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  • Valparaíso, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is known as the “Jewel of the Pacific” and is one of Chile’s most romantic cities, with its vibrant culture, iconic landmarks, and bohemian vibes. Explore colorful alleyways and graffiti scenes firsthand, learn about street art history, and even create your own graffiti masterpiece. Visit local restaurants and taste all there is to offer. This city is a little slice of utopia for foodies.


  • Ignite your pallet while visiting one of Chile’s best-known regions for premium-quality red varieties. Praise for its full-bodied Cabernet, Carménère, Syrah, and Malbec and home to the ‘Huaso’ (Chilean cowboys), one of Chile’s most famous wine valleys: the Colchagua Valley. Named “World’s Best Wine Region 2005” by Wine Enthusiast, its wines consistently rank high on the world’s lists of leading wines.


  • Experience the essence of Atacama’s enchanting landscape with your private guide and 4×4 vehicle at Awasi. This series of excursions is designed to allow you to enjoy the magic of Atacama’s geography, the silence of its landscape, and the warmth of its people. Picture each evening adorned with exquisite dining under the Chilean stars, promising a truly unforgettable visit.
  • Imagine crossing the border into Bolivia like never before on an unforgettable trip from Hito Cajón, where stunning scenery dominated by the Licancabur Volcano leads to The Green Lagoon. Envision zooming around in your 4×4; this excursion steals the show as an absolute highlight. Staying overnight in a unique little hotel constructed of Volcanic Stone, the Ojo De Perdiz, which sits on the edge of the Siloli Desert, with one of the most epic landscapes in South America, is a truly charming experience.


  • Saving the best for last and venturing on this isolated journey across the Uyuni Salt Flats and the deserts of Southern Bolivia is often phrased as an Adventure of a lifetime! Taking you on one of the hundreds of routes across the salt flats, visiting Chantani Museum and Coquesa Mummies, dating back to 1200BC, exploring Colorful lagoons Isla del Pescado for giant cacti and flamingos to Tunupa Volcano, Wine tasting and sundowns, immersing in local culture, and so much more all waiting to be experienced and remembered for a lifetime.

Day 1: Arrival Santiago, Chile
Welcome to Chile!

Upon arrival at Santiago International Airport, please proceed through customs and immigration. Once cleared, collect your luggage and exit the airport. You will be met by a Big Five Representative who will be waiting for you with a sign indicating your last name. You will be warmly welcomed, assisted, and privately transferred to your hotel.

Built to blend into the Lastarria neighborhood, The Singular Santiago seamlessly fuses early 20th-century buildings and neoclassical French architectural influences. This unique combination creates a striking new addition to the Santiago cityscape. However, the hotel’s appeal extends beyond its architectural beauty; Lastarria, the hotel’s neighborhood, is the cultural hub of Santiago, making it the perfect base for your cultural exploration.
The Singular Santiago – Balcony 


Day 2: Santiago/ Valparaiso
Flavors of Santiago and Bohemian Vibes a Foodie Experience

Today, you’re in for a treat. Your guide and driver will meet you at your hotel and take you on an exclusive B-side culinary tour of Santiago. This isn’t your typical city tour; it’s a journey that will unveil the city’s highlights, hidden secrets, and, most importantly, its culinary delights.

The food tour will focus on Picadas, simple restaurants that pass the three Bs test: Bueno (good), Bonito (nice), and Barato (affordable). Visit three classic restaurants serving generous portions of the best typical Chilean dishes at a great price.

All the restaurants have deep traditions, history, and local culture infused in their food. At every spot, feed your curiosity by tasting two dishes at each location, savoring what typical Chileans would call their favorite dish or prepare at a family gathering.

Once you’ve indulged to your heart’s content, you will have an opportunity to rest along the way as you are chauffeured with your guide 1.5 hours west to the Pacific coast towards the seaside of Valparaíso. Historically, This coastal city is the major port linking the country to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. In 2003, it was designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. With its bohemian vibes and vast hills, the city has inspired poetry and writings by Pablo Neruda and others.

Valparaíso is known as the “Jewel of the Pacific” and is one of Chile’s most romantic cities. After the arrival of Spanish settlers, Valparaíso became known for its fishing industry and served as a stop-over port for travelers and Spanish explorers traveling along the coast.

