Discovering the Jewels of Costa Rica’s Lowlands & Caribbean

A captivating journey through Costa Rica, from its charming town in  Turrialba, known for its farming and volcano landscapes to Totugurero where a unique nesting of the Atlantic Green Turtle can be witnessed, a once-in-a- lifetime experience. Channel through the canal known as the “Little Amazon”, and even take a dip if you like. Snorkel and relax on its Caribbean beaches, visiting the Bribri Indigenous Territory and local cheese factories and cacao farms. Your visit to Costa Rica would not be complete without a Caribbean cooking class where your meal is made with its best ingredient “love”, savor the local warmth and flavors, these 10 days are filled with unforgettable memories waiting to be cherished.

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Costa Rica


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  • Explore the unique landscapes of Turrialba’s Bosque Quemado del Silencio (Silencio’s Burned Forest) on a guided walking tour.


  • Experience Santa Cruz de Turrialba, a distinctive community renowned in the country for producing the Queso Turrialba, using a traditional crafting process that has endured for 100 years.


  • Witness the extraordinary nesting rituals of Atlantic Green Sea Turtles on the beaches of Tortuguero, one of Earth’s youngest geological formations, guided by experienced locals, providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience in nature’s embrace.


  • Visit the captivating Bribri Indigenous Community nestled along the banks of the Yorkin River, serving as the organic divide between Costa Rica and Panama.


  • Explore Cahuita National Park with activities, including beach lounging, snorkeling in the coral reef, invigorating hikes, and a captivating Old Harbor Walking Tour.


  • Sail along the enchanting waterways of Tortuguero National Park, often referred to, as the “Costa Rica Little Amazon,” on a captivating boat tour.

Day by Day:

Day 1: Arrive San Jose, Costa Rica / San Jose / Turrialba
Bienvenidos! to Costa Rica!

Upon arrival at the San Jose International Airport, proceed through Customs and Immigration; once cleared, collect your luggage and make your way to the arrival hall, where you are met by a Big Five Representative who will be waiting for you with a sign indicating your last name. You will be welcomed, assisted, and privately transferred to your hotel, located in the lowlands of Turrrialba (a 2-hour drive).

The enchanting little town of Turrialba is well known for its farming, adventure, and volcano. It is made up of vibrant green pastures and incredible natural scenery. Agriculture is the principal industry here as well as the only place allowed to produce the popular Costa Rican cheese “Turrialba”, which has a designation of origin. Here you will see an abundance of cattle ranches, milk processing plants, and acres of land for growing Arabica coffee, sugar cane, and deliciously large macadamia nuts. 

Casa Turire invites guests to enjoy the glamour and elegance of a colonial deco boutique hotel offering visitors the charm of an exotic tropical landscape. The hotel is located only a few minutes outside of the rural town of Turrialba just minutes from the majestic Turrialba volcano as well as, lush rainforest and pristine rivers found only in this unique area of Costa Rica.
Casa Turire 


Day 2: Turrialba 
Burned Forest Walking Tour

After a day of travel, we begin your journey with a guided walk through the Bosque Quemado del Silencio (Silencio’s Burned Forest). Here you will appreciate the green of nature as well as the impressive forest, canyons, mineral rivers, and lava flows, which are unique landscapes at Hacienda La Central. This location lies beyond the government-mandated security perimeter, ensuring safety from the Turrialba Volcano’s eruptions that have garnered attention in recent years for ash emissions affecting San Jose and the Central Valley. Despite volcanic activity since the 1980s, recent years have seen heightened eruptions, including three major ones in 2015, yet visits to the area are permitted. 
Casa Turire 


Day 3: Turrialba 
Local Cheese Factory and Cacao Farm Tour

Santa Cruz, nestled at the base of the Turrialba volcano, is renowned for producing Costa Rica’s coveted Turrialba cheese, which has retained its traditional crafting process for 100 years, earning it a coveted designation of origin, unique to Costa Rica.

