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India, Chile and Argentina

Roger W. India, Chile

Customer Luxury Travel

Sandra B. Peru, Kenya

East Africa Luxury Travel

John D. Rwanda & Uganda

Travel Agent Testimonial

Sharon C.

Kenya Luxury Travel

Lynn N. Kenya

Luxury Travel

Mike M.

Everything was fantasticEcuador & The Galapagos Islands

Back from our latest big adventure to the Galápagos Islands and exploring the area of the capital of Ecuador, Quito.  Hard to summarize such a trip in a few words and a few photos. Seven days in the Galápagos, split between five days hiking and exploring four of the islands, with an opportunity to snorkel and kayak, while staying on the 48 passenger boat La Pinta. That was followed by two days of hiking, exploring and a little kayaking in several areas of Santa Cruz island, while staying at the amazing Galápagos Safari Camp in the highlands area of Santa Cruz.  The naturalists guides where exceptional and made all the difference in our amazing adventure.


As amazing an ecological and nature adventure those seven days were, the two days in Quito (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), staying at a restored colonial mansion in the Old Town section, was an exceptional educational and geographical learning experience, particularly thanks to our fabulous local guide.


The area was first settled by the indigenous Quichua, followed by the Incas dominance of the area and eventually the Spanish colonization.  It is one of the highest elevation capitals in the world, at almost 10,000 feet.


We hiked in Cotopaxi National Park, home to the Cotopaxi Volcano.  We spent a morning in Saquisilí to see a once-a-week authentic sustainable market which has existed since Pre-Columbian times.  We visited one of the many rose farms north of the city, with some being 400 acres or more.  Fascinating operations. We walked the neighborhoods of Old Town and visited many of the beautiful well known Catholic Churches in the area. We finished things off with a visit to the Mitad del Mundo complex and the Intiñan Solar Museum, that mark the equator.  Fascinating exhibits and experiences, being at the center of the world.


Finally, the Ecuadorian cuisine was among the absolute best we have experienced anywhere.  Just like the wonderfully warm people from this wondrous country, it was phenomenal.


We really enjoy traveling in South America. Thinking Peru and Chile, with a side trip to Easter Island, is next.


What a fantasticSouth Africa

I called you yesterday to tell you what a fantastic trip we had, but your line was busy, so here it goes. Just wanted to tell you how perfectly all  arrangements worked; we felt well looked after at every step and we had an absolutely fantastic trip. Kudos to Big Five. We have seen four of the big 5 only, the leopards did not cooperate, but what we have seen was spectacular. Travel arrangements, accommodations, food, tour guides, locations, everything was perfect. I have about 800 photos and videos to bore my friends with and I am attaching one of them here, hope you will like it. 


If you want detailed feedback on anything, such as hotel in Cape Town or comparison between Kwandwe Ecca lodge and Madikwe Jamala, please let me know I will be happy to call you. 



The very bestSouth Africa

Big Five, fabulous, the tours that we took in Cape Town, with our driver/guide was the very best that we have ever experienced. The wine tour, beautiful!  Please let her employer know what a good job she did for us.  We loved the Cape Grace Hotel and our hotel in Amsterdam, was amazing.  The restaurant that you booked for us for New Year’s Eve, was just exactly right….beautiful walk to go there.  The Anne Frank museum, it’s a must.  I want to go back and do a safari with Big Five….we will see….



An Amazing Time in Argentina and Chile

I’ve been meaning to write you on (the clients’) feedback.


They all had an amazing time.  They thought 5 days was too long in B.A., since there wasn’t much to do.  They enjoyed the “walking” tour and bike tour.  Louise said it was a bit redundant, but I think it had to do with the weather and being very chilly.  Nonetheless they really enjoyed it.


The had a lot of fun at the Argentinian Cooking Experience.


They LOVED Tierra and thought the guides were fabulous! Their only complaint, (if a complaint), was that the dinner service was super slow.  So slow that they started skipping dessert just to gt out of there.  Louise said after such a long day out on tours to come back have dinner and wait a half hour in between each serving is a long wait.  They did tell them too, but she said it was really minor, given the entire trip.


They LOVED the Vines.  They wished they took a day away from BA and stayed an extra night there, just to relax a little more after Tierra.


All in all they absolutely loved it and everything went smoothly.  They were all very tired from so many flights, but that’s the only way, at the moment.


I just want to say thank you, so much, for all of your help during their trip.  This is the first time I’ve sent clients off on a big trip without stressing out every second making sure everything perfect, because I trusted and knew you guys were on it every step of the way, so thank you!  I will definitely use you guys first, when it comes to your destinations, and always recommend Big Five first!    🙂



Fantastic adventure in Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the fabulous adventure you created for us. From start to finish we travelled smoothly with no hitches and Big Five representatives to help usher us through customs, airport transfers and more. Our drivers were both friendly and professional. (Guide) in Entebbe was so helpful and listened to our interests and gave excellent advice. Our driver in Entebbe, our driver in Bwindi and our driver in Nairobi were all wonderful. They were happy to talk to us about their food, families, traditions and language.


The lodges and tented camps you chose for us were perfect. Our hosts and guides were passionate about their conservation ethic and the sustainable practices of our accommodations. All our guides were so knowledgeable and loved sharing with us. They made finding the wildlife seem easy. The different locations you selected, both lodges and tented camps, were outstanding in their locations, comfort, staff and food. We easily formed warm relationships with the folks there. We bookended our adventure with highlights – the gorilla groups at the outset, and the wildebeest river crossing and a lion kill at the end. With so much diversity in between! Plus I got to sit in the co-pilot seat on a couple of the bush plane flights. We can’t thank you enough for everything you did to arrange this adventure of a lifetime for us.



My most heartfelt thanks for everything you have done to make the deWaart’s trip a success.  I especially appreciate the fact that I trust you to make sure they are well taken care of.

Job very well done!!!!!

Travel Agent

Wonderful ColombiaColombia

I have heard back from two of the ladies already, and they report is that the trip was WONDERFUL!!!!!!!


They loved Big Five, the Hotels, the guides and Colombia. (Guest) was most appreciative that her birthday was remembered at the hotel with cake and champagne! She has already recommended another client to me who I am talking with today about a similar trip to Colombia in early December along the same lines, so I will be contacting you.


Travel Agent

Expertise makes the difference

As I told you this morning, (Destination Specialist) was so patient and kind to me while he was helping me with the booking. I was clearly out of my comfort zone, and his knowledge and expertise really helped me to guide (the guests) to the exact trip of their dreams. Thanks!

Travel Agent

Tanzania was a fantastic graduation present

Thank you for planning such an AMAZING trip for us! I am not sure where to start, except to say that each piece was perfect!


Highlights:  My nephew and I had the safari truck to ourselves (with the guide, of course) EVERY day! Yep, just he and I each camp, each day…amazing!  The weather was excellent! The food was 5-star, just like the accommodations! We really enjoyed the more private camp because it was just us and the guide doing the hike up Kilimanjaro, it was a picture-perfect day hike (we made it to the base camp). We saw an amazing diversity of animals and birds! We saw the “Big 4” (no rhinos), and many others. The hotel in Doha was 5-star, and we were downtown so we went to the mall that evening. All of our connections, etc., went off without a hitch. It was easy to find our way around. Our guides, etc., could not have been more knowledgeable or accommodating.


EVERYONE should include the two stops we did in their plans, FANTASTAC!  I have already recommended you to several folks. I think my boss will plan a trip in the next year or two. THANK YOU again for everything!



Kenya Safari the best giftKenya

I thought you would love to hear from these clients about their Kenya trip.  Father/daughter team. This was a present for her graduation from college. They were thrilled with the process and the result. This is what they said:  The trip was unbelievable. we had so much fun. Everything went just perfectly. The Maasai people are unbelievable.  They were running all the camps we went to. We got to know them and just loved them.  The (camp) up in the  mountains in northern Kenya. It is unbelievable. It was not a driving  camp. It was a hiking camp. We got to go out in the jungle. it was fantastic. It’s so remote, it’s unbelievable. Big Five did a good job. The game — they saw all the game they ever expected. It was everything we were hoping for and more. I am just trying to figure out how I can get back over there again. We saw any kind of game that you could imagine. But that was just part of it. The people are some of the most beautiful we have ever met. Thanks for setting all of this up. It really went well!

Travel Agent

Ethiopia was great

Ethiopia was wonderful. The lodges were so beautiful, quiet atmosphere, hospitable staff, the food, everything was great. Touring Entebbe’s local market, they experienced the atmosphere, learned about the origin of the produce. They visited the reptile village and the fishing village. The first trek was medium. And the second trek was a short hike, which (clients) requested because they wanted to do some birding. Both treks were great, and sightings including baby, juvenile and adult Silverbacks in Bwindi.


Travel Agent

South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe

The trip was the most exciting time I have ever had and I think that I can safely say that for all eight of us who took this adventurous journey together.  The exclamations on all of the experiences ran the complete gamut of  expressive comments and reactions.  It was really wow!  And we did see everything, including a puff adder snake (small and dead, thankfully).


The accommodations were in the right order, too, the first being 5 star (omg), then we were eased into more rustic lodgings, but all wonderful in their right. I think this trip has given my family many memories to cherish and talk about the rest of their lives. I could go on and on.  Thank you for all that you did to coordinate us from our different cities to come together and just make it happen. There were a couple of slight hitches, but not hindrances.  The three way plugs used there are not UK, but the hotel/lodge folks had some for us to use. Having agents at each place to meet us was reassuring to me, especially.


It was just wonderful, all of it. And I will be happy to write something for you.  Also, will send a picture of us; I really wanted one of all of us in the first safari vehicle, but it didn’t happen. Many, many thanks!



Costa Rica amazing

Costa Rica was amazing! We had a wonderful time. The tours were top notch and exceeded our expectations! It’s hard to choose a favorite since they were all memorable. I truly was blown away by all the nature.  We hiked the Arenal to the furthest point and we had the same guide for the hanging bridges which was really nice. He was super knowledgeable with a degree in ecotourism. He knew every animal and explained the Arenal in detail…that we all feel like experts. He attached our cell phones to his special binocular device and we were able to get awesome pics. He also took his time and did a special demonstration with raw sugar cane…which we drank. It was really cool.


The zip line was great and again very accommodating guides. They helped us video along the way. We had a blast with the river rafting guides and got to know them during the ground transfer which took a total of 4 1/2 hours…but honestly it was so much fun we really didn’t mind. They prepared a typical lunch halfway through the river and you can tell they really took pride in making sure we had an enjoyable experience.


The fishing was fantastic…we did a full 8 hours and caught four yellowfin tuna which our hotel prepared for us and some other guests that night. Again, the guides were great, safe, and really wanted us to catch. So much so that we trolled all day and ran out of gas…but the captain was prepared for that as well and had reserve drums below deck.


Let’s not forget the accommodations! They were amazing with great views and super remote locations. Not sure if I mentioned but I am a private pilot and I really enjoyed the internal flights to these incredible places. Unfortunately, I couldn’t ride co-pilot but Gil took some amazing footage of the take-off and landings. It was exhilarating! The staff at each hotel was very accommodating and took extra time getting to know us. Maybe part of the Costa Rica culture…in any event we were pleased with everything. You guys did a great job and we are really looking forward to our next adventure! Thanks again for the transfer to and from Fort Lauderdale International. Talk soon.



Jordan & Egypt done rightEgypt, Jordan

Since I know you monitor our progress thru the whole trip, you already know we are back and had a wonderful time. Aside from all the amazing sites that we saw, I had a few short notes on the company you use: It’s hard to express our gratitude over the expertise that the Big 5 company displays in showing us Jordan and Egypt. They are simply fantastic.  Everyone from the drivers to the guides are top notch people.  The itinerary was formed together perfectly and had a lot of effort put into it.  Each day was filled with another experience and never overloaded us.

