Co-Branding at its Best!


Almost a decade ago, my colleague Paul Dorgan, who many of you know as our VP of sales, asked me if sharing our content with advisors in an easy-to-use format was possible. The conversation focused on our blog, which was much simpler back then compared to the video-generated version we have today. Our itineraries are complex and constantly evolving, and technology was needed to distribute this information to our partners effectively.


Fast forward to 2024, we are streaming on both Axus and Travefy. These platforms serve as great reference points and are easy to share. However, we wanted to take it a step further, which is when I met the team at Approach Guides. I mentioned our desire to create original content, sharing much of Paul’s vision from our original conversation. We discussed the average time someone spends on a landing page or home page and how that time is reduced when the newest device, app, or social media blitz assaults our senses and attention span. David and Jennifer from Approach Guides certainly understood all this, and so we partnered with them to design an outsource for travel planning content that our advisor partners can brand and share with clients in an efficient and timely manner.


I am so pleased to announce that Big Five is the first tour operator to have their entire website set up for our advisors to co-brand. Take a test drive here –

If you need an instructional video, my avatar, Flat Ash, apparently took care of that. Enjoy the tutorial.

For another easy way to onboard, scan the QR Code below. Enjoy!