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5 Australian adventures even your cousin doesn’t know about

Date: February 19, 2015 | By: bigfive | Category: Travel Blog


Dive the Ningaloo Reef with the whale shark– the world’s largest fish.

Australia is old-world rainforests, sophisticated cities, unique railway journeys, extraordinary landscapes, stellar lodges and inns and an extravagance of cultural encounters. It is a brilliantly diverse destination that satisfies nearly every interest – from cosmopolitan Sydney to the rugged Northern Territory to eccentric Tasmania. In addition to the country’s well-known gems such as Uluru Ayers Rock and Kata Tjuta (The Olgas), and the Great Barrier Reef, make room for some lesser known adventures.


Save the Devil
Coles Bay, Tasmania
Some of you might remember the little whirling Tasmanian Devil from the Road Runner cartoons. This fabled creature is now in a battle to survive, and you can help. This is another example of how our guests make a difference simply by staying at a specific lodge. Saffire Freycinet is one such lodge. It has teamed up with Save the Tasmanian Devil Program, and is a key sponsor of the Menzies Research Institute’s quest to develop a vaccine for a disease that is decimating the species. The population of these marsupials has declined by more than 80 percent; and in the northeast region that number is about 95%. In addition to other support, the lodge also maintains a one-hectare, free-range devil enclosure – a sort of retirement home for mature devils that have been part of the breeding program. This enclosure provides a safe environment and high quality of life while also giving guests at lodge a unique opportunity to see Tasmanian devils in a natural setting. Southern Australia & Tasmania journey includes a stay at Saffire Freycinet.

Help save Australia's tasmanian devils.

Help save Australia’s tasmanian devils.

Tracking Dinosaurs
Mt Morgan
In a far corner of an old gold mine are the massive Mt Morgan fireclay caverns, which were excavated by miners more than a century ago for the purpose of lining the mine’s furnaces during the smelting process.  The first evidence of dinosaur prints came only in the 1950s, some 30 years after the caverns were abandoned.  Today more than 300 prints have been discovered located in the cavern’s ceiling.  They date back 200 million years ago in the early Jurassic Period, and remain some of the finest dinosaur tracks in Australia.  You can explore these fascinating caverns on our Kao Gu Australia.

Helicopter Picnic
The Kimberley

In The Kimberley, El Questro Homestead is an exclusive retreat cantilevered over the magnificent Chamberlain River amid rugged landscapes. The homestead offers unrivalled access to the far reaches of The Kimberley in unique style and comfort that includes excursions in an open-door chopper. Truly exhilarating! Amaroo Falls was discovered in the Southeast area of the property in 2010. The falls with 15 cascading waterfalls is only accessible by helicopter. The falls, several pristine swimming holes and spectacular views make this a magical and romantic spot for a picnic. Experience all The Kimberley has to offer on our Northern Australia.

Walk with the Brothers
Cooya Beach
On the coast of New South Wales, the area surrounding Cooya Beach has long been primarily farmland, but more people are discovering the area’s outstanding coast line and Shoalhaven River. This traditional fishing ground of the Kuku Yalanji people has three diverse ecosystems – beach, mangroves and coastal reef. Explore the Aboriginal culture here with the Kubirri Warra brothers of the Kuku Yalanji Cultural Habitat as guides. As you walk with them through their traditional lands, they share their stories and heritage with you, and teach you traditional hunting and fishing techniques such as tracking animals and catching fish, mud crabs and even mussels in the mangroves. You discover traditional bush food, tucker, and bush medicines. Find out how we can include Cooya Beach in your perfect Australia program.

Diving with the World’s Biggest Fish
Ningaloo Reef
Stretching along Western Australia’s harsh and arid coast, the Ningaloo Reef is an extraordinary yet largely unknown jewel of Australia’s natural heritage. Here, you can dive with the giant whale shark – the world’s largest fish – (April – June). Wild Australia takes you to Ningaloo Reef and beyond to enjoy some singular adventures in dramatic surroundings.

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