Our first guide and driver were in Jordan and they did Jordan right.  Both of them got to know us and really geared each day to make sure our interests were covered.  For example, I was very interested in the Biblical mosaic map inside one of their churches.  So our guide spend a lot more time to make sure we understood the history behind the map.  Once he got us into the church itself, he went around uncovering parts of the map that the church normally keeps covered with carpet.  This meant a lot to us and it was obvious that his relationship with the caretakers of the church was very strong.  He has a Masters in Archeology and really knows Jordan and its history.  We enjoyed his company (and the driver) very much.  At another point, the driver realized that (Guest) started to like Turkish coffee.  He then (during a coffee stop on the way to the Dead Sea) convinced the owner of the coffee stand to show her how to make the coffee properly.  So she made us all coffee on the side to the road.  At the end of the trip the driver presented us with a box of his favorite Turkish blend for her to try in the US.


These are only a small part of what we experienced, but it’s the small things that make the trip extra….


Egypt was even better.  From our experience, Big 5 has the top Egyptian guide in the country.  I think there isn’t anybody she does not know, including meeting the current president (on two occasions), has a meeting next week with the wife of Anwar Sadat, and knows the families of the security guards at various temples.  But the best is that there was not a question she could not answer.  She is simply the best—– and the support staff used for transporting us around the country is equal to her as well.  She is an Egyptian national treasure.  I expect to see her face on the 10 pound note someday or with her negotiation abilities, perhaps the 50 pound note.


I’m very grateful that you and (Agent) are working with these wonderful people and if you ever need a customer’s recommendation, (we) would love to give it.  Thanks again for all your help.



Grand Guatemala AdventureGuatemala

El Mirador was incredible.  Our first helicopter ride was exciting and fun.  What I’d say about El Mirador is that you’ve got to use your imagination about the place because it’s not excavated like Tikal.  It’s so vast – 39 acropolises as compared to Tikal’s 3.  Lunch at the top of La Danta was unbelievable.  Las Lagunas has become one of our very favorite resorts in the world.  The service is impeccable.  There’s a server, who may be one of the most hospitable people we’ve met in the industry.  They have a spa which (daughter) visited on Monday…she was blown away.  And having the 3 free days was just what the doctor ordered.  The three of us don’t need to go-go-go.  Spa time, pool time, and hanging out in the incredible cabin are all up our alley. We went into Flores twice, and we super dig that town.  Remember that we requested a specific guide for El Mirador?  Well as serendipity would have it, he was at our restaurant in Flores on Monday night!  You’ll see a picture of the 3 of us with his wife and daughter.  You can’t make this up!  How does this happen in a vast country of 17 million people?


The Uaxactun experience was maybe my favorite (close to the upcoming description of the graffiti tour).  Not sure if you’ve been there…but after a ride of 25 km of terrible road conditions, you arrive in the most hospitable, wonderful village.  The ruins are awesome.  (We) enjoyed climbing the numerous accessible temples.  Our guide was knowledgeable and engaging.  We had an incredible lunch served by the matriarch of the city.  Her story is incredible.  Her husband was a business leader in the 80s, with a significant gum (as in chewing gum from the trees in Uaxatun) business…he died and this incredible woman took over.  Long story short, she took over, grew the business, and invested in Mayan art (through the black market), and has a priceless collection which we got to see!  In Guatemala City, our guide was our guide up to Lake Atitlan last year.  We became friends in our two days with her, and friendship grew in GC this year.


We’re so glad you suggested the graffiti art tour.  Our guide, who is a world-renowned professional graffiti artist, was the one of the most incredible people we’ve met in Guatemala.  His passion, creativity, and genuine love for not only his work, but Guatemala is inspiring.  The dude spent all morning with us and wouldn’t accept a tip.  I can’t tell you what an amazing experience we had on Friday. We think (daughter) got stung by a scorpion on the way home.  It traveled with us all the way back to Ohio! I wanted you to know that we were taken so very great care of the entire trip.  It was flawless.  Everyone was where he/she was supposed to be at the correct times.


South Indian adventureIndia

I want to thank you for all the thoughtfulness that went into our amazing South Indian adventure. We have a friend who knows a photographer and writer, Stephen Huyler, who seems to be the only person , in our circle, that has been to Chetinad, and is a
regular guest at Chidambara Vilas. It was a thrill to be a guest in this magnificent home.
Our guide and out driver made our visit the first 6 days of our trip all the more special. While professional to a fault, (guide) made us feel like family as we travel the lonely roads of Chettinad looking for the perfect Chettinar mansion to visit. She is so well informed and discussed the local customs, history, cuisine, religion, architecture and arts with great enthusiasm. She was a real pleasure to spend our time with.


(Driver) was the only man behind the wheel that we would have trusted to navigate the mountain road coming down from Periyar in a monsoon storm! On that, we could not have been more charmed by the accommodation at Spice Village. Upon arrival, I asked if it was possible to stay in Sir Paul McCartney’s cottage. The manager, surprised and with a knowing smile, wanted to know how we knew about it, only to book us into the secluded cottage. It was the perfect place to read and listen to the rain as it came down during our stay there. (Being from So.Cal. where it never rains, it was a real treat for us.)


Upon check-out we told the manager that there could be some changes to their web site as it doesn’t begin to explain the property or the delicious meals that they served us while there.


Our drive down to Kerala was ambitious and we arrived in heavy rains as we boarded our houseboat for our backwaters tour. Because of the weather, we were not able to go into the small channels, but went straight out on to the lake. The crew fixed us a beautiful lunch, and we took a nap in the comfortable cabin. The captain was a very personable man, and when we told him at dinner not to give us too much food, he smiled and said that whatever we did not eat, his crew would finish! A great experience!


I don’t think we have to tell you what an amazing experience the Falaknuma was. I have clients who had been “In Residence” some years back, and told me about the carriage ride up to the Palace.  (We) are completely into granting ones fantasies, so when we got off the houseboat in Kerala, we emerged in linen suites, ready to be received by the palace Livery.
I guess it pays to play the part, because we were certainly treated like royalty. The general manager greeted us after the first day asking us how we were enjoying our stay and seeing that we were utilizing spa, asked if the hotel could pick up our next spa treatments. We were also treated to dinner, compliments of the Palace in the Nizam’s dining room, 101, for a very special meal served by our butler.


We also had a very informative day in the Palace Library with the Librarian who selected books for us as we had requested knowing more about the Nizam and his environs. (On our walk with the Historian, champagne included, we told him that we had looked on the internet for information about what the Palace had looked like when the Princess opened the doors after 40 years and who was with her. Of course it was him, and they encountered wild dogs and poisonous snakes! (We hung on every word!)


After a rose-petal departure, we returned to Kochi and the delightful guide! Having arrived later that we thought, (guide) had his work cut out for him as we commenced on a walking tour of the Fort. He was very well informed about the politics and the culture of the region and we gleaned a tremendous amount of information from him in the short time we were in Kochi. It was all the more challenging by the fact that while in India, we were on a shopping trip for our business, and stopped to look at some earrings for a client. Not finding what we needed, (guide) took us to a place that not only had what we were looking for, but we spent another hour with the merchant as well. Needless to say, this made out sunset walk on the promenade into a adventure in the night market, complete with (guide)’s iPhone flashlight app to light the way.  Entering Broyntan Boatyards room for the first time around 8:30 p.m. we changed our clothes and enjoyed a very creative meal in the Historic Restaurant. After we finished a whirlwind day and it was off to bed, a very comfortable bed indeed, for a 3 a.m. departure. Our driver, I am sorry his name escapes us, was terrific and got us to the airport on time for our flight to Hong Kong.


In conclusion, we were so happy to be working with (agency) and Big Five, the two completely got the theme of our South Indian Dream and we will never forget both of your thoughtfulness in the planning.  10,000 Thanks



Life ChangingTanzania including Zanzibar

(Clients) had an incredible time on their trip. You did an amazing job and made “trip of a lifetime” possible for this wonderful family. Thanks so much for all of your effort to make this booking a huge success. They are already looking into another trip for next year to the Middle East and I will send you the request.

On another note, the school visit was truly life-changing for them. I could not have made this possible without you and your expertise. They called me yesterday wanting to know if it would be possible to provide desks for the teacher and students and how they would go about doing this. I think they had already talked to one of the contacts that was with them about this possibility. Is there someone you can put them in touch with or can Big Five assist with this? I know this is asking a lot but I’m trying to help them – they really want to help the school.  Let me know what you think.


Thank you again – I will certainly contact Big Five for all future Africa programs!

Travel Agent

Love South AmericaPeru, Ecuador & The Galapagos Islands, Colombia, Brazil

I’m sorry for the delay in sharing our thoughts about our recent trip to South America. We absolutely loved our trip to South America. We would say the number one highlight was the Galapagos where we very much enjoyed being on the Santa Cruz ship, and all the expeditions each day to the different islands on the zodiac boats with the knowledgeable naturalist guides. I believe we saw 13 of the Big 15 Wildlife. It was a very busy week but we loved every minute of it.

We also loved Peru, visiting Lima, Cusco and Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu very much lived up to it’s deserved reputation as one of the wonders of the world with it’s beautiful & pristine natural setting. It is really hard to fathom how the Inca’s built this granite citadel using those large boulders and no mortar. Unbelievable. All 3 of the hotels were wonderful in different ways, and the airport pickups and transfers to hotels all were on time without any problems. We also enjoyed all of the guides you arranged especially the ones in Cusco & Quito who were the stand outs. The Hiram Bingham train both to & fro was also a new and fun experience. We enjoyed the experience of the train, the meals and drinks, and the music. We also loved spending the day touring in Quito, and thank you for having us stay in the Casa Gangotena Hotel which we absolutely loved.

Also, our trips to Bogota & Rio de Janeiro were interesting and fun, and our South American airline transportation worked well and on time. I had preconceived negative ideas about both cities, but we thoroughly enjoyed our stays in both. Rio is far more beautiful than I expected, and we had fun social venues each night on top of Sugarloaf and at the Museum of Tomorrow.

Thanks again for all you did making this definitely a trip we always will remember.


South Africa amazingSouth Africa

Y’all met my clients expectations and even surpassed them.  They had an amazing trip.  I thank you both so much!  I’m so totally impressed with Big Five and (Destination Specialist).


Thank you Thank you thank you

Travel Agent

Safari adventure in KenyaKenya

We had a wonderful trip!  Big 5 did an excellent job and we loved the two people assigned to us in Nairobi. They were super nice, took great care of us and were excellent guides. Governors Camp was a perfect base for the Masai Mara and we had a terrific guide there. Very happy with everything. Thank you again for putting this trip together so quickly. Best regards. T.

Travel agent

Galapagos Islands family tripEcuador & The Galapagos Islands

Your White Glove Service® was excellent. (Destination Specialist) was great. It was a difficult trip to plan but it was done expertly. All transfers to and from airports went off without problems. Everyone was helpful. Tour in Quito was excellent.

This was about creation and evolution. It was eye opening for my entire family. Hopefully, it will help them appreciate the world and the importance of conservation and respect for the earth and what it has to offer.


It was a great active and educational trip. Thanks to Big Five and (Destination Specialist) for making it happen.


Lost and found in EgyptEgypt

Good morning,

I wanted to thank you personally for taking the time and reaching out to find my necklace at the (hotel)!  I was amazed it had been found and held – what great integrity and customer service they exhibited!  And again, I so appreciate you talking to the right people to find it.  Your care for me and my daughters when we were in Egypt was phenomenal – truly a wonderful experience made better by your care and coordination of all logistics! You did am amazing job!!  Thank you so much!!



Cambodia & careful planningCambodia & Laos

All the arrangements that you made for us worked perfectly. We were well taken care of both with wheelchairs in the airports and transportation and accommodations on the ground. The guides were all very capable and personable, but we especially enjoyed (guide) in Phnom Penh, who lived through the Pol Pot terrible times and freely shared her personal experiences.


