Dear Advisor Partners,

Life is about learning, laughing and sometimes even crying. Above all else, it’s about trust. We have worked tirelessly the last 12 months, and every year before, for your trust, and will continue to do so every year forward.

We hope you get a good laugh from our final video of 2022, filmed in Egypt, just for all of you. We wish you all a Happy Holiday season and a prosperous New Year. We cant wait to collaborate with you in 2023. Thank you for another memorable year.

By the way, if anyone knows Mr. Ramsey of the LA Rams NFL team, please can you let him know I have gone into witness protection incase he sees this video.

Big Five Offices will be closed on Monday, December 26, 2022 and Monday, January 2, 2023.

Dear Advisor Partners,

Part II of our dispatch from Egypt takes us to a part of Karnak nobody outside of researchers and archaeologists have been to. For this journey, we had to go up… to go down, specifically up in the hills over Karnak, hiking on rough, unmarked trails. The local team of excavators, who I call the real workers behind the new discoveries, escorted our group up the rocky hill. The droves of tourists at the temple at the base of the hill didn’t even know we were up there.

As we turned the bend, a wooden plank resembling a Tibetan bridge lay over rocky drop that we all had to cross. This is when the excursion became real for everyone, and I would say, exciting for almost everyone. Crossing the bridge and coming around the bend, we saw the chair, then the drop. I don’t know how wide the smile on my face was, however judging by the matching smiles among the local guys, they could tell I was raring to get down that tunnel.

The chair dropped us down one by one, with our guides already down there, ready to tell us the story of Abd-er Rasoul. In these very caves, just a few meters from where I was standing, is where a large portion of the Pharaonic mummies that were discovered in 1882 were found, piled away when the original tombs were plundered. We were the first ones ever to enter this cave outside of the researchers, and this by no accident, represented something I have asked for 30 years. Where is the Egypt behind the pyramids?

As you can see in our latest video, I think we found the answer. On special permission basis, these caves can now be added exclusively to a tailored Big Five journey for a supplement.

This was #BigFivin

Dear Advisor Partners,

Usually, I can keep a secret well, then there are times that you just can’t keep it, no matter how hard you try.  Let me explain by first saying how great it is to be back in Egypt, leading what has now become our annual educational, every November. This year had a different feeling however, because of all the new discoveries, especially the mummies in Saqqara.

How do you top reading about a new mummy discovery? Well… by having your amazing Egypt team get special access to the active dig site, which happens to be near the private and newly excavated tomb, featured on Netflix. That’s exactly what we did, and we topped it off by having the hosts of the Netflix documentary as our guides.

This is the beauty of Egypt. Stay tuned as we take you as only Big Five can, beyond the pyramids in our multi-part dispatch. In the meantime, enjoy this first video.


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