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  • Chile
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  • President’s Picks
  • Precious Journeys® College Edition
  • Kids Kouncil Approved
  • Africa & The Middle East
  • Latin America
  • Asia & The Orient
  • South Pacific
  • 4 to 8 Days
  • 9 to 14 Days
  • 15 to 30 Days

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President’s Pick Brazil Discovery In Depth

| 25 Days |

Discover the sophisticated cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro with their vibrant markets, rich cultural institutions and artistic traditions, and 16th century colonial cities....

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Uruguay Custom Tour

| 7 Days | President’s Picks

Best Times to Go With a temperate climate and no extreme weather conditions, Uruguay is a great travel destination year around. The...

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President’s Pick Heritage Journey in Time & Place

| 30 Days | Navigator Series

“When we talk about the cradle of civilization, we normally talk about countries, what if we talked about two rivers...

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The Galapagos Islands: Of Fish & Fishermen

| 7 Days | President’s Picks

Explore an organic coffee plantation to learn about responsible, small-scale farming in the islands and try your hand at picking...

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Trekking Chile

| 11 Days | Precious Journeys®

Explore Chile’s good nature on this adventure that includes a full-day trek through one of the lesser explored areas of...

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Kids Kouncil Approved™ Morocco Camels, Souks and Sand

| 10 Days | Precious Journeys®

This family adventure is the newest of our Kids Kouncil Approved and provides unique activities such as ,touring Marrakech in...

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Namibia Damaraland to the Dunes

$2,200 | 13 Days | Kids Kouncil Approved

Delve into Namibia’s exciting emerging art scene as you meet artists and see the country through their  eyes. Travel to a semi-mobile...

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Kids Kouncil Approved™ Peru Adventure

$600 | 8 Days | Kids Kouncil Approved

Kids have fun as they try something new – learning La Marinera, a northern Peruvian folk dance they learn from other kids as well as professional,...

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President’s Picks India Ghats, the Ganges & Leopards

$950 | 18 Days | Precious Journeys®

“When you see a regular India itinerary, it usually encompasses the same cities and sites repeatedly. You only get to...

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President’s Pick Tanzania & Kenya The Wild Walk

$3000 | 10 Days | President’s Picks

“There are plenty of safaris, then there are world-class, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. When your stay is so singularly focused on the...

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President’s Pick Japan Cityscapes & Sacred Trails

$950 | 14 Days | President’s Picks

“When most people think of Japan, what comes to mind the most are images of shrines and the Geisha. Yet,...

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President’s Pick Colombia In the Heart of It

$700 | 10 Days | President’s Picks

“You know that feeling you have after doing something so amazing that you want to tell the world about It,...

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Presidents Pick India by City and Country

| 13 Days | President’s Picks

This highly original India family adventure is the first of our Kids Kouncil™ Approved journeys. It has been reviewed by...

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Japan Like a Local

$550 | 14 Days | Precious Journeys®

This new family adventure utilizes local transport from private cars to subways to trains, including the bullet train, to help...

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Uganda & Kenya The views from my bed

$1,3000 | 12 Days | Precious Journeys® College Edition

On this fascinating journey, encounter the indigenous pygmy tribe of the Batwa, keepers of the forest, the original dwellers of Uganda’s...

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Jordan & Egypt Adventure of the Ancients

$700 | 18 Days | Precious Journeys® College Edition

Experience Petra by candlelight during a spectacular evening that is almost mystical as you walk through the Siq, all while...

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Chile From Easter Island to Valparaiso

$800 | 13 Days | Precious Journeys® College Edition

Explore Santiago’s historic center, markets, the classical baroque-style Cathedral and more Travel to mythic Easter Island for an in-depth discovery...

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Chile by Nature

$600 | 11 Days | Precious Journeys® College Edition

Explore sophisticated Santiago and the artistic neighborhood of Lastarria that encompasses a variety of the arts from classic to modern...

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President’s Pick Southern Ethiopia’s Omo Valley Tribes

$750 | 10 Days | Precious Journeys® College Edition

In Addis Ababa, explore the fascinating Ethnographic Museum with an introduction to the full sweep of Ethiopia’s cultural and social...

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Adventure Trio South Africa, Zimbabwe & Botswana

$800 | 12 Days | President’s Picks

Explore the many charms, history and beauty of Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula Take in the Cape Winelands on...

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