We survived the heat and humidity and were lucky in that it rained only one afternoon. There were some evening showers but that didn’t affect our touring. (Guest) really enjoyed riding the elephant bareback, but that was the one event that I didn’t do as I felt there was too much walking involved. I took advantage of my free time to get a Thai massage. I was able to take part in all the other planned activities. When the guide at Angkor Wat saw me show up at the airport in a wheel chair, he arranged for a wheel chair for the longer distances at Angkor Wat.


What will I remember most? The beautiful architecture of the temples and palaces, the green, green scenery, the so gracious and welcoming Thai people, the many curves in the road going up and down over the mountains. Also, as it was the slow season there were few other tourists in general. Frequently we would be the only patrons in a nice restaurant and we would have 3 or 4 wait staff to take care of us! Thanks so much for all your careful planning.





Travel to Vietnam & CambodiaVietnam, Cambodia & Laos

We returned from our trip yesterday, and I wanted to write you about our experiences now, before the din of daily life begins again. Thank you very much for the care and attention you and your staff provided our family; it was an awesome experience!


Our guides made the trip.  (Guide) in Hanoi greeted us at the airport and took care of our every need.  He went out of his way to share personal experiences as well as historical highlights, and we knew we were in expert hands as we maneuvered through the challenging city traffic with him by our side.  A few of the highlights in Hanoi were the electric car ride through the Old Town and lunch at a local place specializing in Bu Cha that he recommended.  When it was time to say good-bye, he also helped us secure our airline tickets and get everything arranged before leaving.  These little touches meant the world to us.


(He) was no easy act to follow, and (Guide) in Saigon did not disappoint.  He has a hilarious sense of humor, and he and his driver kept us laughing as they transported us to emotional stops for Americans, including the Cu Chi Tunnels, along the Mekong Delta and to the Military Remnants Museum in Saigon.  His infectious good humor helped balance the impact of these visits. The highlight for our son was the evening Vespa tour on our last night and the meal we had with (Guide) in a local eatery.


Our last guide in Cambodia – was also wonderful.  He put up with our panting through the heat and humidity and shared his knowledge of temple history and architecture at each stop along the way.  The circus show on our second night – and our trip to “Pub Street” – are memories that we will cherish.


The accommodations were consistently fantastic.  Hanoi’s Metropole was like stepping back in time to a more elegant age, the Saigon Sofitel was perfectly located for evening strolls and had an impressive gym and the resorts in Hoi An and Siem Reap were luxurious and relaxing.  The cruise aboard the Au Cu 1 through Halong Bay delighted us in every way.


Now we are back at home, buoyed by our fond memories of everyone and everything we met, and saddened that we had to leave. My husband and I are already tossing around ideas for our next adventure, and we will be sure to turn to you once again for your expert guidance. Thank you, thank you for all you have done to create an unforgettable experience for our family!



A boundary-pushing vacation in Central America

Having never been to Central America, it was important for our family to work with an experienced operator with trusted connections. Our amazing travel advisor recommended Big Five, and together, we experienced our best vacation ever. Our accommodations were fantastic.


While living in the jungle without electricity, waking up to the sound of howler monkeys and rappelling down 100ft waterfalls definitely pushed our personal comfort zones, it was always done within the parameters of safety, fun and new experiences (in addition to push comfort!).


Having (Big Five Destination Specialists) thoroughly explain the uniqueness of our vacation choices only added to the excitement upon arriving. The finely-detailed itinerary made for no surprises. Logistically, it was great to have people waiting for to take us to our next destination. Their local contacts checked in with us throughout our vacation, making sure all was well. Top marks for another great family vacation.



Wonderful safariKenya

While at Saruni Samburu, the guests had wonderful safari. They spotted a number of animals including highlights of a family of cheetahs as well as lions and had an enjoyable close experience with elephants. Yesterday, on their full day in Samburu they enjoyed breakfast in the bush and some exciting wildlife viewing. After lunch they chose to relax in the villa the rest of the afternoon before heading out on a sunset/sundowner drive around the conservancy. Within seconds out of the lodge, they were already captivated by a number of birds they were looking for and spent the rest of the drive concentrating on birds. Being (guest’s) birthday, (Big Five) arranged a cake and over dinner, the Saruni Samburu staff dance and sang traditionally songs around the table with all other guests in celebration.

They left very happy and (guest) with a tear in her eye. She explained how it was only the day before that the doctor gave the go ahead for them to go on this trip and they were quite nervous about it; however, she is so thankful to have been able to experience this – that despite their age and health concerns.




Borneo (Malaysia)Malaysia & Singapore

I was thinking about you yesterday. I am going to call you when my clock is in order. This was a trip of a life time. I was so overwhelmed at times that I actually cried. Yes, tears of joy and the beauty around me. The guides were incredible.  I am one happy lady.  With a huge smile on my tired face.



Truly a trip of a lifetimeKenya, Tanzania including Zanzibar

Dear Big Five:

Please accept our upmost appreciation for the attention to detail in planning our African safari to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Our entire trip from the arrival in Nairobi, Kenya to our departure from the same city was flawless. The Big Five ” meet and greet “ staff in all the cities we travelled through were exceptional, in particular in Nairobi. Our personal driver , transported us throughout Tanzania for five days was superb.


Your extensive knowledge of all the lodges we stayed at payed off in a wonderful showing of the Ngorongoro crater, Serengeti plains and the Masai Mara. At every lodge that we stayed at the staff gave us a wonderful private romantic anniversary dinner.


This was truly a trip of a lifetime. We highly recommend, without reservation your services and it would be our pleasure to serve as a personal reference should you request it. Under separate cover, I will forward some photographs of our adventure.


We look forward to having you plan our next family safari to South Africa.


Warmest personal regards,



ZimbabweZambia, Zimbabwe & Malawi

We wanted to tell you how much we appreciated (Destination Specialist)! He was kind, patient, professional and capable,  and we really felt he had our best interest at heart.


We had spoken with a couple of other company’s and heard their bids as well as their “pitch”, but (he) was the ONLY one that heard exactly what we wanted and provided it all so effectively and with a lot of humanness!!  Our trip was challenging, with my turning 60, wanting safari, whales and waterfalls, and he did it all!


We felt SO cared for in the process of arranging the trip that we completely felt like Big Five had our back if we ran into any trouble once we got to Africa.


And that was VERY important to us. We will absolutely use Big Five for any more travel we have, especially for trips around nature, animals etc.


Thank you for providing such extraordinary service!



East Africa SafariKenya, Tanzania including Zanzibar

Amazing Company! Working with Big Five Tours & Expeditions was a great experience. Every aspect our tour was outstanding and we would not have changed anything with our itinerary. (Destination Specialist) took the time to get to know what we wanted and expected and was bang on with everything on our trip.

Agent and client

Belize tripBelize

Just wanted to give you some feedback on our trip. It was fantastic and we would recommend (the hotels). In Placencia, (hotel) in particular was so chill and low key, with easy access to the beach, snorkeling, fishing and dinners/lunch out in the little village. It was also extremely clean and beautifully decorated. Any clients looking for a quiet and relaxed coast experience would love it. Thanks for your help on this trip! A great combo of adventure and relaxation for the whole family.




Paradise in IndonesiaIndonesia

Just to let you know, we had a wonderful time on our trip.  We were phenomenally lucky with the weather, and saw everything we hoped to see.  We really loved the hotel on Seraya at the end of the trip – the place is really paradise!  Cheers, and thanks!



No Worries in Costa RicaCosta Rica & Nicaragua

Dear Big Five,

We were so happy with Big Five’s service. Everything went as planned and there was not one thing on our trip that went wrong. When our flight was delayed we received a phone call right away updating us. Big Five uses great companies as well in Costa Rica. We were also very impressed with the White Glove Service® guest assistance, and the phone calls when we arrived at the hotels. We felt they were in constant communication with us throughout our trip to ensure it was perfect without any bumps.


Big Five made our trip so enjoyable and it was so smooth. The suggested hotels and excursions were so much fun and every driver who picked us up arrived exactly On time. Big Five made our trip very enjoyable without having to worry about anything. We really trust the company to plan another vacation for us and we will for sure recommend Big Five to our friends!


Wonderful time in South AfricaSouth Africa

We all had a wonderful time. At Safari Camp – everyone was fantastic! The staff, food, spotters, guides, accommodations and transfers. Cape Town, Sabi Sands, Ngala, all great. This was our first trip with Big Five and we look forward to traveling with you again.  From all of us…  Thank you!


India A Pleasant SurpriseIndia

This was a wonderful trip for us, we were well taken care of in all situations.  A pleasant surprise in “Unknown” India and we visited Delhi, Jaipur and Kolkata.  Although this was our first trip with you, we would love to travel with Big Five once again on our next visit to China.




We went thru our Travel Agent and this was our first time with Big five Tours, the travel services provided on our trip were simply excellent, we will certainly consider traveling with  Big Five again.



Peru – A RealityPeru

Dear (Travel Agent)

Thank you so much for all your assistance in making our trip to Peru a reality.  As you know, (guests) have been serious about going for the past five years.  Our husbands were both pleased that the trip happened this year. Your recommendations of Big Five was instrumental in making this dream come true.

With their help, we were able to see each site on our list. Paired with the most knowledge your guides made our entire journey a trip-of-a-lifetime. Recent nearby fires and packing for possible evacuations have kept me busy since before we left for our trip. The fires are now out or close to containment so I can now find time to sort through my many photos and catch up with correspondence.  Many thanks.


Myanmar with Big FiveMyanmar

I just returned from a month long travel adventure that began with 11 days in Myanmar with Big Five.  Thanks to our fabulous travel agent, who contacted you when our first booking with (another company) fell through this summer, we were able to book a customized trip with Big Five and squeeze it into very specific dates.   As (Agent) told me at the time, “this could end up being a good thing.”  It was!  Every aspect of our trip was fabulous–beyond expectations.  I wanted to personally thank YOU for the extra effort involved in putting together such a wonderful itinerary at the last moment.  I know you and (Agent) both jumped through hoops, and we are most appreciative.


All of the Big Five guides we worked with were top notch, and our hotel accommodations were breathtaking, especially the Governor’s Residence in Yangon and the Inle Lake Princess Resort.  We loved our time with Thet Thet San at Inle Lake and Kakku.  She was so passionate and knowledgeable; an absolute delight to work with. (We were still talking about her when we got to Uzbekistan at the end of our travels.)  She maximized every moment without ever making us feel that we were rushed.  Her personal touch with the villagers, from the lotus weavers to the boat makers, the paper makers and  the silk weavers, was very authentic.  They were all so happy to see her and greeted us with incredible hospitality and big smiles.  Inle Lake was the highlight of our entire month of traveling!


I also want to comment on how much we appreciated the White Glove Service® that we received.  To give you little background: the Irrawaddy Cruise on the Kindat Pandaw was a dream in every aspect, EXCEPT for the fact that the guides that they had hired for the week long trip were very substandard.  There were two, and both of them were incredibly difficult to understand–their English was very poor–and their ability to tell a good story, put it into historical context, and keep a large group engaged and moving together was non-existent.  As a result, we didn’t get nearly as much as we would have liked to out of the Bagan portion of our cruise.  After that first disastrous excursion I shared my frustrations and concerns with the Purser, and asked if there was a possibility of getting better guides.  While he was understanding, his hands were tied to do anything about it.  He heard the same complaints many times over from the other passengers, who were from the UK, Australia, Tasmania, and Canada. Other than that, the river cruise was fantastic.


