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Best Sleep Under the Stars | Luxury Travel

Date: June 18, 2015 | By: bigfive | Category: Travel Blog

A Malori Sleep Out Deck in Kalahari, South Africa

A Malori Sleep Out Deck in Kalahari, South Africa

Did you ever go camping when you were a kid and marvel at sleeping under the night sky? Remember the thrill and wonder of it all? Nature seemed to be all the more present at night – the sounds more mysterious, the smells more exotic, and the stars seemed to shimmer from horizon to horizon. Imagine luxury travel which has you sleeping in a bed on a platform open to the night or above the ground in a treehouse. This is when magic happens, especially for kids and kids at heart, and memories are made.

Kalahari, South Africa
Malori Sleep Out Deck is a luxury king-size bed on a raised deck in the middle of a game reserve, surrounded by the calls of nocturnal animals, with nothing between you and the brilliant stars of the Kalahari night sky… Tswalu Kalahari’s new slee pout deck, the Malori (dreamer in Tswana), offers you the unique experience of a safari sleepout on a magnificent 100,000ha five-star private game reserve. The Malori deck does have a thatched overhang should it rain, but you choose to sleep under the thatch or in the open. The king-size bed is dressed with exquisite linen, and luxury robes and slippers are provided. The deck offers you panoramic views of the vast plains of the Green Kalahari and its incomparable Kalahari sunsets. Enjoy sundowners followed by a delicious meal prepared by the guide – if you choose the guide will leave you with simple instructions of how to prepare your meal, so that you can enjoy the magnificence of the open savannahs on your own. Wake at sunrise to birdsong and the sounds of the early morning in the Kalahari. Tswalu also provide children’s camping beds, so the whole family can enjoy an exhilarating Kalahari sleepout under the stars.  Experience Tswalu on our 13-day South Africa adventure.

Jamtara, India
In the village of Jamtara, near Pench National Park, Jamtara Wilderness Camp has 12 luxury tents surrounded by tall Arjuna trees and an ancient banyan rooted on a dry riverbed. Each tent room overlooks the forest, a perfect backdrop for this jungle experience. Or, you have the opportunity to sleep in their star bed, also called Machaan. Experience a night under the starry sky from your bed on stilts. From star gazing to looking out for nocturnal wildlife, it will be a night to remember. The star bed is set up on one of the villager’s farms. The star bed must be requested during booking and is subject to availability for one of the nights you are there. A guard will be present below and in the morning when you are ready to be taken back to the main lodge, the guard will escort you back. Our Precious Journeys India journey includes Jamtara Wilderness.

Iquitos, Peru
At Treehouse Lodge in the Peruvian Amazon, you’ll see the rainforest from an entirely new perspective that most visitors to the Amazon never experience. From the comfort of your treetop bungalow, watch monkeys and birds at eye level morning as you wake up to a jumble wildlife even before you get out of bed. You’ll get a little extra exercise walking up to your bungalow. The entire structure of the treehouse is sealed by mosquito mesh woven so fine that it will not obstruct your view in any way. Additionally, each bed is equipped with another layer of mosquito mesh drapes that tuck in under the mattress. Each of the eight bungalows has its own character, size and shape. Casa Alta Treehouse 6 is the highest treehouse, sitting some 67 feet off the ground. It towers over the jungle providing magnificent views of the surrounding rainforest and is a great place for birdwatching – parakeets, parrots and macaws – in the early morning without even leaving the house. Birds have built several hanging nests in clear view while The Cradle Treehouse 8 is uniquely positioned inside numerous branches that cradle the hut comfortably in the jungle’s embrace. It makes a wonderfully natural home with welcoming branches organically integrated into the space. Standing alone, Treehouse 8 is ideal for those who like a little distance from their neighbors. Further into the jungle, this treehouse brings the sights and sounds of the wild close to you and open to all, you also are surrounded by the night sky.  Climb to  your treehouse on our Peru – Amazon, Andes & the Coast.

Wadi Rum, Jordan
Wadi Rum is home to several Bedouin tribes who live in scattered camps throughout the area. If you want to experience pure nature and exquisite silence, there is nothing quite like sleeping under the stars in the desert on a comfortable mattress. With little or no light pollution, the stars will seem close enough to reach out and touch them. The desert tribes, Huweitat and Mzanah, inhabiting Wadi Rum maintain the warm hospitality, which characterizes genuine Arab culture. Enjoy the hospitality of the Bedouins as you sit by the fire under a starry desert sky. Enjoy traditional Arabian entertainment this evening. If you can resist the call of the stars’ invitation, you can retire under canvas, your private Bedouin tent awaits. Either way, indoors or out, the night will be an unforgettable experience.  Come on our Jordan: A Journey Back in Time.

Flinders Ranges, Australia
Arkaba Station Flinders Rangers is a classic, working outback sheep station on the edge of the Flinders Rangers National Park. For walkers, you can enjoy a four-day overland walking safari, one of the best ways to experience outback Australia; and Arkaba provides a most beautiful and impressive setting in which to walk. Set against the backdrop of the Elder Range and Wilpena Pound in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges, an Arkaba walking safari is an opportunity to experience the sights and sounds, the scale and the space of the outback in a style that is exclusive and authentic. A team of passionate guides and a few key creature comforts make this an extraordinary bush experience. You have the chance to traverse the ancient Flinders Ranges where 600 million years of geological history provide spectacular backdrops throughout the walk. Your guides will show you secret spots on the 60,000 acre private wildlife conservancy and recount stories of the people, indigenous inhabitants, explorers and settlers, who have created the human history of this area. Camps are set up in spectacular locations on the property and are designed to expose you to the surrounding country. You will have the chance to sleep out under the stars in a deluxe swag or under newly erected shelters. At the end of each day, walkers are greeted by a camp that has been set up in advance, a delicious three-course dinner and a good supply of Australian wines and other beverages. Plan to visit Australia’s Primeval Landscapes.


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