know that all the specials you provided would not have been added by other tour operators.

When my husband and I next travel again to South Africa I shall be giving you a call to assist with our personal arrangements.

A job well done,


India – Private Travel

I was told that this is the best tour they have ever taken and they will definitely come back to visit South India.
They did have a fabulous time and thank you for everything Big Five does for me and my clients!!!

Thank you!