Tourism remains the key to Thailand’s progress

Stuart, FL (May 29, 2014)–  In spite of the current political situation in Thailand, Thailand tourism sector is running without interruption.  Airline schedules, hotels, attractions are all proceeding normally.

In fact, curfew hours have been shortened and all businesses are operating. Travelers are allowed to “travel freely as needed, as are people working night shifts, government workers, those working in the aviation industry, perishable food logistics, hospitals, humanitarian organization,” according to the most recent updates.

“On average, Thailand tourism makes up almost ten percent of Thailand’s gross domestic product (GDP),”   said Ashish Sanghrajka, president of Big Five Tours & Expeditions. ”According to reports we have received from contacts in Thailand and our country manager, everything continues to operate as usual.

“Like other nations that face challenges, Thailand will resolve this issue and move on.  The best way for us to stand by the people of Thailand is to maintain our commitment to the destination’s tourist industry.”

Big Five has actively provided its guests with travel adventures, enjoying Thailand tourism for nearly 20 years.  That continues. Big Five guests slated to travel there later this summer are being advised to take a wait and see approach.

“Of course, we are actively monitoring the situation, and will make any adjustments that may be required down the road.”  Sanghrajka added.