Luxury, Customizable Adventure Tours

Welcome to our collections, luxury customizable tours designed with a special focus in mind.

We are pleased to present our collections of adventure tours. Precious Journeys®, specifically crafted to focus on  our children.  Traveling with kids opens doors that we never would expect; and their special way of seeing the world brings richness and depth to the family experience. This collection makes exploring the world fun for children and the adults they bring along. Just as Precious Journeys® introduces younger children to new places, people and experiences that they have not likely encountered before such as a hands-on peanut butter workshop in Guatemala, Precious Journeys® College Edition  presents young adults with opportunities to investigate more complex interests such as the global art form of graffiti as expressed in Buenos Aires, Colombia and elsewhere; or on a multi-day trek walk to connect with Australia’s amazing wilderness; or a climb up 750 steps of Sri Lanka’s 12th-century Sigiriya Rock Fortress.

The New Reality series is intended to appeal to the particular interests of our sophisticated  travelers. The Kao Gu programs appeal to lovers of history, antiquities and archaeology, while the Speed Collection is for those who have a passion for all things fast.

The Enrichment Series, which encompasses the Livingstone, Kipling and Magellan collections, reaches beyond the premier, luxury journeys you expect from us.  We have day activities, classic accommodations, distinctive cuisine, and that something extra that crosses the bridge from good to extraordinary.

The Navigator Series  comes in online, print and digital versions, and is a resource tool with that allows you to fully explore your own interests. You will discover information about the classic sights and experiences for each country to help you plan the journey that is the most meaningful to you.

Explore our collection of custom adventure tours to find your next journey, one that speaks to your heart, your spirit and personal sense of discovery.