You will visit a local dairy farm and gain insight into the intricate process of cheese production from selecting the right cow breeds for milking to the meticulous steps of milking, processing, and finally, savoring the delectable cheese samples.

Followed by an afternoon visit to Nortico Cacao Farm taking you on a journey, to discover the story behind Theobroma cacao, “Food of the Gods”, and how it has been explored and modified through time to get the characteristic taste of chocolate as we know it today. The experience begins with a stroll through the picturesque cacao farm, engaging in discussions on the origins, history, and natural characteristics of cacao. Next, you will continue to visit the Post-Harvest Center, where experts demonstrate the crucial post-harvest procedures, including fermentation, drying, and storage of the beans.

The visit ends with a fun and interactive workshop, here you’ll have the opportunity to get hands-on, transforming freshly roasted cacao beans into delightful, personalized chocolate treats of your very own.
Casa Turire 


Day 4: Turrialba / Tortuguero 

Begin your day with a private transfer to La Pavona dock, where you’ll embark on a boat journey to Tortuguero, characterized as one of the youngest geological formations on Earth. 

Located in the middle of creeks and waterway systems, surrounded by tropical and across from it, the Caribbean Sea welcomes thousands of turtles nesting on its beaches every year. With no streets or cars, but nature all around, this Caribbean town nests among the rainforest, the beach, and the Tortuguero River. When visiting Tortuguero enjoy the colorful Afro-Caribbean culture and stop for a chat with the locals and learn about their way of life. 

Stay at Tortuga Lodge & Gardens. A river lodge built in harmony with its tropical environment offering a tranquil, relaxing, and exclusive experience. 

Turtle Nesting Observation

Guided by the finest Tortuguero guides, between the hours of 8:00pm and 10:00pm at night, you will have the opportunity to witness a major nesting beach of the Atlantic Green Sea Turtle up close. You’ll be standing mere feet away from a 300-pound Green Sea Turtle as she lays 80-100 eggs, meticulously covers her nest, and may even dig a decoy nest to deceive predators. After over an hour, she’ll gracefully return to the sea.

*Please note tours are subject to weather and the National Park Service Lottery, which determines what time visits are allowed (from July – October). 
Tortuga Lodge & Gardens


Day 5: Tortuguero 
Canal Explorations and Rual Community Walking Tour

Discover one of the most beautiful destinations on Tortuguero, Laguna 4 to get there, you will travel by boat down the Caño Palma canal through the intense jungle foliage. The canal’s surface reflects light producing a magical mirror effect, a natural phenomenon resulting from the accumulation of tannins in the water.  

Upon arrival at Laguna 4, you will take a walking tour of the neighboring rural community and a small farm nestled along the beautiful Caribbean coastline. There you will meet the family of Don Coco and Doña Katherine, who will show you what local life is like and share some of their local gastronomy prepared over a crackling wood stove. 

You can choose to kayak along the inlet canals before reaching Laguna 4, your final destination. Afterward, enjoy a couple of hours of free time back at the hotel before embarking on a boat tour to explore the canals of the National Park.

The early afternoon takes on a new rhythm as the rainforest animals become sated from the day’s foraging and begin preparing their evening roosts as the sun drops lower. Egrets and tiger herons move towards their nests, while White-Faced Capuchin monkeys keep the party going until sunset. As the afternoon light dims, the cacophony of the forest comes to a grand finale, and then, as if on cue… all becomes quiet. Return to the lodge with plenty of time to bathe before dinner. 
Tortuga Lodge & Gardens


Day 6: Tortuguero / Puerto Viejo  

Today, you will board the boat and return to La Pavona dock, where your driver will be waiting for you to take you to Puerto Viejo. 

