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Chile’s slender silhouette stretches some 4,269 kilometers/2,653 miles from the tropics of the north down into Patagonia and the icy fingertip of the continent. It encompasses an enormous diversity of geology and terrains and is home to indigenous peoples eager to share their traditions. 

Chile appeals to nature lovers, sports enthusiasts and adventurers. Immense ice fields and glaciers combine with the surreal granite spires of Torres Del Paine in Patagonia. The driest spot on earth, the Atacama Desert is home to fantastic moon-like topography, geysers, sculpted dunes and flamingo lagoons. It is also one of the best locations on earth for star gazing. The Altiplano is freckled with lakes, marshes, salt flats, geysers, and 6,096-meter/20,000-foot volcanoes. The dazzling lakes and snowcapped volcanoes of the Lake District; and the hot springs, glaciers and temperate forests of the Carretera Austral invite exploration. The Magellan Strait opens to the wildlife lands of Tierra del Fuego and Cape Horn. Some 3,701 kilometers/2,300 miles offshore await the mysteries of the giant stone heads, moais, of Easter Island. In a beautiful valley surrounded by snowy Andean peaks, sophisticated Santiago is a wonderful base for exploring historic wine estates. The country has also witnessed the struggle of its indigenous peoples to maintain their traditional customs. In the region of Pucon, you can still encounter the living heritage of the Mapuche peoples, who share a common social, religious and economic structure, as well as linguistic heritage.

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An Adventurer’s Chile

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“Chile Is a fascinating country. Its sheer size runs like a long finger down the west coast of South America.…

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Chile’s Patagonia & Mapuche Culture

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Discovering Northern Chile

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Explore ruins of former mining towns, Santa Laura and Humberstone, a UNESCO World Heritage Site Travel through traditional Andean villages to…

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Chile & Argentina

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Discover colorful Santiago, Chile’s cosmopolitan capital city with its Spanish and European influences Visit Patagonia’s fabulous Marble Caves of Carrera…

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