After the first day’s disastrous excursion with the Kindat Pandaw guides, I emailed the WGS hotline and explained our concerns.  They responded immediately and arranged for private guides to work with us in the major cities and attractions for the rest of the cruise.  Your WGS® team communicated closely with the Purser, and we were extremely well taken care of for the remaining itinerary.  (Guide) in Mandalay provided an excellent finale to our trip to Myanmar.  We were very grateful to be able to experience the sights there with a guide that was so efficient, knowledgeable, and personable.


We probably will never have the opportunity to return to Myanmar, so it was terribly important to get the most out of our experience while there.  Your 24-Hour White Glove Service® Guest Assistance team made that happen.  I wanted you to know that Big Five delivered Big Time on their WGS brand promise.

Thank you for everything!




South Africa Safari – Tailor made each drive

Guests) had a spectacular stay filled with many amazing sighting, walks and runs in the bush which (Guest) loved as this was her daily exercise. They experienced a wonderful picnic in the bush, a boma dinner, bush dinner, tapas evening and a wonderful wine & food pairing menu. (Guests) both enjoyed a few treatments at the spa. Every morning, (Guest) had her favorite scrambled egg sandwich before heading out on drive and then mid-morning they all enjoyed a peanut butter, honey & banana sandwich. The sommelier spent some time speaking to them about different wine choices but in the end they were so happy with the Paul Cluver Riesling that they enjoyed this every night with dinner. On a few evenings they enjoyed a private dinner on the deck. Their Guide & Given their tracker made the stay extra special for (Guests) as they tailor made each drive. The guide even managed to find an African wild cat for them, which is an extremely rare sighting. They have already informed us that they will go back for the same stay next year and are already planning everything.

Morocco – Thanks to Big Five

We had an awesome time at Greece, thanks to Big Five. The hotels provided excellent accommodation & the local guides were very co-operative. There is but one observation that we would like to make. We did not have a very good experience with one of our airlines, Ryanair (Santorini to Athens). Though we did not book these tickets via Big Five but we strongly recommend that you discourage all your clients against flying through this airline in future.

A special thanks to (Destination Specialist) for her valuable assistance & efficient co-ordination in all aspects of the trip.



PERU – Very white glove!!

The airplane/train/car transfers in Lima and Cusco were seamless and very efficient. The agents who met us were proficient in English and helped us through the hotel reservation process, airline check-in, train check-in, all the way to the gates. Very white glove!! Our guide was very knowledgeable, concerned about our welfare, and very versed in the history, national culture, current events of the region. He lead all the hikes in Machu Picchu with gusto, reference pictures, and great local stories. Overall, this was a no worries trip in a very beautiful country on a tight schedule. Nothing went wrong, so kudos to Big Five.




Kenya – My grandson was interested in everything around him

I just wanted to thank you again for helping us plan our trip. Everything was wonderful and went without any problems. We were well taken care of in Nairobi and all of the staff at the camps we visited…. Service was awesome, our driver was very knowledgeable and personable. The (camp staff) always took the time to ask what we had seen and done. I can’t stress enough how much we enjoyed our time. Our guide is the best. He shares in our laughter, helped keep my grandson interested in everything around him, and helped us come up with quizzes every day! He has become my friend through these trips and we keep in touch. Without Big Five, I never would have made friends with two families halfway around the world in Kenya! I can never thank you enough for your help through the last six trips I have made to Kenya. I will be starting to plan my next trip for 2017 with my daughter, her two girls and my son. As always, Big Five will be our tour company!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!



White Glove Service – “It’s quite a feature”

Hello BigFive,

 Many thanks for the update.  It’s been a pleasure having you keep in contact with us regarding this client.

I know they are being loved graciously by Big Five for their entire journey.  It’s quite a feat to find a company such as yours that we can entrust our clients.

 Much regards and thank you’s are just not enough.




Morocco – “Start to Finish to a Wonderful Destination”

This was a wonderful trip, start to finish to a wonderful destination. Everything was perfectly planned and executed without a single glitch.

Our guides and drivers were extraordinary and the night camping in sanctuary in the Sahara, a life highlight experience!





India – “The Graciousness of The Indian People”India

Somos muy felices! ( we are so happy!)

Just returned from our trip to India.

As before, Big Five met &/exceeded all of our expectations.

A big KUDOS & THANK YOU & to ALL the crew at Big Five.

Everything went flawlessly (as with our last year’s trip to Ecuador, the Galapagos & Peru)– a great comfort – very much appreciated & contributing much to our enjoyment!

 Most important was the graciousness (courtesy, kindness & pleasant attitude) of the Indian people.

Additionally, to repeat an old adage- it’s all about location, location, location—–the Sanctuary Inn at Machu Picchu last year, The Oberoi Amarvilas in Agra, etc. etc….

Our guides were very pleasant & even personally accompanied us for a portion of our trip.

My wife’s foot injury (fractured calcaneous & torn peroneus tendon) was taken into account & properly cared for.

 Loved every portion of our trip—-without exception!!!

May go back to Varanasi for our cremations. Varanasi was really a highlight. A Holy place for Hindus where they go to die/must make a pilgrimage during their lifetime (like Mecca/Jerusalem). The Holy River Ganges—bathers brushing their teeth, bathing, washing their hair, submerging for blessings next to a guy washing his dirty kitchen pots & dishes next to somebody doing their laundry (with detergents)–the water is absolutely filthy!!!!–but who cares: it is the sacred River Ganges, Gangrithi!

Walked through very narrow streets amongst the tens of thousands of people & cows & cars & motor scooters & bicycles. Cacophony of sounds including the ever-present blaring car-horns! Saw lepers for the first time in my life. And of course the ritual cremations on the Ghats – 11 going on at the same time on this occasion- great flaming & smoking pyres, lots of family members, goats, cows, dogs everywhere! 

Also loved the ever-present cows everywhere, the Taj Mahal (the most beautiful, magnificent edifice we have ever seen, “heaven on earth”), and Mihir Garh. … Our driver, Balram, often quoted that in order to drive in India you must have “a loud horn, good brakes, and much luck!”

My wife was almost attacked by a cobra at Jawai; and we repeatedly spotted many leopards, rare birds, crocs, & other wild life as well as the other 9 couples at this camp. Met a nice Welshman, now a businessman in Vietnam, & his wife (Australian).

A Brahmin priest in a remote village invited me to partake in an opium ceremony to Lord Vishnu (of course)….. but they sure were looped on opium… when I correctly diagnosed his L5-S1 radiculopathy; he even showed me his MRI.  I was instantly promoted from my status as third caste to first caste (Brahmin status) for telling him he did not require surgery & would most likely benefit from an epidural steroid injection.

We were invited to an Indian wedding in Jaipur–about 2,000 guests…  (the bride) was bedecked in a gorgeous golden sari & he in a similar golden outfit with matching turban & large golden scimitar & jeebs for shoes (you know, the Aladdin type). We watched them circle the ceremonial fire 7 times, sang our blessings & then danced (Bollywood-style). Everywhere blazing colored lights, garlands of flowers, gorgeous saris—-the whole works!

The food everywhere was magnificent!!! Fantastic curries & spices & yummy Tandoori-baked buttered Nan with saffron. Dinners on gorgeously lit terraces with accompanying musicians & classical Indian dancers. At the hotel in Delhi, ate at their restaurant – best meal we have had in years!

Visited several villages, meeting many villagers & actually seeing how they live without any staging whatsoever. All spontaneous & natural. People in India however were the real highlight—-very friendly, genuinely, & interested in foreigners. Bunches of families invited us to their homes for tea, etc (we graciously declined) & to take photographs with them. The kids are amazing & very inquisitive–education is highly stressed.

Thankfully we remained in good health throughout. The weather was perfect during the entire sojourn.


We are now ready to plan our next trip: JAPAN.

We have decided on an EXTENDED visit to Japan, especially KYOTO. We would like to be there as long as necessary with several days- at least- in each locale; best for the proper rest, absorption & enjoyment of the entire visit!

We will skip other locales, for now, on this trip. NATURALLY we want to go at the best times for weather & events there. Staying in some ryokans while there would be interesting. As usual meeting the people and learning about their culture is most important. A priority would also be a visit to the most important sites, gardens, celebrations as appropriate So start planning for us!




Quito and Galapagos -“This is our first trip with BigFive Tours and Expeditions”

We first found you through Conde Nast, and this is our first trip with BigFive Tours and Expeditions.

You have met all of our expectations. We worked with your Destination Specialist, and she was very helpful in planning the perfect itinerary.

In addition, our guide in Quito were excellent, and the room was GREAT!  All accommodations were superb as were the meals, and all guides.

Overall, our trip was excellent. We definitely see ourselves traveling again with Big Five.


Thank you.




COSTA RICA – “Memorable and Exciting Family Experiences!!!”

 We are back from Costa Rica and again it was a great trip with a lot of exciting adventures!!! 

We really enjoyed the River Rafting and the Rappel activity!!! Thanks again for helping us create memorable and exciting family experiences!!! 

Believe it or not we are ready for the next one- South Africa!!!

Thanks again,





Tibet, Nepal & Bhutan

All of our guides were Excellent!

Including dinner the first night in Lhasa. Although would have been nice at the hotel just because of being tired from traveling.

Our overall trip was wonderful. Next time we would like to travel Asia or Africa in the future.

Thank you!

T, R & K.M


Ecuador & The Galapagos Islands – Exactly what the client was looking for

As a travel planner, working with your Destination Specialist was great. He assisted in the planning and coordination of the trip in conjunction with another provider who my client was travelling with post-Big 5.

The itinerary we developed together was exceptional and exactly what the client was looking for. On the trip, everything went exactly as planned and was delivered by the Big 5 ground partner with exceptional service, great guides, interesting itineraries and efficient problem solving.

My client thoroughly enjoyed the entire journey, the experiences, foods and accommodations.

Thank you.


Agent and client

Peru – Cusco – Machu Picchu – Lovely Time

Dear Big Five,

Both my husband and I were VERY pleased with this Big Five Tour – Our guide was super – He truly made our experience as the rest of your team with our pick up / drop off at the airport.  All drivers were excellent, the hotel very good.

Just lovely.

We would RECOMMEND your company.


Thank you

N & L. P


Wine Country , Krueger, Victoria Falls

Dear Big Five Tours,

Our guide in Cape Town was great!

We have NEVER had such a trerifict and knowledgble guide – and we have traveled EXTENSIVELY!

Everything was simply Excellent and we would like to travel again with Big Five to Thailand, Russia & Israel in t he future.

Thank you for a wonderful time.

R & K. B



South Africa –

Hi Bigfive – short and sweet but great comments back from my clients/South Africa 

Thanks for taking such great care of them on this trip. I was a bit nervous as I get the sense her two older siblings on the trip are not in the best shape to be traveling such a far distance, but everything obviously worked out with no issues.

Thank you again.



South America – Ecuador

Hello Big Five,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for the my clients trip. They had a really good time. Here’s what they said: “Had a great time in Ecuador/Galapagos. The hotels were wonderful.”

Best regards,


Agent and client

Kenya, Zambia & South Africa

I had a very lengthy chat with my clients last night!   They had a marvelous time and one fun experience after another!  


P. / DL.W


Private tour in Manuel Antonio National Park

Dear Big Five,

Just few minutes ago I spoke with My Clients  at their Hotel. They are very happy and they enjoyed a lot their private tour in Manuel Antonio National Park yesterday. They saw monkeys and they had an amazing morning in the beach.

My client told me that they did a ATV tour today and it was very funny. The staff, the restaurant, their room and the services at the property are fantastic.

I checked with him their pick up time for tomorrow and he told me in a future they can come back and visit other regions of Costa Rica.

Best Regards,



Agent and client

Tanzania, Cape Town, & Madagascar

My clients were extremely happy. They only had great things to say and enjoyed the journey so much that they are considering coming back to do the Namibia tour next.