The southern Caribbean gives sense to the word “crossroads” as it is the place where everything and everyone meets to create a culturally rich, complex, and unbelievably relaxed way of life. This region offers amazing Caribbean beaches, world cuisine, and out of this world gourmet chocolate. It is where the lush tropical jungle meets the sand and Afro-Caribbean people have paired with the local Indigenous communities and European immigrants to create a wonderfully cosmopolitan Caribbean town where you can experience a deep respect for nature, peace, and calm. 

Hotel Aguas Claras is a special oasis filled with art, soul, and a true sense of place. A dream jungle. A line of poetry. An inspiring hideaway that will enliven you. This is the heartbeat of an Artist’s Life Work. Manifested as a boutique, luxury hotel in Puerto Viejo.
Hotel Aguas Claras 


Day 7: Puerto Viejo  
Cahuita National Park; 
Beach Relaxation, Coral Reef Snorkeling, Hiking, and Old Harbor Tour

Today you begin with a wondrous journey through the Cahuita National Park´s reefs, abundant in marine life, followed by a guided interpretation of the National Park´s trails. You will meet your captain and guide who will take you by boat to the coral reef where you will go snorkeling for two hours at two different points in the Cahuita National Park, where the reef will surprise you with its abundant marine life. Following that, you’ll head to the beach for some relaxation and enjoy a refreshing snack of tropical fruits.

Then, you will start a 1½ hour guided hike through the National Park a combination of beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and a tropical rainforest where you can easily observe many species of monkeys, sloths, frogs, butterflies and so much more.  

Cahuita National Park’s vibrant reef teems with life, showcasing 240 diverse habitats. Encounter 123 fish species, 44 types of crustaceans, 140 shellfish varieties, and 1281 unique algae. Explore 35 coral species, including the mesmerizing fire coral. After your enriching hike, you will be driven to your hotel to unwind for the rest of the day at your leisure in Puerto Viejo before continuing your tour later in the afternoon.

Once rejuvenated, accompany a knowledgeable local guide for a serene stroll along the Old Harbour, pausing at scenic lookout points. Keep an eye out for sloths along the route, and savor delightful Caribbean treats along the way.
Hotel Aguas Claras


Day 8: Puerto Viejo / Yorkin 
Bribri Indigenous Territory Full-Day

This morning, you’ll venture out with your guide to discover the Bribri Indigenous community, nestled just under a 2-hour drive from Puerto Viejo. Experience their vibrant culture and immerse yourself in their way of life.

Upon arrival at Bambú, your boat driver and indigenous local guide will be waiting for you to hop into a canoe that will take you up the Yorkin River, the geographic boundary between Costa Rica and Panama. Once there, you’ll take a walk through the community exploring organic banana and cacao plantations. Afterward, indulge in a light snack before heading to the hanging bridge over the Skui River, where you can also enjoy swimming in natural swimming holes.

Savor a traditional indigenous lunch, followed by a delightful dessert of organic bananas dipped in rich chocolate sauce.
Hotel Aguas Claras


Day 9: Puerto Viejo
Caribbean Cooking Class

At night, meet with a local cook and get a personal lesson in the flavors and cooking style of the Caribbean! They are not professional culinary instructors but this is the best way to experience real local flavor, know the community’s food, and can learn about their culture. You’ll get to practice your patois (or your Spanish) and learn some recipes you can take home with you. Using fruits and veggies typical to coastal Talamanca learn to cook patacones, breadfruit, rice and beans in coconut milk, batidos, fish or chicken in Caribbean Sauce, and more! 
Hotel Aguas Claras


Day 10: Puerto Viejo / San Jose / Depart 

Bid farewell to the captivating Southern Caribbean. At an appointed time, you’ll be transported to Limon’s airstrip (7:00 a.m. & 15:45 are the currently scheduled flights available) back to San Jose.  Upon arrival, our team will be waiting, to greet and escort you to the main terminal and assist with your international flight check-in.

Starting, $600.00 USD Per person, Per Day, Double Occupancy.

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