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The Orangutans of Indonesia

Date: August 6, 2012 | By: Enid Glasgow | Category: Travel Blog

Very few places in the world remain as ‘wild’ as Indonesia. Travelers can still enjoy a true sense of discovery as they explore lush rainforests and navigate flowing jungle rivers. One particularly enjoyable adventure is taking a boat ride down the Sekonyer River, where you can come within touching distance of orangutans. These charming animals are the only exclusively Asian genus of extant great ape and are among the most intelligent primates. While observing the orangutans, you will notice their intelligence as they use a variety of tools and even construct beds out of branches and foliage. It is really amazing to see these apes socialize and interact with one another. While the orangutans seem to live a very care free lifestyle, they do face some threats. Their habitat is rapidly shrinking due to deforestation and other habitat destruction. Some populations of orangutans need assistance from humans to get enough food. The Indonesian government has created feeding stations in the rainforests which these apes can visit for a meal. This not only helps the apes, but allows travelers a chance to get incredibly close.

Indonesia is very unique as it welcomes tourism but has not yet had to change its traditional ways. There are still people living in villages throughout the rainforests. These villages are still very rustic, however that is starting to change with an increase in tourism. If you want to experience all of the natural beauty and innocence of Indonesia, be sure to plan your trip soon. It is sure to become more and more popular as a tourist destination.

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