Thank you

wf/ MM J.S

Agent and client

lucky to see the crossing twice in Serengeti

We  had a fabulous trip and we couldn’t ask for more. All the lodges were great , good food and everybody was friendly. Our guides were a perfect match for us.  We were even lucky to see the crossing twice in Serengeti,  I believe we saw more than expected.  In all, we had a memorable safari.

kind regards,



South Africa –

Hi Big Five,


My Client said, they had a fantastic time at Kirkmans, they are very happy with everything.

Thank you!




Kenya & Tanzania

Dear Big Five,

Today, I am pleased to say my group was extremely happy.

The weather didn’t cooperate in the Serengeti with rain however the camp did a marvelous job pampering my clients and the rain still allowed great lion sightings.

They had just finished the full day game drive in the main mara were they saw lots wildebeest at the river, hippo, crocodiles and they got to see a Topi giving birth, lions feeding, and several pairs of cheetah.

The only big 5 they have not seen was the rhino, which is very rare anyway.

They had a wonderful time seeing lots of lions including one kill a gazelle. They saw mating lions, even a leopard which the first group did not see, and her cubs. With the migration near their camp now, they saw herds of wildebeest and this was before even visiting the main reserve

On their last day at Kitich they even learned how to make a fire and throw spears.

Thank you for taking Great care of my groups.


Agent and client

South Africa , Zimbabwe

Everything from our pre departure documents, hotels, flights and guided tours were excellent.

We went thru our Travel agent, this was the first time traveling with you, Our Guide in Cape Town was great, we NEVER had such a terrific knowledgeable guide – and we have traveled extensively.

We would certainly like to travel again with BigFive, possibly to Thailand.








Cape Town, Wince Country, Krueger, Victoria Falls –

Hello Big Five,

Thank you for keeping me in the loop; I know for certain from all the communications received from My clients South Africa trip was just perfect!!    I am so very pleased that I selected “BIG FIVE” as my tour operator of choice for their journey and shall definitely utilize your expertise on future bookings.  Thank you thank you for all your follow through and extras you provided.  I know that all the specials you provided would not have been added by other tour operators.

When my husband and I next travel again to South Africa I shall be giving you a call to assist with our personal arrangements.

A job well done,



India – Private TravelIndia

I was told that this is the best tour they have ever taken and they will definitely come back to visit South India.
They did have a fabulous time and thank you for everything Big Five does for me and my clients!!!

Thank you!



Kenya & Tanzania

Our hotels & meals were beyond  excellent.  The Big Five representatives were amazing in Nairobi.  We saw them in Tanzania when they stopped by while having dinner. We are very pleased with Big Five!

I was asked if I would like to travel again with Big Five… Absolutely

Thank you!




Turkey & Morocco – “We accomplished so much”

“Just a quick note to thank you for arranging such a great trip to Istanbul for us. Our guide was the best ever: personable and warm in personality, so knowledgeable and interesting in content, and of course the arrangements were always impeccable, as were the selections of the things we did. (Guide) was a joy to be with, and we all just loved him. We accomplished so much. As for my flight arrangements, they were just perfect, and went off without a hitch. I want to tell you that I had the need and opportunity to call your White Glove Service® within my first hour in Istanbul (very happily and successfully).  The young lady from WGS® got a live person for me (from their bank). She  was a lifesaver. So thank you for the White Glove Service®. It is invaluable. ”  – D.A.


Sri Lanka Adventure

“Just wanted to let you know that (guests) have returned from a fabulous trip. They had as they said “The trip of a Lifetime”, it was amazing, not only because of the country and its people but because of the care and detail provided by Big Five.  They were so appreciative of everything, and I have you to thank for that.  I have let everyone in the office know and you are sure to hear from us again, after this we wouldn’t use anyone but Big Five. Thanks again ” – C.B.  


Lush Landscapes of Guatemala, Colombia & Ecuador

“The client just called this morning to advise that they had an AMAZING time… They enjoyed their time very much and could not thank us enough for the last-minute assistance provided due to the cancelled flight. He mentioned that they have always been (tour company) travelers and we have super surpassed anything they have ever done with (tour company). He mentioned that they have a circle of friends that travel a lot and they all also use (tour company).   He is going to spread the word about their trip with us and advise his friends to use Big Five instead.   He said he hopes to get a new circle of Big Five travelers.” – R.B. 


Southern Tanzania – “There isn’t anything on this trip they would have done differently! ”

“Just wanted to let you know that I have already talked with the (client) family!  They had a wonderful time and said there isn’t anything on this trip they would have done differently!  Even the kiddos, came up and thanked me!  I think everything went well.   I just want to say a huge thank you to you for putting everything together and helping me  with everything!  You are amazing!”  – T. R.

Travel Agent & Clients

Natural New Zealand – “was, without a doubt, the best trip ever”

“We recently returned home from what was, without a doubt, the best trip ever!!! We enjoyed absolutely every activity we participated in, every hotel, and every wonderful location. It was so much more than we expected!!!   All of our guides were pleasant, personable, knowledgeable and flexible. They certainly did all they could to make this a trip of a lifetime. They took us to see everything we expressed an interest in and then some!!” – M. H. 


Argentina – “The trip of a Lifetime”

Just wanted to let you know that (clients) have returned from a fabulous trip. They had as they said “The trip of a Lifetime”, it was amazing, not only because of the country and its people but because of the care and detail provided by Big Five. They were so appreciative of everything and I have you to thank for that. I have let everyone in the office know and you are sure to hear from us again, after this we wouldn’t use anyone but Big Five.

Thanks again.” – B. S. 


South Africa – “we really didn’t want to leave”

“The safari camps worked out very well and your on the ground person in Nairobi was a gem, she really did a great job. The safari portion was extraordinary. We loved the mix of lodges, we really didn’t want to leave. Loved ending in Tswalu. It was so different in every way, climate, topography, wildlife. Very hot and very relaxing. It simply could not have been a better trip. Bottom line, excellent trip, wonderful organizing and we would do it all again in a minute.” S.R.   


Guatemala & Colombia – Alaways informed about our Clients while traveling


“In our office we all appreciate the attention to detail of Big Five and we all look forward to the updates about our clients while they are traveling by the While Glove Service® of Big Five. This is amazing as we know about everything happening on the ground before the clients return home. This is valuable whether the news is good or bad. Again, I just want to praise the outstanding service by Big Five. ” – B. & F. D.


Indochina -“it was the guides who made the trip so memorable for us”

“In our opinion, it was the guides who made the trip so memorable for us with their knowledge and by continually going the extra mile to ensure that we gained the maximum experience whilst in their care. However, one guide that really stood out in our minds had to be (Guide) in Siem Reap. Going the “extra mile” was not good enough for him; he wanted to do two extra miles to please us and periodically would say “you are the boss” and would make suggestions and recommendations on the best temples to visit in addition to the Bayon and Angkor Wat. When we indicated that there were a few items we wanted to purchase, he offered to shop for them [and did so] for us at a much better price in non-touristy areas in his off-hours while we were relaxing at the hotel. All in all to date, this may have been the trip of our lifetime.”   –   R.J.  


Kao Gu China

“We would like to thank you for all your help during our recent visit to China. We very much appreciated your constant checking with our local guides and with us as to how the trip was going and whether everything was OK. It was a very interesting visit covering some of the immense history and culture of China, and also an opportunity to see how rapidly the economy is growing there. We took the opportunity to further help the economy by buying some silk carpets in Shanghai, silk embroidery in Lijang and bronze garden ornaments in Xian! Many thanks again for all your great assistance,” – B. & F. D.


“I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with Big Five and (Big Five Destination Specialist – DS)  It was truly an outstanding job done from beginning to end.   I have been a leisure travel agent for 37 years, and I am fortunate to say I get my share of high end travelers to many exotic parts of the world.  (DS) went above and beyond what any other operator would have given answering our clients many questions and requirements.  He lead us to make the best decisions.  There were a number of challenges planning with this particular trip and I was always given professional and personal guidance that I needed.  Even till the end when the Nairobi airport burned.  I had done my own air myself, but Big Five stepped in and assisted the travelers getting them home. Yes, we do have a choice in tour operators, and there are many good high end ones out there, but Big Five will be at the top.  Big Five and (DS) did surpass my expectations.” –   S.B.


Ancestor Volcanoes of Guatemala & Galapagos Islands

“I still can’t believe my trip has come and gone… it was truly an amazing experience. It was very nice to ‘be lead by the hand’ – met, transferred, pick-up and delivered at every turn. It made our experience in a strange country (and not speaking the language) very nice. The guides and drivers were excellent and the attention to detail was exceptional. Thank you” – N.B. 


Africa- Thank you sincerely for putting together the most memorable and enjoyable family vacation we have ever taken.

Yes, we’re back and I want to thank you sincerely for putting together the most memorable and enjoyable family vacation we have ever taken. It was extremely well planned, and all the details were covered.

Truthfully, we had some reservations when we booked the trip. We felt that we had planned the trip with some haste, since we didn’t really research anything ourselves. However, it quickly became apparent that we were in great hands and that you had planned every detail for us.

The trip began on a high note with our experience with the Airlines. As we were flying overseas to Istanbul, one of my sons asked if we could take this Airline wherever we flew in North America from now on. They were great.

Istanbul was a gem. The hotel we stayed at was perfect. It was well situated and we received excellent service. The tour you arranged was wonderful. We only had two days there, but felt that we saw everything.

It only got better when we arrived in Africa. Your recommendation of using Big Five Tours was perfect. They took great care of us during our trip. Their local African partner was amazing. They were in regular communication with us to make sure that our trip was going well, and that our needs were being attended to. All our campsites and accommodation were amazing, and we were treated to first class service everywhere we went.

Our biggest concern going into the trip was whether we had booked enough “Safari” time. But we squeezed every ounce of game viewing out of the trip, and we all felt that we had seen everything that could possibly have been seen.

We had one mishap during the trip. Our oldest son caught a stomach bug, so we had to go to a local medical facility. Fortunately, their tour guide arranged for us to visit a first class medical facility in Karatu and re-arranged two flights for myself and my son, so we could re-connect with our family the same evening. Big Five along with the doctor at the clinic, were superb. We will be submitting a claim shortly on the travel insurance for the cost of the medical care and flights.

Again, we can’t thank you enough for arranging such a wonderful trip. Please also convey our sincere gratitude to Big Five Tours.

Hopefully, you won’t mind if we continue to contact you for our future travel needs.

S & G



“We recently returned home from what was, without a doubt, the best trip ever!!! We enjoyed absolutely every activity we participated in, every hotel, and every wonderful location. It was so much more than we expected!!!   All of our guides were pleasant, personable, knowledgeable and flexible. They certainly did all they could to make this a trip of a lifetime. They took us to see everything we expressed an interest in and then some!! Our hotels were outstanding!!!  Luang Prabang was a very pleasant surprise.  And, we were able to do things on our own because they (hotels) were close to everything” – C.H.


South Africa

“Everything was excellent. All of the people working with us were on top of their game and very interested in making sure we were totally informed and satisfied. The guides were outstanding with their thoroughness and expertise..” – B.R.



“The service and care of Big Five left me wanting to plan my next adventure with you both, and I will be in touch for a 2015 trip.  It was one of the best trips I have ever been on and can’t wait for the next adventure!  We have always appreciated how you treat our vacation like your own, and when partnered with a company like Big Five, it is a perfect match!.” – G.H.


Zambia & Zimbabwe -Thank you for planning and organizing our magnificent trip to Africa.

Thank you for planning and organizing our magnificent trip to Africa.   From the word ‘go’ everything was wonderful. Our safaris could not have been better.  The accommodations luxurious for where they were, the rangers and trackers extremely knowledgeable.

– L. & M. H.


