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Art, Wine, and Salt: Exploring Chile & Bolivia and all in Between President’s Pick

1000.00 | 14 Days |

Ashish Sanghrajka, President. Big Five Tours &...

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Big Five Trek’s Peru

Call for Rates | 15 Days | President’s Picks

Trek Peru’s ancient trails the Big Five way, an exhilarating journey through the country’s heartland! where the vibrant district of...

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Discovering the Jewels of Costa Rica’s Lowlands & Caribbean

600.00 | 10 Days | President’s Picks

A captivating journey through Costa Rica, from its charming town in  Turrialba, known for its farming and volcano landscapes to...

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Sri Lanka Long Awaited Presidents Pick

14,810.00 | 18 Days | President’s Picks

    Ashish Sanghrajka President of Big Five Tours &...

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Peru Beyond the Valleys- President’s Pick

750.00 | 10 Days | President’s Picks

Let us share our newest addition to our President’s Pick Collection… Presented by our very own Flat Ash, a digital...

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A Taste of Coffee and Cacao Flavours of Costa Rica

500.00 | 9 Days | President’s Picks

Explore 9 days of Costa Rica’s diverse landscapes, filled with agricultural richness and cultural heritage. As, we take you through...

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Costa Rica The Indigenous Trails, La Nueva Pura Vida President’s Pick

650.00 | 10 Days | President’s Picks

The term “Ecotourism” was defined in many key locations, and Costa Risa is paramount among them. Ever since my first...

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South Africa & Zambia President’s Pick – Mfubu’s Bridge

900. | 13 Days | President’s Picks

The real safari goes beyond traditional game drives and waterfront massages. The real safari challenges your idea of wilderness and...

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The ME Ecuador Trail President’s Pick

850.00 | 8 Days | President’s Picks

Ecuador isn’t made of regions, it’s made of artisans, musicians, chefs, creators. Ecuador is made up of Micro Entrepreneurs. I...

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The Tea leaves of India A Journey Through the Extraordinary History & Culture

900. | 11 Days | President’s Picks

India is a study in contrasts, a historical backdrop for a modern-day industrial narrative, a traditional outlook co-existing with fresh,...

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The Origin Story through Egypt Uganda & Kenya Presidents Pick

Call agent for pricing | 22 Days | President’s Picks

When one thinks of African heritage, our minds usually go to Egypt, in my case, my family heritage extends to...

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Bolivia’s Sleeping Giant Presidents Pick

| 10 Days | President’s Picks

I love the phrase sleeping giants. It’s a term applied to many countries in South America and one long overdue...

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Ancient India President’s Pick

800- 900 | 16 Days | President’s Picks

India is the main reason I am even in this industry. This program shows you the India I fell in...

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Kenya Safari with Victoria Falls

Peak season $1850. Low starting $1600. per diem | 12 Days | President’s Picks

Visit a farmhouse now a museum of a renowned author of ‘Out of Africa’ a vivid snapshot of African colonial...

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Presidents Pick Adventure Egypt

900. | 13 Days | President’s Picks

“This is where Ancient Egypt meets Adventure Egypt. These are the activities that go beyond the temples and tombs.” Ashish...

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Egypt’s Ancient Desert

950.00 | 11 Days | President’s Picks

  Explore the intriguing history of this ancient land while walking among the legendary pyramids and temples. Sail the famous...

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President’s Pick Morocco From Taroudant to Tamouda Bay

800.00 | 16 Days | President’s Picks

“Have you ever been to a destination where you received a glimpse of the what the future of the tourism...

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President’s Pick The Conservancies of Cardamom Kenya & Tanzania

1500 | 18 Days | President’s Picks

I’ve been on safari since the age of 4. In that time, I have been fortunate to have a front...

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