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5 Trending Destinations for 2015

Date: January 8, 2015 | By: bigfive | Category: Travel Blog

Kep, Cambodia

Kep, Cambodia

We begin the new year with some suggestions you might want to add to your travel dream list.  Some of our choices for adventure this year offer additions to classic destinations.  Australia’s Arnhem Land, for example, is where you’ll discover a 20,000-year-old  Aboriginal culture. And, Madhya Pradesh, India, is home to India’s priceless tiger reserves. Join us and explore this amazing planet, our home.


Arnhem Land, Australia
No destination is hotter heading into 2015 than Australia. It has so many iconic images – from the Sydney Opera House to the great Outback. But this is the year to venture beyond the ordinary into the true outback. Discover the famed buffalo stations of the north and the homesteads of 20,000-year-old Aboriginal culture. Encounter the authentic Aboriginal tribes of Arnhem Land and head south to the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Kakadu National Park. Explore the Flinders Range or Ningaloo Reef, among many other sites, that fewer than seven percent of international tourists ever see. Come to Wild Australia.

Salta, Argentina
Argentina has long been known for the passionate tango, great wines and dramatic landscapes. Another area that is finally receiving recognition is Salta. Dating back to 1582 and founded by the Conquistadors, Salta offers a great scenery from canyons in the desert to mountains and salt flats. Like Northern Chile, Salta enjoys a strong cultural influence from the Aymara culture, who are usually thought to be only in Peru and Bolivia. This the only known area in Argentina to have such influence. The accommodations in Salta are another draw with boutique hotels, many of which are former colonial homes. Visit our Custom Argentina Tour page for more ideas to combine with Salta, or call one of our Destination Specialists.

Madhya Pradesh, India
The area in the interior of the state of Madhya Pradesh is where travelers will find the best tiger viewing. The tiger preserves and the eco camps that now exist there represent the cutting edge in environmental conservation today combined with an active approach to the conservation of the elusive tiger, one of the most endangered cats in the world. The new safari experiences in India feature conservation involvement along with the delight in staying in the very first, under-the-skies “star bed” experience in the entire country. The reserves are easily combinable with the better known areas of the north such as Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur, Delhi or Mumbai. And now with the new e visa process, the wilds of India offers among the most authentic of experiences in India beyond the well documented history of the Mughals. Explroe the world of tigers in our new India – Saving Tigers 12-day journey.

Kep, Cambodia
Angkor Wat is what comes to mind when most people think about Cambodia. In 2015, the scene is shifting to river cruising aboard the new MV Aqua Mekong, and also to the coastline around Kep, home to the simple luxury and authentic culture of Cambodia. Pepper farms are famous in Cambodia, however, few have been actually visited until now. Kep is the home to these famous farms and represent some of the last remaining original agricultural communities in Cambodia. Combining this with Angkor Wat has never been easier. And, now, in addition to ancient temples, options are blossoming to include zip lining and quad biking away from the tourist areas. Rural Landscapes of Laos & Cambodia explores this fascination area.

Serengeti Plains, Tanzania
With the tourism recovery beginning in Africa, Tanzania is at the forefront of this drive, and it starts with innovation. The threat poaching represents to the wildlife experience in the African continent is well documented and devastating. Tanzania is now answering the call with conservancies and sanctuaries being formed at breakneck speed all across the plains from the Serengeti to Mahale. These conservancies, some formed under a land conservation grant, involve the local communities, which is the key to preserving the authentic safari experience. The entire safari product as we know it is in the process of being totally re-invented with the focus more on conservation than ever before. And, you can see that happening in Serengeti National Park with the Serengeti Cheetah Project, the source of much of what is known about wild cheetahs today, including their ecology, ranging patterns and behaviors. Discover the new face of safari in Tanzania.

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