Galapagos Islands, Western Rainforest & Otavalo -“Big Five really went beyond the call of service “

“Big Five really went beyond the call of service to plan this trip for us in a week’s time. One cannot use enough superlatives to describe the accommodations, guides, gourmet dining, service and atmosphere of Mashpi Lodge, a dream destination in all regards. The excursions were not to be missed. Everyone should visit Ecuador. It is an amazing country that is pulling itself up by the bootstraps into the modern world, while retaining its heritage. The moderate climate, beyond-blue skies, glorious vistas, and friendly people make this a must-see country.”  – C.M.


Central Bhutan – “The trip was outstanding!

“The trip was outstanding!  We are very impressed with Big Five.  The trip was great and it went without a hitch. The hotels were top notch… and the meals were wonderful. The guides were knowledgeable, informative, responsible and delightful people!  I would be glad to be a poster child for Big Five!”  – F.F.


Namibia- Desert & Beyond

” I just wanted to thank you for planning a wonderful and perfect Safari for us. Your knowledge in choosing just the right camps and guides was superb! I think that I can speak for all of us in saying that we felt safe, well cared for and indeed pampered during this trip.”

– M.H.


Northeast India & BhutanIndia

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge ‘Thank You’!  I entrusted my #1 clients to you and I fully realize the pressure I put on you and your team to make this trip 100% perfect.  Although I haven’t spoken to (guests) yet, I expect that you have exceeded all of their expectations and I thank you for that!”  – B.D.


Adventures in Bolivia & Chile

“Our trip to Chile was excellent. The accommodations were all outstanding. Sonia was everything you said she would be and more. Our other two guides were also very good. The transports were impeccable and entry into Chile could not have been easier. Thank you for all your hard work. .”  – J.G.


South Africa & Zimbabwe

“Thank you for one of the greatest trips of our lives. We LOVE South Africa. We saw the Big 5 on our game drive, and our tour driver, from the airport was terrific. Victoria Falls was awesome. Our guide there was wonderful. He really made the trip extra lovely. I would have loved to have had more time in any of the places, but feel blessed to have been there at all. It was truly extraordinary. You made everything work beautifully. Such an unforgettable experience. Thank you is not even adequate to express our gratitude. Only pictures can tell. We look forward to working with you, again.”  – G.F


India – Gujarat & KarnatakaIndia

“We had an outstanding time in India. This trip was truly one of the best trips we’ve taken in the past few years. Your guys in Varanasi were very knowledgeable, and (guide) who spent time with us in Delhi and Udaipur was wonderful. Also, thank you again for inviting us to your guy’s house in Delhi for the festival, we had such a wonderful time. We really enjoyed this trip, and I wanted to thank you for all your help that made it one of the best ever.”  – A.D.


Colombia, Ecuador & Peru

“I had clients traveling in Peru this month (with Big Five).   After Peru, they went on to Colombia where they were visiting family. The clients actually had an issue with cancelled flights in Peru, and we had to arrange some last-minute services, and add some services for a forced overnight. The client just called this morning to advise that they had an AMAZING time in Peru. They enjoyed their time very much and could not thank us enough for the last-minute assistance we provided.”  – R.B.


Northern Australia

“All of my tours were fantastic! Loved the Kangaroo Island, the Cairns rainforest, and the Barossa wine. 
Thank you so much for your assistance. I will be doing another big trip within the next 1-2 years, and I will CERTAINLY be reaching out to Big Five.

L. B.


Guatemala & Colombia

The vacation was flawless.  Big Five called us often assuring us that they were available 24/7.  There was no reason to be apprehensive about anything.  Hats off to you.  We look forward to planning another trip to South America soon.” – G. & J. G. 

Jordan & Oman: Trails of The Caliphs

“The trip was perfect in every way but what made it special was our guide. I really cried when I said goodbye and again when one of your staff picked us up at the hotel to go home as I spoke of her and the driver were perfect. I will always recommend your company, and hope to use the company again. Thank You”  – N.J.

Panama’s Cultural Treasures

“I just wanted to tell you how extraordinary my experiences have been with Big Five Expeditions. I recently had some of my most discerning and demanding clients in Latin America. They were both exceedingly happy and reported that all had gone well. That these clients were happy is a great tribute. However, the service from Big Five only got better when the clients’ flight was delayed and my clients were going to miss their international connection. Big Five’s White Glove Service® kept the clients informed about flight arrangements and transfer details. What could have been a very bad end to a wonderful trip was rescued by the attention and service of Big Five.” – L.K.


Kenya & Tanzania: View from Here, East Africa by Hoseback

“This trip was excellent! The accommodations and service were all above my expectations! The tour guides were all knowledgeable, professional and friendly. The itinerary was well thought out and worked out very well with the time we had available. The tour guides were very flexible with scheduling.” – G.C. 


Festivals of Bhutan

“Just a quick note to thank you for arranging such a great trip for us. Our guide was the best ever: personable and so knowledgeable and interesting in content. And the arrangements were always impeccable, as were the selections of the things we did. We accomplished so much. As for my flight arrangements, they were just perfect, and went off without a hitch.”  – J.C. 


Kao Gu Israel & Jordan

“The trip was perfect in every way but what made it special was our guide. I really cried when I said goodbye, and again when one of your staff picked us up at the hotel to go home as I spoke of her and the driver (who) were perfect. I will always recommend your company, and hope to use the company again. Thank You” – N.J.


Sri Lanka

“Our trip was amazing!  Still fighting the jet lag but it was well worth it! All  suggestions including sequence of countries visited and activities planned in each and spectacular accommodations were much appreciated and made our journey such a fantastic experience! Thank you Big Five.” K. & B. G.


Kao Gu Belize

“The trip was spectacular! All three (South American) areas were so different so it’s hard to compare or choose a favorite! Our guide was a great resource and treated us as if we were her own. I was ready to go back yesterday!  The service and care of Big Five left me wanting to plan my next adventure. It was one of the best trips I have ever been on and can’t wait for the next adventure!”  – G.H. 



“I just want to take a moment to thank you for your help with my clients and a special thanks for the White Glove Service®. The clients like it and I love getting feedback during their trip, and not just waiting for their return.White Glove Service® during the trip is a great plus!” – J.J.


Deserts of North IndiaIndia

“My trip was to India, Bhutan, Nepal & Tibet. The services were outstanding and sometimes even exceeded the expectations. In Bhutan Sangay Dhendup was exceptional as it is somebody that really loves his country and made for us a beautiful experience. Even though we didn’t use the butler service, we are aware they were all ways taking care of our needs. We feel we could even have made a longer stay as it was really a great experience. We are already looking for a future trip to the region. Thanks for everything!!!”  – J. & R. Y.

Travel Agent & Clients

Southern Tanzania

They (Guests) had great praise for the entire Big Five Staff. They enjoyed all of the  arrangements and were very happy with the White Glove Service®.  (So was I; it was wonderful to receive all of the updates).  Both of them told me that the Big Five guides were excellent. And they were very impressed with how the Big Five representatives immediately  handled any situations which did arise.  All in all, it was a great  success and we have very satisfied clients.” B. E.



“We had the most AMAZING time in Africa! I have been working on editing our picture… so I could send you the best ones of my daughter and the many experiences we had. Her dreams came true in every way. In fact, she wrote those very words in the guest books at the camps we stayed at.  We just kept pinching ourselves to make sure it was real that we were on “safari” in Africa up close to so many wild animals! It was definitely an experience of a lifetime in every way. ” – A.D.



“I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what a wonderful experience we had. Your agents, guides, drivers & cooks were top notch, which made our trip one of the most enjoyable we’ve ever experienced. We have already recommended Big Five to several friends, and we hope to travel with you again in the future. Thank you!” G.G.


“It is good to know that Big Five cares about our clients and (company).  In all of my years, this is my first experience from a tour vendor who got ahead of the news and assisted the clients to make sure they are safe.  Needless to say, yes, I have seen Big Five do other things for our clients, updating me about the progress of their tour. Wow, kudos to Big Five. Thank you for your time.” – T. A.


Panama, Costa Rica & Nicaragua

“The trip was incredible, and the best thing was how good it was arranged. The weather was perfect. I would like to tell your Supervisor, you made a trip one of the best.  I am looking forward for our next vacation… We will be in touch!” – M.R.


Northeast India & Bhutan

We just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with the treatment and tour arranged by Big Five Tours. Every step along the way, things ran smoothly and efficiently… The tour with Big Five not only met our expectations but exceeded them by a wide margin. You are more than welcome to pass this note along to your contact at Big Five as we thoroughly enjoyed the India experience.” – J.F.A.


Northeast India & Bhutan

“We just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with the treatment and tour arranged by Big Five Tours. Every step along the way, things ran smoothly and efficiently… The tour with Big Five not only met our expectations but exceeded them by a wide margin. You are more than welcome to pass this note along to your contact at Big Five as we thoroughly enjoyed the India experience.” – J.F.A.


Turkey & Morocco

“Just a quick note to thank you for arranging such a great trip to Istanbul for us. Our guide was the best ever: personable and warm in personality, so knowledgeable and interesting in content, and of course the arrangements were always impeccable, as were the selections of the things we did. (Guide) was a joy to be with, and we all just loved him. We accomplished so much. As for my flight arrangements, they were just perfect, and went off without a hitch. ” – K.J.


Ecuador & The Galapagos – You have won my clients over

I wanted to thank you and …to let you know I just got an email from my clients & how much of a great time they are having & how well they are being taking care.

And how they do not want to tour with anybody other than with BigFive Tours from now on.

Not only did you sold the Tour, You sold your company.

Thank you very very Much!




Morocco – “The Food was Delicious”

First time to Morocco and the food was delicious! In Fez and Marrakech the food was more North American – It was tasty, but would have preferred Moroccan cuisine.

Our Tour guide & Driver were Amazing-welcoming, & they made our trip memorable

If I were to travel again… I would like to go to Africa with BigFive.



Buenos Aires, Peru & GalapagosPeru, Ecuador & The Galapagos Islands

Our trip was just EXCELLANT!

From our Final Documents to our Ground Transportation all was just great!  We also enjoyed the meals and accommodation from the hotel properties. 

This was our first time traveling with BigFive and we will seriously consider to go thru you again.

Thank you for a fantastic trip!

B, J & H


Opened our eyes to East African landscape and wildlife

Thank-you for assigning our guide to us whilst we were on safari past week. He opened our eyes to East African landscape and wildlife,sharing his extensive knowledge during our daily game drives. We were travelling with our grandchildren and he was most attentive to their questions making it an exhilarating trip of discovery for them. He is an excellent ambassador for his country and it’s inhabitants.

Many thanks,

D & A and family



Ecuador & Galapagos – Charming Quide – we would do it again

Our trip was wonderful! And our guide in Ecuador was excellent in every way!  We would like to take the rainforest trip and will ask for her again.  She was very professional, knowledgeable and quite charming!

I would certainly go with BigFive to  Peru, Chile & Ecuador again!

Cant tell you how much we enjoyed your company!


M&D. K

Patagonia & Iguazu Falls – Our guides knew how to get us around the falls,

Our guide, who drove with us to and from El Calafate to El Chalten was an amazing source of info and help.  She was AWSOME.

And our other guide at the Iguazu Falls really knew how to get us around the falls, and thru all the customs processes, going back and forth between Brazil and Argentina.

Can’t wait to go on our next planned trip this year to Tanzania & Uganda with you again.

See you soon!


Panama and Peru – Help with our Delayed Flight

Dear BigFive,

We appreciated BigFive efforts in assisting us with our delayed flight from Iquitos to Lime.  This was our first experience with BigFive and we would use your services again.

Our Travel Assistance & Documentation were excellent as well as our accommodations on the ground.

Thank you!

T&S. M


From East Africa…OUR FABULOUS TRIP!!!!

