A couple of weeks ago, this blog focused on the roots of our Kid Kouncil™. Once again, our goal was, and is, to help inspire kids discover the world’s grandeur as well as its challenges. They will encounter other cultures and meet other children as well as fascinating people working on real-world solutions.

We understand that guiding and safeguarding our kids seems to grow ever more complicated. That makes it that much more important to try to raise fearless children who will grow into adults willing to take up the challenges this world presents. One vital way we do that is by exposing them to other cultures and ways of living. That is a big part of why we began our original family-focused Precious Journeys® collections.

In that column , we talked about the new Kids Kouncil Approved™ Peru Adventure with its encounter with Peruvian children is an informal language ‘exchange’. Children have an opportunity to teach and learn language at simple booth set up in the plaza with a sign saying We Teach English Words In Exchange for Learning Spanish Words. It is a simple cultural exchange of words between kids that can open up a world of possibilities.

The next new family adventure in the Precious Journeys® Kids Kouncil Approved™ Morocco Camels, Souks and Sand, a 10-day journey into Morocco. This is a truly strange land for most children. And it is stuffed with adventures for all members of the family. They see Marrakech from the sidecar of a motorcycle, which provides a unique, almost ground-level view. Trek into the Valley of Roses on guided walks with donkeys for children, exploring villages and isolated plateaus. They also have opportunities to move about with a variety of transports – mountain bikes, quad bikes and camels as well as stand-up paddle boarding and surfboards.

Along the way, children see a vivid country of old-world medinas, mosques, vibrant Kasbahs, amazing palaces and, maybe a snake charmer or two.

There is no doubt in our minds that discovering vastly different cultures through first-hand encounters helps our children grow up with less fear, more compassion, creativeness and openness.