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Discover Lima’s Rich Heritage: Dive into Lima’s historic downtown, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and explore iconic landmarks like Casa Aliaga, revealing the city’s layered history.


Stargazing Under Andean Sky: Sacred Valley Exploration: Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Sacred Valley, from ancient terraces at Moray to the mesmerizing salt mines of Maras, followed by a unique stargazing experience with celestial wonder at Sembrando Cielos Observatory, merging science and ancient lore under the starlit Andean sky.


Inca Trail Adventure: KM 104 to Machu Picchu: A thrilling journey aboard the Vista dome train to KM 104 to the starting point of the iconic Inca Trail, a journey to Machu Picchu, trekking through breathtaking landscapes, exploring ancient ruins, and culminating in awe-inspiring views of the legendary citadel.


Taste of Peru: Indulge in a culinary journey at Casa Tambo, savoring Peru’s famed pisco brandy and diverse gastronomic delights.


Desert Horseback Ride: Escape the city for a day of adventure in the Mala Valley, embarking on a guided horseback ride through sandy trails and coastal hills, complemented by a Pisco Distillery tasting and Peruvian lunch!


Trek into the Ancient Inca Realms; Cusco’s Waqra Puqara and discover the Legends of the Horned Fortress and its mysteries!

Welcome to Peru!

On arrival in Lima, disembark and proceed to the transit reception area where you will be met by an airport representative holding a sign with your last name. They will escort you to a VIP lounge where your adventure begins! There you will have access to all the facilities and amenities while your immigration and customs formalities are completed, and your luggage is collected.

Our guide will then accompany you, assisting with luggage and escorting you to the waiting vehicle for transfer to your hotel.


Lima’s Historic Downtown and Barranco Nightlife Experience Walking Tour

Join your guide to explore Lima’s fascinating history, architecture, and cuisine to understand what makes Peru’s capital so vibrant and unique. Comfortable walking shoes and an appetite for new experiences are a must!

Beginning in Lima’s historic downtown, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a melting pot of architectural styles and epochs, reflecting the layered history of Peru. A guided walk through the Plaza de Armas pointing out the most iconic sites, including Casa Aliaga, the oldest continuously inhabited private residence in the New World. Casa Aliaga has been in the same family since the time of Francisco Pizarro in the 16th century, a window into colonial life and the architectural heritage of Lima.

Continue to Casa Tambo, a sanctuary of Peruvian culinary and artistic excellence. After a tasting of Peru’s famous pisco brandy, enjoy a multi-course lunch showcasing Peru’s diverse gastronomic landscape, followed by an afternoon at leisure.

The evening comes alive, immersing yourself in Barranco’s nightlife. On Fridays or Saturdays, unwind at Peña, one of Barranco’s local gems featuring live performances of Creole music blending Spanish, African, and indigenous influences. During the week, visits include “Hip-spots” such as Ayahuasca Bar or the rooftop lounge at Hotel B.
ATEMPORAL – Charming Room


Guided Desert Horseback Tour (a 3 Hour Ride)

Trade in the bustle of Lima for a day out in the peaceful Mala Valley for a horseback ride through a desert landscape.

Your adventure starts with a drive south to the Cabalgatas ranch for an introduction to the Peruvian Paso horse, a unique breed known for its smooth, lateral gait that makes for an incredibly comfortable ride. After a quick lesson, saddle up for a 3-hour guided horseback ride along sandy trails and the Lomas ecosystem. These coastal hills transform from dry and barren in summer to lush with seasonal plants and flowers in winter thanks to the humid ocean air. On clear days, you’ll even catch views of the Pacific. Your guide will point out interesting flora and fauna and share stories about the area’s heritage.

After working up an appetite, stop at the Sarcay Pisco Distillery for a tasting of Peru’s beloved brandy. Sample different pisco varieties as you learn about the production process behind these flavorful spirits. Refuel with a tasty Peruvian lunch featuring local ingredients and countryside specialties, complemented by refreshing pisco cocktails.
ATEMPORAL – Charming Room (B,L)


Cultural Immersion Tour with Artisanal Workshop Experience

Today you will be transferred to Lima airport for an onboard flight to Cusco. On arrival, collect your luggage and proceed to the arrivals hall where you are met and escorted to the waiting vehicle for the 90-minute transfer to your hotel in the Sacred Valley. Because of its lower elevation at 9, 415 ft. and its peaceful atmosphere, the Sacred Valley is the perfect place to acclimatize.

Stopping along the way at the Taray viewpoint, offering commanding views of the valley, followed by a brief visit to Pisac and continuing to the village of Cuyo Chico where you’ll meet Vicente Rayo who revives the use of ancient Peruvian musical instruments once used in ceremonies. Accompanied by Vicente and his wife, Tania, commence a short walk near old Incan terraces to a secluded stream for an authentic sound ceremony using these historic instruments.

