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Whether you’re snorkeling with sea lions in the clear blue waters of the Galapagos Islands, or sipping sundowners on the tan-colored plains of the Serengeti, you know that we are there for you anytime.

Our 24-hour White Glove Service® guest assistance begins before you leave home with our pre-departure documents. You receive a welcome phone call after you arrive at your destination. Our WGS® guest assistance team maintains contact at various times throughout your journey to insure that your trip runs smoothly or address any problem that may arise. WGS® can be tailored to your particular needs and interests. Big Five is leading the way in guest relations for the travel industry.

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Chile – Exclusive Experience

The resturants were the highlight – these guests were real foodies, and they thought that the chef  there were UNBELIEVABLE. They wanted to let you know that a fully booked property was a true blessing in disguisewith only 4 rooms in the entire property, they felt that it was practically an exclusive experience especially for two couples. Thank you for recommending this.

Easter Island – Property was lovely.  They said the quality of the tours was excellent

Thanks so much!

Galapagos – The Galapagos islands are magic!

We loved our trip.  The Galapagos islands are magic!

All to the places we visited were fantastic, and the final excursion kayaking at the beach was the best choice for our kids.  Thank you so much for arranging this for us.   It was a fantastic trip!

Kenya – “What A Gem”

We spent the most of the time with our driver, “What A Gem” He taught us a lot, showed us a lot and got from place to place safely.  No Small task with the roads in Kenya.  Our driver was also very good on our first and last days – very informative and responsive to us.

Mt. Kilimanjaro – Tanzania Africa- Guides were exceptional!

Our Pre Departure information was very helpful in our preparation it gave us a good sense of what to expect and we were very pleased with their accommodations and the guides were exceptional!

Kenya – A Trip of A Life Time

Thank you for everything, Your Destinations Specialist were great, everything was well planned and the service was wonderful, everything from our Hotels, Tours and your White Glove Services. This was truly a  Tip of A life time!

COSTA RICA – Our Guides Were A Joy

Our guides were a joy to spend time with and were professional and knowledgeable, truly committed to enhancing our experience.

COLOMBIA – How Responsive and Wonderful Your Trip Itineraries Are

I was very impressed by the frequent up-dates I have been getting from The Big 5 on (Guest) Colombia trip. I am referring you to 3 of my co-workers for future trip planning.  I have told them how responsive and wonderful you and your trip itineraries are.

CHINA & JAPAN – The Highlight of Our Trip

” I am emailing you to commend Big Five for the quality of your guides and your drivers during our recent trip to Asia.”  My wife and I really appreciated not only their professionalism and knowledge, but for their friendship.  These are really quality people who made our trip enjoyable and memorable.  The drivers were also professional and sociable,especially in Tokyo.  When people ask me what the highlight of our trip was I say that it was the people that we met.  Thank you to Big Five and your really great guides for making our trip so memorable.

Machu Pichhu- Absolutely Fantastic

We have no words to thank you for the absolutely unbelievable service and the courtesies extended to us; your entire staff and the arrangements were absolutely fantastic.  They were very helpful and took great care of us and Machu Pichhu was teriffic!.  My utmost congratulations to all of you for the wonderful team you have put together.  I will definitely be sending alot more business your way and once again many many thanks.