Victoria (Vicky) Olivo Berrio

You can see by her photo the enthusiasm and energy she shares with Big Five’s guests. She was born in 1987 in a small town an hour outside away from Cartagena. She graduated as a teacher and worked for five years with kindergarten and primary and, in her last year, teaching high school. Vicky decided to learn English before turning her professional attention to becoming a professional guide. She is married and the mother of 2 boys. She is passionate about showing off Colombia to travelers.

“I travel and love to show off the country and help people get immersed in our culture in a way that they can not only see but also to feel. I like to introduce them to the dance and music and enjoy the gastronomy of the Colombia.”

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Juan David Camacho

Born in Bogota, Colombia, Juan has spent most all his live in the city. Like most of us, he has a passion for travel and has visited several countries, including time spent in New York for about eight months and in London for two months.

He graduated from college with a special interest in history. Juan planned to be a teacher and a researcher. While working on his masters in history, however, he began to look for a way to teach and travel while working on his own schedule. He had an opportunity to work as a tour guide and immediately fell in love with the profession.  “Because it has allowed me to continue to learn about my country and its people in depth and in a way I never could have in any other job.”

He loves the interactions with people from around the world and has been an expert guide for more than a decade.

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Leon Dario Pardo Rojas

The son of two teachers, Leon was born Bogota, Colombia. In 2002, when Leon was living in the United Kingdom, he became interested in tourism as a possible career.  “I found my calling! Everybody has heard the bad about Colombia, but I want to show them the good.”

He studied to be a tour guide and began working in the profession in 2004. He was among those who witnessed the changes that took place in his home Colombia as it began to emerge as a . “Instead of a place to run from, it became a place to go to,” said Leon.

As a Bogotano or Rolo, he originally did his guiding only in the city and surroundings, but as the opportunities came, he was able to expand his areas further into the country. As he continued to discover new depths in the country, he “absolutely fell in love of the whole country, and now feel like a local everywhere I visit.”

He studied photography, and you will see him with his camera gear everywhere, looking for that special shot, especially when it comes to the outdoors and national parks as well as museums and galleries.

Leon loves to share his passion for travel and the best of Colombia with his family, including his four-year-old daughter.

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