Upon your arrival, prepare to be indulged at the Casa Higueras Hotel. Located in the heart of Cerro Alegre and facing an impressive view of the bay of Valparaiso, it is the first boutique+design hotel to open in this port town. After carefully restoring this stately 1920s mansion, Casa Higueras offers a combination of modern comfort and warmth from the past, a reminiscent sense that reflects the city’s rhythm and atmosphere.
Casa Higueras Boutique Hotel – Deluxe Room (B,L)


Day 3: Valparaiso
Street Art Experience: Be a Graffiti artist for a Day and Cultural City Tour

Join your guide this morning at the hotel foyer for a unique city tour of Valparaiso. Begin with a B-side, not your typical tour, but one that will take you through alleyways and staircases and meander through the hills. Valparaiso is the cultural capital of Chile, as well as the graffiti capital of Chile, and the colorful walls are inescapable as you walk through town. Your guide will share the origins and techniques used, the artists’ backgrounds, the history of graffiti, muralism, and different genres of street art in Chile, and, of course, the impact this has on the city.

Now it’s time to be part of the street art! We invite you to paint and provide an understanding of what it feels like to be an urban artist for a day. Begin with a short briefing on the materials that will be used, as well as the surface that will be painted, and you’ll then be guided through a graffiti piece of your own as we take you through a class that teaches you about South American wall paintings and unique techniques which have been developed in our country since the ’60s. Make sure to bring a camera!

Later, you will have lunch at a local restaurant.

Your tour continues at the Artilleria funicular, followed by Concepción Hill. Walk through the colorful alleyways and descend the Concepción Hill through the Los Perales funicular that will lead you towards the main square, Sotomayor Plaza, where you will find a monument dedicated to a few Chilean heroes. Take Errazuriz Street along the coast and head to the hills, where examples of early 20th-century British-influenced architecture can be seen.  You will head to the hills and visit the 21 of May viewpoint with its excellent vistas of the colorful hillside houses, the port, and across the whole bay.

After this tour, your driver and guide will take you back to your hotel.
Casa Higueras Boutique Hotel – Deluxe Room (B,L)


Day 4: Valparaiso / Colchagua Valley

Wine, Serenity, and Fine Dining

Today, your guide and driver will take you on a 3-hour drive to one of Chile’s most famous wine valleys: the Colchagua Valley.

The Colchagua Valley is located 180 km (110 mi) south of Santiago, at the southernmost portion of the Rapel Valley. It is also home to the ‘huaso’ (Chilean cowboys) and is one of Chile’s best-known regions for premium-quality red varieties.

It has earned much praise for its full-bodied Cabernet, Carménère, Syrah, and Malbec, and its wines regularly appear high on the world’s lists of leading wines. It was named “World’s Best Wine Region 2005” by Wine Enthusiast.

Although many of the wineries are concentrated in the center of the valley, new vineyards have begun climbing the hillsides and exploring the western frontier toward the sea. Check-in at Clos Apalta Residence.

The Clos Apalta Residence (formerly Lapostolle Residence), in the Clos Apalta vineyard, includes casitas, nestled into the native forested hillside of the valley, providing serenity and privacy. Terraces offer ideal settings for quiet contemplation or intimate meals. Each casita, named like Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Merlot, Carménère, etc, in devotion to the varieties planted in the Apalta vineyard, has a magnificent view of the valley and provides a private and peaceful environment that is harmonious with the local landscape.

In the evening, you will have an exquisite cocktail and dinner at Clos Apalta, which offers impressive views of the Colchagua Valley.
Clos Apalta Residence – Casita (B,L,D)


Day 5: Colchagua
Day at Leisure 

Indulge and take delight in the array of winery activities offered by the hotel for your enjoyment.
Clos Apalta Residence – Casita  (B,L,D)


Day 6: Colchagua / Santiago / Calama /San Pedro de Atacama
Journey of Scenic Beauty and Culinary Delights

This morning, our dedicated guide and driver will be at your hotel to escort you on a scenic 1.5-hour drive to Santiago’s domestic airport, where you’ll catch your flight to Calama.

Upon landing in Calama, our friendly Awasi representative will be waiting to greet you, ready to accompany you on a comfortable 1.5-hour drive to the captivating destination of San Pedro De Atacama. Check in at Awasi Atacama.

