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Egypt’s Ancient Desert

950.00 | 11 Days |

  Explore the intriguing history of this ancient land while walking among the legendary pyramids and temples. Sail the famous...

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Morocco From Taroudant to Tamouda Bay

800.00 | 16 Days |

“Have you ever been to a destination where you received a glimpse of the what the future of the tourism...

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The Lowlands & Southern Caribbean of Costa Rica

600. | 12 Days | President’s Picks

    I have a thing for volcanoes, ever since I saw my first active volcano at age 14, in...

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The Conservancies of Cardamom Kenya & Tanzania

1500 | 18 Days | President’s Picks

I’ve been on safari since the age of 4. In that time, I have been fortunate to have a front...

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The Mansions and Rivers of Colombia

750.00 | 11 Days | President’s Picks

I’ve been exploring Colombia for 15 years, frequently enough to call it a second home. This program showcases the areas...

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Peru & Illescas Peninsula – Precious Journeys College Edition

| 11 Days | President’s Picks

Big Five launches new Precious Journeys College Edition program exploring Peru in time for high school graduations. Adventure activities from...

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Ecuador A Romantic Escapade

650 | 8 Days | Precious Journeys® College Edition

A honeymoon in Ecuador takes you trekking up mountains for stunning views overlooking Quito and shooting down Class III and...

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President’s Pick Egypt Days of History

| 11 Days | New Beginnings Collection

“Egypt is being reborn. With the recent royal parade of the pharaohs from their ancient resting place to their new...

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President’s Pick A Birdwatchers Paradise

550. | 14 Days | President’s Picks

“Ecuador is much more than the Galapagos. With over 1600 species of birds alone, and with a noticeable portion of...

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President’s Pick Hidden Trails of Peru

450.00 | 12 Days | President’s Picks

“Beyond the Inca Trail, there are so many unknown routes that provide windows and glimpses into that ancient empire. These...

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President’s Pick Guatemala Returns

450.00 | 7 Days | President’s Picks

“When I think of Guatemala, I start with Mayan history, however,  I always gravitate to active volcanoes. With over 30...

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Colombia Discovery

600 | 7 Days | President’s Picks

Take time out to reconnect and refresh your spirit and spend time on white sand beaches and turquoise waters of...

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President’s Pick The Wilds of Chile’s Northern Patagonia

1390. | 17 Days | President’s Picks

Anyone who has traveled Chile has likely experienced the must-see areas. But this long strip of land between the Andes...

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President’s Pick Wilds of Uganda and Kenya

1600 | 16 Days | President’s Picks

“I fell in love with this program the minute I saw it. This is a real adventure safari, exploring areas...

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Peru Northern Climes & Cultures

$600 | 11 Days | President’s Picks

Discover Peru through its renowned cultures and sacred sites such as the 5,000-year-old Sacred City of Caral-Supe, the oldest center...

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Panama, Costa Rica & Nicaragua

$350 | 14 Days | Enrichment Series

Explore Panama City, the oldest Spanish settlement on the Pacific, and its famous Panama Canal zone Meet members of the...

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Tanzania Highlights of the Northern Safari Circuit

1500 | 12 Days | Enrichment Series

Take a trip of a lifetime across the wilds of Tanzania in this 12-day trip. Visit a school in Arusha...

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Japan Family Adventure into World of Animation Precious Journeys®

900 | 9 Days | Enrichment Series

This one of a kind adventure takes you to the heart of Japan, exploring many facets and inspirations of the...

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President’s Pick Uganda Safari Adventure

1,500 | 10 Days | Precious Journeys®

“Uganda is a modern miracle, much like its neighbor Rwanda. Gorilla trekking brings you to Uganda, but it is the...

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Ecuador & Colombia Exploration

$600 | 22 Days | President’s Picks

Discover the charm of colonial Quito including as San Francisco Market, one of the oldest in the city. Travel by...

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