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A Photo Tour of the Opulant Oman

Date: April 4, 2014 | By: Enid Glasgow | Category: Travel Blog

1. Ras al-Jinz

With stunning shorelines and remarkable biodiversity, Ras al-Jinz is a haven for visitors – and for the green turtles that nest here!









2. Adam


Adam is the last green oasis before the desert, full of interesting forts, mosques, and souqs. A journey into traditional Oman.

3. Al Ayn


The necropolises of Al Ayn invoke a haunting grandeur, made even more spectacular by stunning sunsets.

4. Al Hamra


Al Hamra, one of Oman’s treasures, boasts some of the oldest homes in the country, made with palm beams and topped with mud and straw.

5. Bikrat al Mawz


A waypoint for adventurers climbing to the Saiq Plateau on Jebel Akhdar. Before you go on, stop at Nizwa Souq for provisions or a glimpse into Omani life.

6. Bimah Sinkhole


The deep limestone bowl is filled with water of every shade of blue and green: a refuge for sweaty visitors.

7. Muscat, Al Alam Palace


One of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos’s six palaces, Al Alam is a flamboyant highlight of Old Muscat’s skyline.

8. Dhow Cruise, Muscat


A sunset dhow cruise through Muscat’s gorgeous scenery is the remedy for any travel stress.

9. Muscat, Grand Mosque


The Grand Mosque is as opulent and refined as Al Alam is brash and bold. It boasts the world’s second largest hand-woven carpet, a 21 tonne prayer mat, and a 14-meter chandelier.

10. Muscat, Grand Mosque #2


A place of worship accommodating up to 20,000 faithful, the Grand Mosque is open to non-Muslims during certain hours. Dress modestly, and, women, be sure to cover your hair.

11. Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort


The Sea of Oman, 124-acres of beautiful scenery, and luxurious accommodations greet guests of the Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort.

12. Nakhl


Once a fortress protecting an oasis and important trade routes, Nakhl Fort is, today, a gateway into Oman history and culture.

13. Nakhl


Time your visit to coincide with the weekly goat market; even if you’re not shopping for livestock, it is a lively cultural event.

14. Nizwa


One of Oman’s oldest cities, Nizwa is a thriving and bustling hub of agriculture, learning, and recreation.

15. Nizwa, Round Tower Fort


The stalwart fort, with thick walls meant to withstand mortar attacks, is now Oman’s most famous attraction.

16. Nizwa Souq


Something for everyone at Nizwa Souq: find handicrafts, seeds and nuts, jewelry, spices, fragrances, and more.

 17. Nizwa Souq


Fill your market bags with authentic souvenirs and your memory with the energetic exchanges and fascinating customs of Omani Souqs.

18. Ras al Jinz


20,000 turtles return to this pristine shoreline to lay their eggs; be respectful, keep your distance, and don’t interfere with this beautiful act!

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