Hello BigFive,

I think that we four woman are all still trying to cope with re- entering our normal lives. Jet lag is over but who wants to be back here? Life was glorious for us every day as we went out on our drives, saw an abundance of animals and spent evening having sun-downers and eating fabulous meals!
I just wanted to thank you, and our Travel Agent, for planning a wonderful and perfect Safari for us. Your knowledge in choosing just the right camps and guides was superb, I think that I can speak for all of us in saying that we felt safe, well cared for and indeed pampered during this trip.

All in all, traveling so far and having none-stop activities is not totally easy. There is little time for rest, since there is always more to see and do. However, it could not have been made easier for us. We found the staff at every lodge or camp absolutely accommodating.
I do not think that we will ever forget the Valentine’s dinner on the veranda at Camp or our cocktails, or those magnificent gardens there! The Property was so elegant and yet rustic and having hippos frolicking in the River below our tents was something I will always remember so fondly.
I just want you to know that if I ever do another exotic trip, or even return to Africa, which I do want to do, I will be calling Big Five. I will highly recommend you to my friends.
I could go on and on but will end by saying thank you again for making our perhaps one and only Safari the trip of a lifetime and a dream fulfilled!


Happy clients who just got back from East Africa.


Northern India – I would do it againIndia

Dear Big Five,

We spent a wonderful 10days in India, and it was just not enough time, everyone was friendly, the hotels were great, and your Destination Specialist was very helpful and knowledgeable. It was very comforting knowing that he was a guide himself for many years in India and prepared a lovely itinerary for us.

Our Driver was exceptional!

I would defiantly revisit India again.


D&K. W





Chile & Argentina – Lets Tango!

We have been to many destinations with you and this time we wanted to Tango!

We had an amazing time, our destination specialist listen to what we wanted and since we have traveled with you in the past it was comforting knowing we were in great hands.

Our guides and hotels were excellent, Buenos Aires Tango shows is defiantly a must! Next time I would like to take an authentic Tango Lesson.


J & J. G


Kenya & Tanzania – Extra Special!

We have traveled with BigFive before, and would definatly travel again with you.

Our trip to Kenya & Tanzania was perfect!… Our guides were well educated, knowledgable & Carring!  No more could be asked.

“Loved the 3 outdoor meals/cocktails”- Exra Special!

G & M. C


Brazil – A Great Experience!

We heard about Big Five from our Travel Agent, everything was taken care of from the begingign it was everything we wanted.

Meals, Hotels and most of all the guides were just fantastic!   I had high expectations and overall.. we had a Great Experience!

Thank you.



Peru – Wish I could have Stayed LongerPeru

Everything was excellent. All of the people working with us were on top of their game and very interested in making sure we were totally informed and satisfied. The guides both on land and on boat were outstanding with their thoroughness and expertise. The hotels were splendid and they were so comfortable our only regret was that we were not able to stay longer in each one.


Thank you.

S&B .R


Safari – As I Write We Are Sitting In The Open Air – It’s a Paradise

To be honest we are having the trip of a lifetime.  As I write we are sitting in the open air lounge area of Xaranna looking out onto the delta.  It’s a paradise.  We are the only clients here so you can imagine the attention.  Our guide is truly amazing, immensely knowledgeable and charming.   This morning’s safari was much longer than at Tswalu, 6 am to 11am.   Weather is co operating, lovely and warm but not unbearable.   So far we have seen 4 of the big 5, the leopard being the only one not to be found.

Just off on our next safari.

BigFive he has done a fantastic job in organizing the Africa part of this truly outstanding adventure.

L. P


Costa Rica – Thoroughly Impressed with All The Services

My Clients  had an incredible vacation and aside from the screw ups from the airlines (nothing to do with Big Five), I think it’s safe to say that this was a trip of a lifetime for them.  They were thoroughly impressed with all the services Big Five provided while in destination and I have no doubt that we will see many referrals from them in the future.

Take care and thanks again for everything you guys did on this trip for them.



Thank you for Taking Care of our Father – Galapagos Islands

My Father was recently aboard on of your tours of the Galapagos Islands.

I wanted to take this time to thank your staff for taking care of him. For as long as  I can remember, my father has been an avid bird watcher and my siblings and I were very excited to hear about his plans to visit the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador when he first began to make travel arrangements six months ago.  This was the trip of a lifetime for him and it was exciting to hear that he would get a chance to do something he loved in such a unique place.  He had not really traveled while my mother was still alive and I was very happy and excited he was going to get a chance to take this trip.  He had researched everything about the islands and was looking forward to exploring with you tour group.  He also sent a message hone a few days into his trip that he was having a great time and had seen a lot of beautiful and interesting things.

Unfortunately, my father fell and broke his hip while he was on one of the islands.  Your staff and and guide on the ground aided him in getting to a medical facility on the islands and your tour guide stayed with him until arrangements could be made to get him back to the United States.

When we first heard, my siblings and I were terrified.  Here was my father on an island with no real hospital and it was unclear how he was going to make it back home.  He also wasn’t able to finish his trip of a lifetime.  Fortunately, a few days and several phone calls later, with the aid of your company, my sisters were able to make arrangements with his insurance to get him air-ambulanced home.  He has had surgery and rehab and is now home and walking around a bit (albeit with the use of a walker).  The surgery went well and are hopeful he’ll be back to normal soon.

More than anything, my sibling and I wanted to thank you for taking care of our dad.  We wanted to especially thank your tour guide and those who helped him get medical care quickly.  It really meant a lot to my father that your guide stayed with him until he was able to be back home.  He said the tour guide was one of the few at the medical center on the Galapagos who spoke English and it was comforting for him to communicate with someone.  Thank you all for making sure that he was taken care of on your tour!  It is greatly appreciated!

Thank you also for sending flowers.  Your tour group is really a class act and we appreciate all you have done for our family!


J.N & Family

Peru – Ecuador – Bags on Aboard

We were referred to BigFive, and I have to say I was very glad that we went with Big Five.  It was just so nice and easy to travel with you. Even with one glitch in Cusco/lima/Quito transfer. Our bags were not checked thru to Quito and there was a long wait for bags in Lima, but our representative had to work hard to get them on the flight to Quito & he Succeeded!

We felt so comfortable with everything that we would travel again with BigFive, maybe to Southeast Asia.


J.& S.K


Brazil & Argentina -Everything was Excellent Beyond our Expectations!

Our travel agent recommended Big Five and this was our very first trip to Brazil & Argentina. Everything was excellent beyond our expectations!

I would certainly consider to travel again with BigFive and would like to Visit perhaps. Israel, Asia & Australia.

Thank you  for a wonderful trip!

M & L H



Galapagos & Inca Trails – Super Trip!

Our travel agent was excellent, always available for questioning, very knowledgeable and with prompt service. Also it was very nice to have regular “ Check –ins” from Big Five along the way.

We would like to visit  Asia next.

Our trip was Super – Thank you!





Big Five Not Only Met our Expectations but Exceeded Them by a Wide Margin – IndiaIndia

Hi  Big Five,

We just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with the treatment and tour arranged by Big Five Tours. Every step along the way, things ran smoothly and efficiently with the only hitch being my leaving my camera bag with camera and iPad in one of the transfer cars when returning to the ship in Mumbai!

We were met in Cochin as expected and the tour of the city although fast (because of time constraints) was good.  We were dropped off at the airport in good time and had no problems getting onto the plane to Delhi.

We were met in Delhi by the guide and driver and were driven to our hotel.  The guide was very informative and gave us a running description along the way and made all the registration arrangements in the hotel.  The accommodation was excellent and after dinner we strolled down the street to observe a religious celebration on the street beside a Temple! We were not bothered and found it interesting to see all the action.

We were met the following morning by our guide, and driver who were very helpful getting us checked out of the hotel and on the road.  The guide  spoke excellent English and we were at the Presidents Palace when they changed the Guard! We spent some time in Old Delhi and had the experience of a bicycle driven rickshaw trip through the Silver Street, which was quite an experience! Both guest & I were amazed that the driver could pedal a bike with the two of us heavy weights sitting in the seat and guide riding along on the back of the rickshaw! The rickshaw driver earned a well-deserved tip!

We then started the driving trip to Agra during which the guide gave us a detailed description of the Moghul Dynasty and history.  Although the drive was on the super highway, we were able to see and view the countryside and observe the many women working the farm fields with very few men in view!  The drive through Agra on the way to our hotel was an eye opener as the city is quite crowded and very dirty. I believe we expected more of the same in Cochin & Delhi but Agra was two or three steps behind them. We checked into our very comfortable hotel and had a couple of hours on our own before the driver and the guide  were back to take us to the Taj Mahal.

We spend the rest of the day at the Taj.  It is quite a structure and the history is amazing.  There were many many visitors that day but the guide knew where to go and what to tell us so things worked out quite well. I believe both guest’s and my index fingers on our right hands were sore from taking so many pictures! Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate completely as it was quite cloudy so we did not see the sunset on the Taj Mahal but the day had been so successful that we were not disappointed.  Because the same cloudy conditions were predicted for the following morning we decided that we would not go to the Taj for the morning sunrise but spend more time at the Agra Fort. We returned to the hotel, which was as close to Five Star as you could get and had a quiet night with a couple of glasses of wine before we turned-in.

The next morning we were met with the guide and driver early and headed off to the Agra Fort.  The Guide knew his stuff and we had a great three hours at the Fort before we started the return trip to Delhi. The one interesting thing at the Fort was that 4 or 5 different Indian females wanted to have their picture taken with the guest – I’m not sure if it was the white hair or white skin that was the attraction! The trip back to Delhi was good and I am glad we asked for and received a guide for the car trips.  He was quite informative and tried to answer all our questions. We arrived back in Delhi a little early so the guide decided to give an unscheduled side trip to the Slave Mosque on our way to the airport.  This is an old Mosque where they used some Hindu Temple artifacts when building the Mosque.  It was very busy with many visitors but the guide did a great job of explaining the history and showing us the defaced Hindu artifacts that were part of the Mosque.  From there we headed off to the airport and were dropped off in enough time so were able to go through the process of getting to the gate! Since we were travelling on an Air India international flight (a continuation of the New York through Delhi to Mumbai), we were assisted through the airport, security and customs by an Air India employee which made the check-in quite easy. I know  the guides were speaking to each other over the two day period and it all seemed to work like a fine running watch.

We were met with a driver and guide at the Mumbai airport and they drove us to the port. There was a little bit of confusion at the port gate as the first car could not continue onto the Cruise Terminal. We had to get out of the first car (with the beggars tapping at the window and junk sellers showing their wares), go through a couple of stages of security, get into the second car and then drive 250 meters to the Terminal where we got onboard for the night.  It was after dinner that I realized I had not brought my camera case with camera and iPad onboard. I contacted the Big Five emergency service (White Glove Service® guest assistance) by email and asked for the name of the company who had driven us from the airport to the Port.  Fortunately, the lady who had met us at the Port Gate in the evening and had driven us to the terminal was scheduled to meet us in the morning.  She arrive at the ship the following morning to transfer us out of the port to the Mumbai driver and new guide and she had my camera!  They realized I had left it in the car the previous evening but did not have permission to re-enter the port so brought it back in the morning.  This was my entire fault but the reaction from Big Five and the transfer people were all that you could expect and I appreciate that I still have my camera and iPad even though I lost a fair amount of sleep worrying about the misplacement!

The guided trip through Mumbai was quite memorable with the traffic being the greatest excitement!  Unfortunately for us, the Dabbawala workers were on strike so there were no lunches delivered the morning we were in Mumbai!  We did see the Dhobi Ghat and guest was amazed that after washing all the clothes in that toxic water, the workers jumped in for a bath after the washing was completed! We were returned to the ship by early afternoon and we decided that we would rest onboard rather than venturing out into the city on our own for the rest of the day.

