Hosted by: Ashish Sanghrajka

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Bringing you big successes from small places worldwide, The Sustainable Voice™ Presented by Big Five is hosted by Ashish Sanghrajka (President of Big Five Tours & Expeditions) and focuses on bringing awareness to sustainability, sustainable projects, and making the world a better place for the next generation.

Ashish has boots-on-the-ground experience implementing and deploying several different sustainability-based projects around the world and wants to share that with you.

Join us for each episode as we journey around the world and dive into the unheard success stories of those trying to make it a better, safer, and more sustainable place for not only everyone in their community but the global community at large.

Ashish takes a deep dive into his travels while covering topics like sustainable tourism, places off the beaten trail, and projects that help brings lasting and sustainable resources to these communities that are often isolated from the modern world.

Each episode is a new adventure that is directly informed by Ashish’s first-hand experience in that place. You’ll not only get informed about how to travel to unique places in a way that gives you an authentic experience but also learn about these places and the people that make them so unique.

From Northern Peru to remote Kenya and everywhere in between, Ashish gives you first-hand experience from every unique place. He travels in great detail with unforgettable stories, all while telling you exactly how you can experience and support these places.

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Where in the world will Ashish Sanghrajka be next? You’ll just have to tune in to find out!