As you see from “The Why” page, the way we work is different than many. Not many travel companies will suggest that you not consider a destination first. We encourage you to discover the passions and interests that bring you joy. We believe that is the only way to do justice to your personal adventures.

We use tools and a defined process to learn about you and your wishes and expectations to create an individualized journey of a lifetime; and we work hand in glove with your professional travel advisor. We urge you to begin by taking our fun and easy Travel DNA test online at, specifically developed to help you discover the interests that fuel your imagination. Are you an Adrenaline Seeker, a Culture Junky, a Lover of Arts, a Foodie or something else? Create a printout of the results and take it to your travel advisor, who then reaches out to us. Believe it or not, these simple answers help us identify the destinations that are the best matches to your results.

At this point, we do not create an itinerary because we want more information to be able to present you with not just a trip – but your trip.

The next step is to schedule a three-way conference call or a video conferencing call with you and your travel advisor to further develop your vision of the ideal journey and discuss destinations. Of course, if you already have a specific locale in mind, we will go through the process with your selected destination as the focus.

An important feature of our planning process is the inclusion of the best practices of sustainable tourism that support cultural heritage, conservation, wildlife and educational initiatives. Big Five has been recognized for twice winning an international travel network’s Sustainable Tourism Leadership Award as well as the Conde Nast Traveler’s World Savers Award. Simply by traveling with us you become part of a larger solution, making a difference not only for the people you encounter along the way, but also in the lives of people you may never meet.

Now we can present an out-of-the-box itinerary that is entirely built around you with excursions, adventures, activities that are closely allied with your expectations. From this point on, it is a matter of fine-tuning and asking and answering questions.

Welcome to the Big Five process!