The arrangements you & Big Five made for our 4 days in India were just excellent and I am happy that we did not rely on the cruise ship to make the more expensive and less detailed arrangements.  We had a great time seeing that part of the world and I am not too sure we will be returning any time soon. The tour with Big Five not only met our expectations but exceeded them by a wide margin.  You are more than welcome to pass this note along to your contact at Big Five as we thoroughly enjoyed the India experience.



Travel Agent & Clients

What It Means to Have a Tour Operator

Dear BigFive,

You’ve definitely shown these clients what it means to have a Tour Operator on your side – – haven’t you?

Great team and I am very, very pleased.




Travel Agent

BigFive Went Above and Beyond to Help

You all did an excellent job on our clients  tour and went above and beyond to help them not only with their flight issues, but they had a great time in spite of delays and lost luggage.

We will definitely be using Big Five again for their travels. And the good news is they do travel frequently.

Will be in touch and thanks again!!


Travel Agent

Travel Agent & Clients

Costa Rica – This was a Dream Trip!

This was a dream trip! The accommodations at all three locations were incredible, as was the service. It was just paradise and well worth the money. Thank you so much!



J & ST


Our Guides in Machu Picchu were Excellent!

Everything went as we expected it, our contacts were very helpful and accommodating and our guides in Lima & Machu Pichu were excellent!

Thank you for making this trip so amaizing cant wait to travel with you again.

We would love to visit Egypt in the fueture.


M & V T



Without a doubt, the best trip ever!!!

Dear BigFive,

We recently returned home from what was, without a doubt, the best trip ever!!!
We enjoyed absolutely every activity we participated in, every hotel, and
every wonderful location.  It was so much more than we expected!!!
All of our guides were pleasant, personable, knowledgeable and
flexible.  They certainly did all they could to make this a trip of a
lifetime.  They took us to see everything we expressed an interest in and
then some!!

Our hotels were outstanding!!!   We were upgraded at nearly all of
the hotels, and they were worth the trip on their own.  The Hotel was
so nice, they celebrated my birthday with a cake, a bouquet of flowers, a note
from the manager and head of housekeeping, and finally an invitation to a
cocktail party held on my birthday!!  What a memorable day.
The Hotel in Siem Reap was elegant and colonial with the most
amazingly huge pool I have ever seen in a city hotel.  The hotel in Luang Prabang was so contemporary and beautiful, it was a real
surprise.  In fact Luang Prabang was a very pleasant surprise.  Chiang Mai was gorgeous!!!  with a room on a private floor with an enormous balcony and an outdoor shower!!  All of the hotels were convenient and we were able to do things
on our own because they were close to everything.

I wish I could give you a specific activity and call it the highlight of our
trip but that would be impossible!!  There was something nearly every day
that would fall in that category.  But there were 2 days that were truly
highlights – the day in Siem Reap when we saw the smaller temples, went on the
tethered balloon ride over Angkor Wat, and then went for an evening cruise on the
moat with cocktails and canapés.  What a DAY!!!   The second
fabulous day was in Chiang Mai when in one day we visited:  an elephant
camp (I love elephants) and went on a long elephant ride through the hills, an
orchid plantation (gorgeous), hill tribes (very interesting), and then Tiger
Kingdom (a sanctuary not on the itinerary).  We felt truly lucky to have
been able to enjoy so many wonderful things on one trip.

Thank you so much for everything, it was incredible and I know trips like that
do not just ‘happen’.  You did an amazing job putting this together and we
appreciate the effort it took to make this trip absolutely wonderful!!!

Thank you, thank you!!




We Had an Outstanding Time in IndiaIndia

 I just wanted to let you know that we had an outstanding time in India. This trip was truly one of the best trips we’ve taken in the past few years.  And, this time around was better than the time my wife and I went in 2001, with help of your company and the tour of course. Your guys in Varanasi were very knowledgeable; and (the guide) that spent time with us in Delhi and Udaipur was wonderful. Also, thank you again for inviting us to your guy’s (country manager) house in Delhi for the festival, we had such a wonderful time.  We really enjoyed this trip, and I wanted to thank you for all your help and the services that made it one of the best ever.



Tanzania – All the Accommodations were Very Upscale and Unique

Dear BigFive,

I met my clients again this afternoon at the Coffee lodge before heading to JRO for their flight to NBO. They were full of praises for their guide, saying that their a good spotter!

They saw almost everything that they wished for, but the most exiting part of it was the Migration that was all around their camp. 

All the accommodations were very upscale and unique. Friendly people / good food. “we will definitely recommend Big Five Tours& Expeditions to our family and friends.” 

 Best regards,


Agent & Guest

South Africa – Had an Amazing Game Viewing

This  morning my client was on Saferi and she had an amazing time and couldn’t thank us enough for all the arrangements. She said they had an amazing game viewing and was sad they decided to miss their last game drive this morning as the other guests saw Lions. She also said the service was superb and couldn’t fault anything.  Many thanks


Agent and Guest

Costa Rica – Proving Why Relationships Count!!!

How much do I love working with Big Five and your Destination Specialists.  I think we were both in tears as we just had wanted to provide my clients with what they wanted.  You all are the BEST as always.  Thank you for taking such great care of them and proving why relationships count!!! 



Private Travel in Peru – It Was Amazing! I Wish We Could Have Stayed Longer

Thanks. It was amazing! I wish we could have stayed longer in the islands and done more land touring. The islands really are very different even though they are close together.  We saw every creature imaginable both under and above water.  Thank you for all your help in making things come together. It really took a lot of the hassle out of it for us. I’m already dreaming up the next big trip.



Ecuador & The Galapagos Islands – Pickups and flights were all on time-Wonderful!

We had a really wonderful trips. Pickups and flights were all on time–Wonderful! Our Pre Departure information was very helpful and our quides knew exactly what we wanted to do, they answered all of our questions, defiantly will travel again with Big Five again.

Turkey – My Client Will Continue To Explore The World With You

Thanks to your  excellent team work &  I’m sure my client will continue to explore the world with you .   I had mentioned to your Destination Specialiste that he’s intersested in visiting Asia  and he will look for your expertise in China at that time.

Regards with thanks,


Galapagos – Good Time In Ecuador.

My Clients arrived from the Galapagos Islands last Friday and raved about their trip. On Saturday they booked a trip to Otavalo and enjoyed their day very much. Overall they had a good time in Ecuador.

Agent & Guest

Africa – Game Drive – “Exhausted But Happy As Clams”

I just got back from my game drive at  MalaMala.  We were exhausted but happy as clams because this morning was only our 2nd game drive and we have already seen all the animals!   My Family and I are having a great time.

Kindest Regards, J.C


Turkey Istanbul – Everyone’s Dedication to Making This Trip Memorable

My Client said he was welcomed to Istanbul by your White Glove Service® , he said the trip was great.  He commented that the guides were quite good.   He stated that he really likes the personalized service he’s received  and mentioned that he spoke with someone about planning something for his “off day”.  He said that at his request, your White Glove Service® worked on putting some plans together.  He was so  impressed by that and  excited to see what they were able put togetherat the last minute.   My Client said he was surprised by how busy Istanbul is- he mentioned they were held up a bit by a traffic jam this morning, but said it’s to be expected in such a hustling, bustling place.  He commented again on how impressed he is by everyone’s dedication to making this trip memorable.

Agent & Guest

Peru – Services and Accommodation Could Not Be Better Scheduled

Our client commented they are having a good time, that services and accommodation could not be better scheduled.  She mentioned that  the guide in Cusco was very intelligent and answered them all question with accuracy and confidence.  Tomorrow they are traveling to Arequipa.


Agent & Guest

Egypt – How Great Big Five Egypt Services Are

This is a quick note to let you know that our clients returned from Luxor very happy with the White Glove Service®  and they were highly talking about the services, accommodation and hospitality knowing that all the time they were mentioning how great Big Five Egypt services are and even compared their last trip to Peru and how they wish to have Big Five for the rest of their trip to Kenya and Tanzania.

Knowing that they have spent a  great time in Egypt and will spread the word and tell everyone how peaceful & safe Egypt is.


Chile – Exclusive Experience

  • The resturants were the highlight – these guests were real foodies, and they thought that the chef  there were UNBELIEVABLE. They wanted to let you know that a fully booked property was a true blessing in disguisewith only 4 rooms in the entire property, they felt that it was practically an exclusive experience especially for two couples. Thank you for recommending this.
  • Easter Island – Property was lovely.  They said the quality of the tours was excellent

Thanks so much!

Agent & Guest

Galapagos – The Galapagos islands are magic!Ecuador & The Galapagos Islands

We loved our trip.  The Galapagos islands are magic!

All to the places we visited were fantastic, and the final excursion kayaking at the beach was the best choice for our kids.  Thank you so much for arranging this for us.   It was a fantastic trip!


Kenya – “What A Gem”Kenya

We spent the most of the time with our driver, “What A Gem” He taught us a lot, showed us a lot and got from place to place safely.  No Small task with the roads in Kenya.  Our driver was also very good on our first and last days – very informative and responsive to us.


Mt. Kilimanjaro – Tanzania Africa- Guides were exceptional!Tanzania including Zanzibar

Our Pre Departure information was very helpful in our preparation it gave us a good sense of what to expect and we were very pleased with their accommodations and the guides were exceptional!


Kenya – A Trip of A Life TimeKenya

Thank you for everything, Your Destinations Specialist were great, everything was well planned and the service was wonderful, everything from our Hotels, Tours and your White Glove Services. This was truly a  Tip of A life time!


COSTA RICA – Our Guides Were A Joy

Our guides were a joy to spend time with and were professional and knowledgeable, truly committed to enhancing our experience.

From our Guest

COLOMBIA – How Responsive and Wonderful Your Trip Itineraries AreColombia

I was very impressed by the frequent up-dates I have been getting from The Big 5 on (Guest) Colombia trip. I am referring you to 3 of my co-workers for future trip planning.  I have told them how responsive and wonderful you and your trip itineraries are.

Travel Agent

CHINA & JAPAN – The Highlight of Our TripChina including Hong Kong & Taiwan, Japan

” I am emailing you to commend Big Five for the quality of your guides and your drivers during our recent trip to Asia.”  My wife and I really appreciated not only their professionalism and knowledge, but for their friendship.  These are really quality people who made our trip enjoyable and memorable.  The drivers were also professional and sociable,especially in Tokyo.  When people ask me what the highlight of our trip was I say that it was the people that we met.  Thank you to Big Five and your really great guides for making our trip so memorable.

From our Guest

Machu Pichhu- Absolutely FantasticPeru

We have no words to thank you for the absolutely unbelievable service and the courtesies extended to us; your entire staff and the arrangements were absolutely fantastic.  They were very helpful and took great care of us and Machu Pichhu was teriffic!.  My utmost congratulations to all of you for the wonderful team you have put together.  I will definitely be sending alot more business your way and once again many many thanks.

Travel Agent

JORDAN & TURKEY – Your Trip Planning Help Was INVALUABLE!Jordan

Big Five’s trip planning help was INVALUABLE!  First, because I had worked with you and my co-worker on previous trips so I knew Big Five knew their stuff! having  Destination Specialist who have visited Jordan and Turkey always gives clients (and travel agents) a reassured feeling of that personal “boots on the ground” experience.

Jordan was an incredibly life-changing experience: swimming in the Dead Sea, visiting Petra, the Bedouin camp, the Red Sea each of these would have been worth a separate journey.  And we did them all in one trip!

Very important: we always felt safe and welcome everywhere we went, in both Jordan and Turkey, I got the feeling they really like Americans!

I really wanted to make use of your White Glove Service®, but I honestly didn’t need to!  From the time, we walked out of the jetway in Amman, where we were welcomed by(a Big Five representative) from the local office to he moment, that same person shepherded us through the gate for our flight home two weeks later, all our needs and wants were met by our guides and by the hotel staffs.

Travel Agent & Guest