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What if they told you that you can’t change the world?

You can…

We know that kids can make a difference.

Naboisho-Camp-guide and-children-running-Stevie-Mann-3We have partnered with Family Travel Association, to help educate, motivate and inspire families to understand the value of family travel, much like our luxury family vacations. Going on kids holidays with your children when they are young is one of the greatest and potentially most powerful gifts you can ever give them.

Precious Journeys® adventures allow our youngest travelers, from ages five to 11, to explore a wondrous world of exciting places filled with incredible animals, amazing landscapes and fun things to do. In crafting these unique journeys, we have selected the best options in touring that put children first such as the number and length of flights on any specific day, the number of hours spent driving between destinations, the flexibility available in meal options, availability of specialized children’s programs, activities, guides, and more.

Our goal is to inspire kids to discover the world’s grandeur as well as its challenges. They will encounter other cultures, and meet other children as well as fascinating people working on real-world solutions. They will learn what the sustainability movement means from a global perspective, and have opportunities to experience fields ranging from archaeology to conservation to organic farming. These journeys, with more coming online soon, are meant to inspire our children to meet the world… head on.


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Precious Journeys® Tours

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Kids Kouncil Approved™ Morocco Camels, Souks and Sand 10 Days Precious Journeys® Interest(s):

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This family adventure is the newest of our Kids Kouncil Approved and provides unique activities such as ,touring Marrakech in a sidecar of a motorcycle, with stops to see the upside-down house, "The House Fallen from the Sky," and the "The Giant’s House." participate in a thrilling down hill bike ride and a camel ride into the desert to see the sunset. Trek into the Valley of Roses on guided walks with donkeys for children. This will be a family journey to remember.

Kids Kouncil Approved™ Peru Adventure 8 Days Precious Journeys® Interest(s): Adventure Travel, Family Travel

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This thrilling journey offers thrills to families looking for adventures and encounters with new cultures where kids meet other kids. Mountain climbing, a train ride into the Andes, local markets, and opportunities for kids to have authentic encounters with local children in natural situations. A grand adventure for the entire family.

Kids Kouncil Approved™ India by City and Country 13 Days Precious Journeys® Interest(s): Safari Tours, Family Travel

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This highly original India family adventure is the first of our Kids Kouncil™ Approved journeys. It has been reviewed by the junior board members of the Kids Kouncil, and encompasses a variety of experiences from tracking tigers in Panna National Park, to a visit to a one-of-a-kind museum, to a family Segway tour through New Delhi.

Guatemala’s Jungles, Jaguars & Peanut Butter 8 Days Precious Journeys® Interest(s):

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From making chocolate and peanut butter, to climbing a volcano, to ziplining in the rainforest, this amazing family adventure encompasses some of the best experiences Guatemala has to offer. Go on a jaguar footprint scavenger hunt, and wander the stone monuments of the Mayan city of Tikal. This is a journey your family will long remember.

The Galapagos Islands: Of Fish & Fishermen 7 Days Precious Journeys® Interest(s): Sustainable Travel, Adventure Travel, Family Travel

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The Galapagos Islands: Of Fish & Fishermen is geared towards families with young children, and is full of engaging and fun educational experiences for both parents and children. Hand-picked naturalist guides understand the need for flexibility, patience and down time. Experiences include going out with local fishermen to learn about sustainable fishing, snorkeling with some of the marine creatures and spotting wildlife including tortoises, iguanas and blue-footed boobies.