After a picnic lunch near the lesser-known ruins of Urcos and time to explore the interesting stone carvings, continue down the road to a community workshop where local artisans handcraft jewelry from silver and colorful dried corn kernels.
ANDENIA HOTEL – Deluxe Terrace Room (B,L)


Trek to Ollantaytambo & Stargazing Adventure

Greeted by your guide, you will be transferred to Pachar where you will commence a 3-mile walk on a flat trail to Ollantaytambo (vehicle to follow). Passing by farms and colorful mud brick houses and on clear days, snow peaks of the Vilcanota Mountains can be seen. This is a great way to immerse yourself in the rural countryside of Cusco. Ollantaytambo village has not changed much since Inca times. It has an impressive Inca site with stonework only seconded by that of Machu Picchu. A morning visit avoids the afternoon crowds and offers a more intimate and enriching experience.

Lunch will be served as a pachamanca, which in Quechua means earth pot, a traditional cooking technique in which ingredients are prepared underground using preheated stones and leaves. The primary produce used are tubers, beef, or lamb, and aromatic Andean herbs for flavor.

Continue exploring Ollantaytambo or finish with a short hike up to the Pinkulluna viewpoint for panoramic vistas of Ollantaytambo village and its ruins.

Early this evening, visit the Sembrando Cielos Observatory in Huicho for a unique stargazing experience. Here, you’ll learn about the life cycles of stars and the impact of light pollution on the night sky. With telescopes, you’ll observe celestial bodies, with sightings varying by weather and season. This session also introduces you to the significance of astronomy for the Incas, highlighting its role in their agricultural practices and calendar creation. It’s a perfect blend of science and ancient wisdom under the starlit Andean sky. This activity takes place between 6:30 – 8:30 PM.
ANDENIA HOTEL – Deluxe Terrace Room (B,L)


Exploring Inca Agriculture and Salt Mines

Today’s adventure begins at the ancient circular terraces of Moray. This impressive Inca site carved into a natural depression is believed to have served as an innovative agricultural testing ground. Taking advantage of varying temperatures across the terraced rings, the Incas could adapt and acclimatize a variety of crops.

After uncovering the ingenuity of Moray, join Manuel Choqque, a visionary local farmer renowned for his pioneering work with native Andean potatoes. Stroll through his fertile fields to learn about his unique tuber products including potato “wines” and chips. Enjoy a taste of the Sacred Valley’s bounty with a picnic lunch showcasing Choqque’s creations.

Your day concludes at the pre-Inca salt mines Maras, an impressive salt-extraction complex. Gaze out over thousands of terraced saltwater pools, carved into the mountainside, a dazzling sight to see. These salt pans are still in use, allowing one to observe the ancient harvesting process still practiced by the locals today.
ANDENIA HOTEL – Deluxe Terrace Room (B,L)

IMPORTANT NOTE; Pack a small bag for your rail journey tomorrow and bring passports.  For all Peru Rail journeys, each passenger is allowed 1 bag or backpack which must not exceed 05kg/11 pounds and/or 62 inches/157cm (length + height + width).  Please pack light.  Baggage that exceeds these measurements will not be allowed.  Additional luggage will be stored at your hotel in a locked room.


Inca Trail Adventure: KM 104 to Machu Picchu

Early this morning, you are transferred to the Ollantaytambo rail station to board the Vistadome train to KM 104, the starting point of the Inca trail. After registering with the park rangers, cross the bridge over the Urubamba River to begin the hike to Machu Picchu. The first stop is Chachabamba, a small but important Inca site.

From here, ascend the mountain along an old path that still preserves some of its original Inca stone steps. Continue for 3-hours to Wiñayhuayna. This old Tambo (resting place) features beautiful Inca terraces, temples, water fountains, and water channels that are still running today. Here you will stop for a box lunch in a strategic location surrounded by the mountains and a beautiful diversity of orchids. After exploring Wiñayhuayna, continue one-hour to the Sun Gate (Intipuku) where you will have your first views of Machu Picchu.

Head down to Machu Picchu, taking time to soak in its beauty knowing tomorrow you’ll have an in-depth tour. This descent offers some of the most emblematic views of Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu Mountain. There are fewer visitors between the hours of 2:00 – 3:00 PM.

When the ruins close at approximately 5:00 PM, board a bus for the 30-minute transfer to Aguas Calientes for the walk to your hotel.


Hike Huayna Picchu; an 8,750 ft. step-by-step climb to the top of the mountain.

Consider rising early for a second visit to Machu Picchu. The ruins open at 7:00 AM, thus, to be among the first to enter, preparation for departure at 6:00 AM is advised.

After a morning meal, board a private bus for the 30-minute transfer to Machu Picchu. Your visit includes a hike up Huayna Picchu, the peak situated opposite Machu Picchu. The step-by-step climb to the top of the mountain at 8,750 ft. is strenuous but well worth the effort as the panoramic views overlooking the entire archaeological complex will be forever etched in your memory.