Situated inside an ancient site surrounded by a historic wall, which for years housed shepherds and herders.  Its privileged location, just a stone’s throw from the town center, makes it possible to enjoy town life.

Awasi invites you to visit the church, the museum, the fair, and the picturesque local stores and to get to know the people. During the day, the thatched roofs let warm sunlight filter through.  The pool with comfortable deck chairs invites you to enjoy the Atacama sun in a relaxing space.  At sundown, the fire is lit, and a bar under the stars celebrates your stay with exquisite delicacies that go down well after a day full of nature.  At night, the dim lights allow you to marvel at the superb sky’s restaurant, which guarantees the privacy of Atacama for the exclusive use of guests.

Exquisitely crafted by an exceptional team of dedicated professionals, along with a talented chef, this menu is a masterpiece. It features a sophisticated fusion of Altiplano and international cuisine, offering a delightful array of new flavors and aromas derived from the region’s typical ingredients of the area.
Awasi Atacama –  Suite (B,L,D)


Day 7 – Day 8: San Pedro de Atacama
Personalized Adventures: Explore Atacama with Awasi’s Tailored Excursions

Awasi Atacama Hotel offers all-inclusive activities. Guests can choose from a list of excursions offered during their stay once they are at the hotel. The tours offered during your stay will depend on the weather conditions and other logistical factors. Explore the area with your private guide.

The excursions are planned according to your pace and preferences. The times, duration, and routes of each excursion are defined in line with your interests and objectives. A 4×4 and excursion guide is provided for each room, so you can explore this iconic destination at your own pace and with an itinerary tailored to your personal interests and preferences.

A series of excursions designed to allow you to enjoy the magic of the Atacama geography, the silence of its landscape, and the warmth of its people.

Awasi wishes that every image, every road, and every memory will become an unforgettable experience.
Awasi Atacama – Suite (B,L,D )


Day 9: San Pedro de Atacama/ Hito Cajon/ Siloli Desert, Bolivia
Border Crossing to Bolivia’s Beauty:  Exploring the Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve 4×4 Expedition.

Today, we say farewell to Chile and begin the second leg of your adventures. You will be driven for one hour to the Hito Cajon, Bolivian border, where you will be welcomed by a Big Five Representative and start your experience in Bolivia.

Welcome to Bolivia!

Afterward, you will be transferred from Hito Cajón on an unforgettable trip across the border, enjoying stunning scenery dominated by the Licancabur Volcano. One of the jewels of the Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve. The Green Lagoon, imagine zooming around in your 4×4;  this excursion steals the show as an absolute highlight. Its surreal beauty is truly one-of-a-kind, unlike anything else you’ll encounter on your journey. After departing from the Green Lagoon, you’ll drive past the Desert of Dali and the hot springs of Polques.

Then, after 6 hours, you’ll arrive at your hotel for check-in.

This is a simple hotel where you can enjoy one of the most epic landscapes in South America. Volcanic stone was used in the hotel’s construction, which creates harmony between the natural environment and helps protect against the strong winds this part of the country can experience. There are 14 comfortable en-suite bedrooms and a restaurant with spectacular views over the desert serving local and international cuisine. While staying at Hotel del Desierto, you will want to explore your incredible surroundings, which include colorful lagoons, geysers, and fumaroles. There are also flocks of flamingos to visit.
Ojo De Perdiz  –  Standard Room  (B,L,D)


Day 10: Siloli Desert / Uyuni Salt Flats

Join your guide this morning as you are driven along the Siloli desert until you arrive at a small village, such as Culpina and San Cristobal, to Uyuni, where we take a paved road to Colchani on the edge of the salt flats where the villagers process salt and where you’re your overnight accommodations awaits.

