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So much of Australia’s boisterous personality is simply over the top, making it all but impossible to single out one feature or location. Even so, this is an expansive country that captivates from the very first encounter.

It has cosmopolitan cities, the great stoic Outback, and the staggering Great Barrier Reef. Australia offers a wealth of diversity in its UNESCO World Heritage Sites, from the Uluru (Ayers Rock) to the Kimberley. From old, family vineyards of Hunter Valley to the remarkable island of Tasmania, from lush old-world rainforests to unique railway journeys, a cornucopia of extravagant scenery and cultural encounters are all layered one upon the next on this brilliant canvas. But there is still more. It is Australia’s new frontier, one that is as much about attitude as it is about place. It takes to heart the real meaning of sustainable tourism and authenticity. It opens up new areas for exploration, while at the same time being mindful of the importance of preserving traditional cultures, and the unique wildlife and landscapes that make Australia such a dazzlingly diverse destination. For example, hidden amid the harshly beautiful and rugged coastline of the Kimberley in northwestern Australia is some remarkably rich and diverse habitat, almost untouched by the modern world. Big Five has sought out partners who share our vision of a sustainable future that still allows our guests to explore well off the tourist track, introducing you to this Australia and its powerful charms that will call you back time and again.


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Australia is roughly equivalent to the U.S. in size, with many variations in climate. Summer, the rainy season in the tropical north, lasts December to February. November to March is hottest. Spring and autumn are mild and the best time for bush walks. Winter, June to August, is mild with snow in southern mountains and balmy temperatures in the north. In general, April to September temperatures are between 18°C/66 °F and 31°C/88°F. September and October are warm but not extremely hot.


Eastern Standard Time GMT +10 NSW, ACT, Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania

Central Time GMT +9.5 Northern Territory and South Australia

Western Time GMT +8 Western Australia

Australian Dollar (AUD)

220 / 240 volts AC, 50Hz.

Australia Tours

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Australia Custom Tour Varied Days Navigator Series Interest(s): Adventure Travel

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The walk at night is pure magic. A mist is settling in as I listen to a chorus of voices – the insistent buzzing, a random owl’s screech, water drops hitting fat leaves and the sound of my own feet stepping over a tangle of roots. I give a small yelp as I stumble over something my flashlight failed to warn me about. This forest has a tale to tell as old as the Earth itself, and still makes a home for the descendants of primitive plants. Thick vines twist like rope as they climb trees. Large ferns brush against my pant leg as I pass. A bright round eye is captured by my guide’s flashlight. A Boyd’s forest dragon, he tells me, as it disappears around the back of the tree trunk. I love the idea that there are still dragons in the world.

Australia Down Under Canvas 15 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Adventure Travel

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“When one thinks of Australia, the first image that comes to mind is usually the iconic opera house or sacred Uluru (Ayers) Rock. But I see so much more. I see undiscovered roads and overlooked sites. For me, this journey is about canvas… luxury canvas to be sure. This tented camp adventure represents the tangible spirit of the Outback. This is the Australia the masses will miss, yet everyone should experience.”

New Zealand & Australia Land, Sea, Sky 21 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Sustainable Travel, Adventure Travel

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This journey features Australia's Whitsundays along with some of the prettiest parts of New Zealand including the top golf courses on both islands. This is the Australia and New Zealand that reaches past the rock, the reef and commercialism.

Trekking Tasmania & Maria Island 13 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Sustainable Travel, Adventure Travel

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This Tasmania-focused adventure offers a variety of settings from a four-day trek through the unspoiled natural beauty of Maria Island, off the coast of Tasmania, to a thrilling climb up Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge for unparalleled views of the surroundings. This journey also explores the beautiful coast along the Great Ocean Road and stunning Freycinet Peninsula. It is a hallmark exploration of Tasmania.

Australia Unbound 32 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Sustainable Travel, Adventure Travel

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Much of Australia remains undiscovered by travelers. This in-depth itinerary is designed to remove you from well worn paths in this remarkable country, and take you into the frontiers to encounter the real outback.

