Big Five Launches a New Idea in Kids Travel


Stuart, FL (July 15, 2014) – Big Five Tours & Expeditions is crafting a new generation of adventures that have the children as the center. Precious Journeys programs are geared to children, ages 5-11, and their travel needs. Everything from the style of their documents to the activities are tailored to them.

“This idea has evolved following a conversation I had with Anne Scully, McCabe World Travel, a Virtuoso member,” said Ashish Sanghrajka, president of Big Five. “about the lack of authentic journeys that see children as a vital and important part of any family trip, and not as an afterthought or inconvenience. We have looked at a wide range of topics and issues that make this collection stand out in the industry.”

Only adventures that meet certain criteria will be considered for inclusion. Big Five’s team evaluated the expected subjects such as accommodations and meals. But they also evaluated a myriad of subjects that include necessary inoculations, flexible touring schedules, number of flights on any given day, included breaks, cultural interactions and activities with kids of similar age, adaptable menus and meal times, destination altitudes, driving times, and minimum number of nights for each stop.

“I have two young kids, so I know how much planning needs to go into international travel with the family,” said Sanghrajka. “We want the entire journey from start to finish to be fun adventurous and safe.”

The Precious Journeys collection helps young travelers explore a wondrous world of exciting locations filled with incredible animals and fascinating people. These journeys are crafted to inspire our children to meet the world… firsthand.

Big Five Tours & Expeditions is renowned for customized, luxury adventure travel to more than 45 destinations worldwide. Founded in Kenya in 1973 by Mahen Sanghrajka, Big Five has stood at the forefront of distinguished luxury travel, providing the latest destination offerings while focusing on low-impact, sustainable tourism that steadfastly supports environmentally responsible lodgings and cruise boats. Big Five has been recognized for this commitment.  Virtuoso®, an international luxury travel network, awarded Big Five the 2014 Sustainable Tourism Leadership Award; while Conde Nast Traveler magazine named Big Five as one of its 2013 World Savers Award winners.  For more information, contact Big Five at (800) 244 3483, or visit