Namibia Damaraland to the Dunes Tour

Like so many species throughout the African continent, the black rhino barely survived the poaching and illegal hunts especially during the 1980s and 90s. But with the slow rise of conservancies, hope has grown that some of Africa’s irreplaceable wildlife will survive. With the growth of conservation has come an awareness by many communities of the value in preservation in terms of increased tourism, employment and education opportunities as well as a degree of recognition from the outside world.

Namibia is home to the larger of two subspecies of the black rhinoceros in southern Africa and Huab Conservancy is set in a core desert where endangered desert-adapted black rhino remains. In this starkly beautiful landscape, Huab Under Canvas offers an authentic back-to-nature experience with seclusion and liberty to explore one of Damaraland’s most dramatic landscapes and the wildlife that inhabits it.

The camp partners with Save the Rhino, a nonprofit group that has been vital in helping save the dwindling population of desert-adapted rhinos. Even though the camp is able to be mobile, it is nestled in a grove of Mopane trees on the banks of a tributary of the Huab River. It is nearly invisible in its setting with one of the lowest environmental footprints of any camp in Namibia. Eight tents are raised on mobile platforms with basic infrastructure for guests’ basic comforts.

One of the privileges here is tracking the rhinos, privately, in an area that has the highest tracking success rate in north western Namibia. Another bonus is exploring the upper and less crowded Huab River in search of other dwellers such as desert-adapted elephants. Nature walks and drives go deep into this unique place. The camp presents opportunities to sleep out under crystal clear skies with nothing between you and the brilliant stars of the Namibian night sky, where satellites, galaxies, shooting stars and the occasional significant meteor can all be seen with the naked eye.

Discover this remarkable 13-day adventure President’s Picks Namibia Damaraland to the Dunes.