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So much of Australia’s boisterous personality is simply over the top, making it all but impossible to single out one feature or location. Even so, this is an expansive country that captivates from the very first encounter.

It has cosmopolitan cities, the great stoic Outback, and the staggering Great Barrier Reef. Australia offers a wealth of diversity in its UNESCO World Heritage Sites, from the Uluru (Ayers Rock) to the Kimberley. From old, family vineyards of Hunter Valley to the remarkable island of Tasmania, from lush old-world rainforests to unique railway journeys, a cornucopia of extravagant scenery and cultural encounters are all layered one upon the next on this brilliant canvas. But there is still more. It is Australia’s new frontier, one that is as much about attitude as it is about place. It takes to heart the real meaning of sustainable tourism and authenticity. It opens up new areas for exploration, while at the same time being mindful of the importance of preserving traditional cultures, and the unique wildlife and landscapes that make Australia such a dazzlingly diverse destination. For example, hidden amid the harshly beautiful and rugged coastline of the Kimberley in northwestern Australia is some remarkably rich and diverse habitat, almost untouched by the modern world. Big Five has sought out partners who share our vision of a sustainable future that still allows our guests to explore well off the tourist track, introducing you to this Australia and its powerful charms that will call you back time and again.

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  • Precious Journeys® College Edition
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Australia Unbound

From $1800 per person per day, land only, double occupancy | 32 Days |

Discover Australia on this in-depth exploration that ranges from distinctive cities such as Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, to eccentric islands such as Philip Island…

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Australia Active – Precious Journeys® College Edition

From $650 per person per day, land only, double occupancy | 16 Days | Precious Journeys® College Edition

Explore Adelaide’s elegant tree-lined streets, parks and historic stone churches as well as the Adelaide Central Market and the National…

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Adventure Australia

From $1,000 per person per day, land only, double occupancy | 13 Days |

Explore the desert Outback of the Gawler Ranges and the unique animals that thrive in this extraordinary environment Experience the oldest…

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Classic Australia & New Zealand

From $1,000 per person per day, land only, double occupancy | 29 Days |

Discovery Australia's distinctive cities:  iconic Sydney, with its historic waterfront, famous beaches, and array of sport activities, including climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge; and take in Melbourne's mix…

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Australia’s Abundant Adventures

Call for price | 15 Days |

Explore Freycinet Peninsula on Tasmania’s stunning east coast, characterized by sheltered white sand beaches, dramatic wilderness and breathtaking vistas Travel…

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Big Five is committed to sustainable tourism. Check the sustainability ranking of Australia and learn about our commitment to sustainable tourism.

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