Luna Salada Hotel is a sumptuous, secluded retreat for adventure nestled at the edge of the Uyuni Salt Flats of Bolivia. Fashioned almost entirely out of salt, the hotel welcomes you to discover one of the most mystical places on Earth. Step out onto the salt pans just meters from its doors to experience a vast expanse of brilliant white as far as the eye can see. Equally stunning views of Salar de Uyuni can be seen from every hotel window.  Within the hotel, the warm Andean décor of vibrant colors and ancient textiles mixes with rustic bricks and woods and the salt block construction to create a truly one-of-a-kind ambiance. During the winter, glowing fireplaces lend a touch of coziness and warmth.
Luna Salada Hotel  – Deluxe Room (B,L,D)


Day 11: Uyuni Salt Flats
Short walk at Giant Cacti & Sundown Wine Watching 

This singular route takes you into one of the world’s most isolated areas, where you will be alone, surrounded by a glittering white landscape. After a couple of hours, you will reach Isla del Pescado or Incahuasi Island to take a short walk at giant cacti, birds, and vizcachas that have made this island their own. Around midday, we’ll pause for a private buffet featuring delicious local products right in the heart of the salt flats. Afterward, we’ll venture further into the fascinating Salt Flats desert itself.

In the afternoon, we take one of the hundreds of routes across the salt flats to do impressive, funny, and creative images, and later, you celebrate with the best Bolivian wine, watching the sun go down in a blaze of intense colors.
Luna Salada Hotel – Deluxe Room (B,L,D)


Day 12: Uyuni Slat Flats
A full day Excursion of Volcano, Mummies & Llamas

Departing from the property today, your guide will take you on an exploration of the Tunupa Volcano, one of the most impressive mountains in the area, and the Chantani Museum. This amazing museum was created by Don Marcelino, a native local entrepreneur, to chronicle his culture and daily life, including pots, ovens, costumes, musical instruments, and other products.

Then, you will be taken for a ride in the middle of the salt flats; you will go on to visit Coquesa Mummies, dating back to 1200BC and caused by the dryness of the air which preserves hair, nails, and skin, discover the salt flats and appreciate the scenery. This area is located on the north of the salt flats and sustains several small communities. You’ll have the chance to interact with llama shepherds and quinoa farmers. If it is the rainy season, we will provide you with boots so that you can discover the beautiful reflections on the salt flats before returning to your hotel in the late afternoon.
Luna Salada Hotel  – Deluxe Room (B,L,D)


Day 13: Uyuni Slat Flats / La Paz 
Transfer and Arial Cable Car Ride over Bolivia’s City 

Today, you will be transferred to the airport to board your flight to La Paz. Upon your arrival, you will have the option to see some of the city’s interesting residential and economic areas as you board the Mi Telefèrico Arial cable car, which will take you on a 20-minute ride down to the otherworldly Valley of the Moon.

You will check in at your hotel when you arrive in the city.

A boutique Ish hotel submerged in the Andean valley of La Paz that seeks to share the cultural richness of Bolivia with the rest of the world.
Hotel Atix – Superior Room (B)


Day 14: La Paz, Depart
Bolivia’s City Walk About- Full Day and Departure

A comfortably slow-paced city tour, visiting most of La Paz highlights offering visitors more of an intimate and in-depth look at its history, culture, and fascinating natural landmarks, making La Paz such a unique city.

Begin your final day very early by joining your guide for a full day Walk About the city, stopping at the very impressive Plaza Murillo in Casco Viejo (the old town), a lovely open square that was designed in 1558 to honor a Bolivian local hero, Pedro Murillo. The square is surrounded by historic legislative and government buildings, including the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace (built in 1835), the Government Palace, the 1911 Grand Hotel Paris, and the National Congress of Bolivia. There will also be time to visit one of the museums located along Calle Jaen, a lovely colonial street.

From palaces and state buildings, you will move on to visit the fascinating Los Andes district. Here, you can observe the nimble fingers of local embroiderers who keep the traditions and culture of Bolivia alive by sewing remarkable costumes for the annual carnival. After a short visit here, you will continue to see the lovely Baroque San Francisco Church and the famous Witch’s Market, where you may be tempted to buy natural medicines or weird and wonderful potions. Also, paying a visit to a replica of the Tiwanaku Semi-subterranean Temple – the original temple was discovered near Lake Titicaca and was once home to a pre-Inca civilization.

After what will be a fulfilling morning, your guide will escort you to a traditional Bolivian restaurant for lunch. Lastly, you will have time to explore the remarkable geological formations and shop for souvenirs before concluding our experiential itinerary. Saying farewell to Bolivia, you are transferred to the airport to board your flight back home. (B,L)

Starting 1,000.00 Per Person, Per Day, Double Occupancy, Land Only

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