What is GIB 5.0

Artificial Intelligence meets Sustainability

GIB 5.0 is a valuable, time-saving tool – a virtual assistant that offers a reliable avenue based on real-time information that can match the client’s travel personality with the best destinations based on the data collected for that individual. The complex algorithm starts computing once the booking is completed and evolves during the journey as reports come in from guides and updates from White Glove Service® guest assistance, post-trip feedback from the clients and travel agents, and other sources as available are added.

Big Five’s move to creating a proprietary Artificial Intelligence application has resulted in this exciting concept. GIB 5.0, developed by Big Five, represents a giant step forward in our ability to marry clients’ travel desires to engage the world and, at the same time, their desire to help save our global home.

That represents one of the most exciting aspects of GIB 5.0 – philanthropy! Typically, our practice has been to make a donation on our guests’ behalf to a project within the region in which they are traveling. But we have long wanted a better way to equalize our support around the globe by making the process more equitable to benefit areas that are less heavily traveled.

“Our goal is to integrate our conservation and sustainable efforts into more aspects of Big Five. People across the globe need help, and our vision has always been to make that help impervious to geopolitical or natural catastrophic events,” said Ashish Sanghrajka, president of Big Five.

Big Five currently has five long-term projects that our foundation – the Spirit of Big Five – has supported.  Kipi the robot, a Robotic Education Program in Peru for children in rural areas, Eco-filters for Schools Program in Guatemala; Jetwing Youth Development Program in Sri Lanka; Awamaki women’s project in Peru; and Ereto School for Maasai Children in Tanzania. Most of Big Five clients’ travels have supported one of these projects.

For more about GIB 5.0 and how it can benefit you, contact info@bigfive.com or your favorite Destination Specialist.