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Honeymoon, how often do you get to do this?

Date: May 28, 2015 | By: bigfive | Category: Travel Blog

For couples passionate about the outdoors, Gibb’s Farm in Northern Tanzania is a perfect honeymoon choice!

For couples passionate about the outdoors, Gibb’s Farm in Northern Tanzania is a perfect honeymoon choice!

The honeymoon – that long-awaited, romantic celebration for two – only became common practice for the general public in the U.S. around 1930, according to one source. Today, an estimated 1.4 million U.S. couples go on honeymoons annually. Of those who do, 37 percent of honeymoons are to domestic locations while 63 percent opt for foreign destinations. Yet, according to, only one in four couples actually go on their dream honeymoon.

You only get once chance for a first honeymoon. Shouldn’t it be the trip of a lifetime? Make sure you are among those who enjoy your dream honeymoon…

Hang from the side of a mountain – overnight
Sacred Valley, Peru
That’s right! You sleep within a completely transparent hanging bedroom at 1,312 feet on the side of a mountain. There are two ways to get to the lodge; by way of the Via Ferrata, crossing the hanging bridge, or the intrepid path toward the ziplines. Your ‘room’ offers you a perspective unlike any other and grants you privileged views of the Sacred Valley by night and the endless Milky Way above. An unforgettable honeymoon experience you will definitely remember for a lifetime. Explore our Peru: Adventure in the Andes for more about this extraordinary adventure.

Camping among the ancient Maya
Uaxactun, Guatemala
Stay overnight in your own private camp at an ancient Maya temple site – just the two of you. Your private guide will transfer you to Uaxactun to explore the main plaza, pyramids and temples. Uaxactun was a major Maya city situated about 12 miles north of Tikal. The most impressive ruin is the Structre E-VIIsub, the focal point for the plaza with three temples aligned along its eastern edge. Together these structures were used for astronomical studies. The equinox and solstice were accurately determined by sighting the sunrise from the eastern stairway to one of the three pyramids to the east. Watch the sun set in the company of an astronomy specialist. Then, you are in for a rare experience… glamping at Uaxactun – the perfect way to begin the adventure of your life. Guatemala and Colombia

Hike to the crater
Karatu, Tanzania
For couples who have a passion for the outdoors, Gibb’s Farm in Northern Tanzania is a perfect honeymoon choice. You can hike in an extraordinary landscape. In the company of a naturalist, you venture out from the farm on a hike to the very rim of the Ngorongoro Crater, the world’s largest inactive, intact, and unfilled volcanic caldera. Walk through the conservation area that takes you into awe-inspiring, untouched forests to encounter unique plant life, animals and rare birds. Established in the 1920s as a coffee farm, Gibb’s Farm lets you get away from your everyday world with peaceful walks together in the nearby forest, afternoons of high tea, biking the back roads of Karatu, or simply relaxating with a personalized spa treatment in the privacy of your cottage. You can craft your Africa honeymoon to include this romantic property on journeys such as on our Tanzania into the Wild adventure.

Helicopter over coastal floodplains
Bamurru Plains, Australia
Explore Bamurru Plains, an extraordinary wilderness on the coastal floodplains of the Mary River Delta, during a helicopter flight. Enjoy stunning views from your helicopter with no doors. Return to your spacious and cool safari bungalow built on stilts overlooking the floodplains. Mesh screen ceiling to floor walls on all three sides around the bed provides you with an experience in which you can hear, see and almost touch the wildlife and wilderness around you. The bed features organic cotton linen and a pillow menu, spacious en suite bathroom with high pressure showers. The décor reflects the region’s earlier indigenous, hunting and pastoral history, with buffalo horns, explorer’s maps, Aboriginal art work and fish traps as well as old photos providing a sense of the human heritage of the area. Each room has a cold water thermos, local flora and fauna reading materials, species list and binoculars. The alarm clock in the morning comes from the call of magpie geese as the orange light of dawn spreads across the floodplain, all at your fingertips without having to leave your bed! With no internet access, no television or mobile phone coverage, your honeymoon will be a true escape. This remarkable property is featured on our Wild Australia journey.

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