Australia Active 16 Days Precious Journeys® College Edition Interest(s): Sustainable Travel, Safari Tours, Adventure Travel, Family Travel

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Explore Australia’s remarkable landscapes during trekking adventures in both the ancient Flinders Range and in the Scenic Rim region outside Brisbane. Join in active conservation projects to help conserve to valuable species - the koala and the Tiger Quoll. Experience sophisticated Sydney and take the Sydney Bridge climb challenge and scale stairs and catwalks never previously opened to the public for stunning panoramic views of the city and harbor. This journey is just the right mix of adventure for the outdoor enthusiast.

Adventure Australia 13 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Romantic Getaways, Sustainable Travel, Safari Tours, Adventure Travel

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Australia is vast and has so many facets with opportunities to find something off the beaten track. This journey explores the desert Outback of the Gawler Ranges and the oldest rainforest on the planet - Daintree. Spend a night stargazing from a hammock as you float on a pontoon on the outer Great Barrier Reef after a day of underwater discovery. Take in Sydney on a private bicycle tour and, for the adventurous, climb Sydney Harbor Bridge for an exhilarating 360 degree views of the city and its famous harbor. Australia eccentric and exceptional and should be on every serious traveler's list.

Classic Australia & New Zealand 29 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Romantic Getaways, Sustainable Travel, Adventure Travel

Starting Price: $29,000

This distinctive Australia and New Zealand exploration takes you into Australia's cities from iconic, sophisticated Sydney to Melbourne with its mix of Victorian and contemporary architecture, trams and boutique shops. Enjoy a jaunt to Kangaroo Island to discover the vast wilderness of Flinders Chase National Park. New Zealand's stunning islands encompass the South Island's beautiful Christchurch and continue to Queenstown, where you savor a hot air balloon with views of the Southern Alps. North Island's Rotorua is a thermal wonderland is one of New Zealand's most colorful volcanic areas. Stay in some of the most exclusive and luxurious lodges in the South Pacific that offer adventures ranging from star gazing, to jet boat journeys, to trekking and wildlife viewing.

Australia’s Abundant Adventures 15 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Romantic Getaways, Sustainable Travel, Adventure Travel

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Australia’s adventurous personality shines in this journey that takes in breathtaking lands, unique flora and fauna, and adventure activities from diving the Great Barrier Reef to climbing Sydney’s Harbor Bridge. Explore Tasmania’s Freycinet Peninsula on the east coast, with its white sand beaches, dramatic wilderness and breathtaking vistas. Enjoy the cosmopolitan cities of Melbourne and Sydney, and so much more. Experience Lake St Clair, Australia’s deepest lake, from Pumphouse Point, where explore by canoe or hike the internationally known Overland Track hiking trail in the heart of this UNESCO World Heritage Wilderness.

Australia’s Primeval Landscapes 11 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Romantic Getaways, Sustainable Travel, Safari Tours, Adventure Travel

Starting Price: $7,700

Australia offers unique natural wonders including Ningaloo Reef, an extraordinary yet largely unknown jewel, where you can, depending on season, swim with the giant whale shark, the world’s largest fish, and witness turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs in summer. Discover Flinders Ranges, a timeless terrain molded by hundreds of millions of years of geological activity resulting in some of Australia’s most spectacular outback scenery during guided excursions highlighting the geology, history, wildlife and pastoral heritage of the region. Experience sophisticated Sydney with its eccentric history, beautiful harbor, fine dining, galleries and Adelaide's elegant tree-lined streets, stone churches, Central Market. Sample wines from more than 60 wine regions across Australia at the National Wine Center.

Wild Australia 14 Days New Reality Interest(s): Sustainable Travel, Safari Tours, Adventure Travel

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Travel off the well trod path to explore the wilderness character of Northern Australia - from horseback riding in the Kimberely, to diving Ningaloo Reef, to exploring Bamurru Plains.

Southern Australia & Tasmania 12 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Sustainable Travel, Adventure Travel

Starting Price: $12,950

Enjoy a roster of adventures from hikes on Tasmania’s beautiful coast, to a twilight climb up Sydney’s Habour Bridge, to mountain biking on Kangaroo Island.

Australia 18 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Romantic Getaways, Sustainable Travel

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Discover Australia's cityscapes and landscapes - Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane contrast with the iconic natural sites such as Uluru (Ayes Rock) and the towering granite outcrops of the Flinders Ranges. Savor wine touring in the Barossa Valley.

Northern Australia 10 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Sustainable Travel, Safari Tours, Adventure Travel

Starting Price: $13,290

Australia’s Top End offers unique landscapes and cultures to discover.