Descend Huaynu Picchu and refuel with lunch at Tampu restaurant. Re-enter the citadel for a full immersion into the mysteries and marvels of this renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will begin at the terrace sector with your guide customizing the tour based on your specific interests. He will explain the construction, architecture, and history of the ruins with stops to appreciate the scale and precision of Machu Picchu.

Return on a chartered bus to Aguas Calientes and walk to the rail station to board the Hiram Bingham train for service to the Poroy rail station. Enjoy a three-course dinner accompanied by a serenade from live musicians. On arrival at the rail station, join your vehicle for the 90-minute transfer to your hotel in Cusco.


Cusco Heritage Stroll- Afternoon Walking Tour

Enjoy a leisurely morning at your own pace. In the afternoon, gear up for a gentle hike around the historical center of Cusco and the surrounding countryside! Join your guide for the short drive to the outskirts of Cusco to Sacsayhuaman, a massive Inca fortress overlooking the city. The complexity and grandeur of its stonework is a marvel of Incan architecture, offering a window into the past.

From here, commences an easy 1-hour descent along a small portion of an old Inca road, one of the best-preserved in the area, to Cusco’s vibrant center. Here, the Koricancha (the Temple of the Sun) reveals the Incas’ advanced masonry skills and deep spiritual reverence. The nearby San Francisco Convent showcases a different era with its colonial architecture, mysterious catacombs, and panoramic rooftop views, offering a unique perspective on Cusco’s layered past.


Glamping Under the Stars
Waqra Puqara Trekking

Early this morning, join your guide for the 3.5-hour drive through Cusco’s South Valley, passing by the village of Urcos and beautiful Lake Pomacanchis to Sangarara. From here, continue the drive for another 20 minutes on a dirt road to the trailhead for the start of the trek to Waqra Puqara.

After meeting the muleteers and preparing your trekking gear, commence a 4 – 6-hour (approximately 7 miles) hike along an ancient Inca trail, passing by small lakes with views of the Ausangate mountains and beyond. At the edge of the Apurimac Canyon, you’ll have your first glimpse of this impressive Inca site and where you’ll stop to set up camp.

Time to rest, explore Waqra Puqara, translated as the “Horned Fortress”, so named due to its dramatic location on a horn-like rock detached from the side of the canyon. It is thought that the site may have been a ceremonial center used by pre-Incan civilizations, such as the Canchis. The Canchis, a war-like people, are known for hanging captured enemies and using skulls for drinking vessels. It was clearly an important site for the Incas as well with proof of their high-quality stonework found here including undulating terraces and triple jab niches. The site has fantastic, commanding views of the surroundings.

Indulge in afternoon and evening meals at the camp. With virtually no light pollution, enjoy a night under the stars.

Inclusions: Glamping tents with proper bed, sleeping bags, cotton sheets, blankets, pillows; dining tent and chairs; portable chemical toilet; hot shower tent; toiletries and cotton towels; walking sticks (on request); meals prepared by chef and chef assistant and served by waiter; trained porters from Sangarara town to carry camp equipment; porters to carry personal items (up to 22.1 lb) and one duffle bag per traveler; first aid kit; oxygen bottle.


Trek to Huayqui Village

Wake up to views of the Apurimac Canyon and Waqra Puqara nestled within.

After breakfast and a second visit to the site, depart on a 3-hour (approximately 4.5 miles) trek on a mainly flat, downhill trail to the village of Huayqui. Along the way, soak in the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Upon reaching the village, rest and enjoy lunch to recharge your energy. This is the end point of today’s hike. Rejoin your vehicle for the 3-hour drive back to Cusco.


Day at Leisure

Today you can experience the city’s unique charm in your own way. We recommend an uphill walk to the Cristo Blanco viewpoint or to the San Cristobal convent, both known for their impressive city views.

If local art and culture are of interest, take a stroll around Cuesta San Blas. Here you can visit workshops and galleries, featuring artists such as Hilario Mendivil and Maximo Laura.


Market Tour and Peruvian Cooking Class with Chef Seledonia Mesa

Mid-morning, join, one of the most charming local chefs in Cusco, Seledonia Mesa! Start your day with a walk to the San Pedro Market for an introduction to the variety of products from the Andes and the nearby Amazon. Sample exotic fruits such as lucuma, chirimoya, and granadilla, while learning about the diversity of ingredients used in local Peruvian cuisine.

After wandering through the market, head to Seledonia’s kitchen to test your culinary skills with the help of a local chef. Together, you will prepare classic Peruvian dishes or experiment to create something new.

Throughout the day, you’ll gain insights into Cusco’s cuisine and its cultural significance, as well as engage in an authentic and immersive experience. Whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or simply curious about Peruvian cuisine, this culinary lesson promises to be a memorable and enriching part of your stay in Cusco.

As the day draws to a close, at a pre-arranged time, you’ll bid farewell to Cusco as you’re chauffeured to the airport for your flight to Lima where you will be met and assisted with check-in procedures for your international flight.


Starting rate, per diem is $1,150.USD  per person, Per Day GROSS land services only. Please, contact us for rates.


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