Dear Advisor Partners,

When you return to a place you have been visiting since you were a teenager, the little things just seem to come back as if you never forgot them. Sort of like riding a bike. Well as many of you know, I had the pleasure of hosting an epic fam trip through Egypt right after Thanksgiving, and what a trip it was. By day two, I was already back to the daily regimen of eating ful and Karkade along with the regular food I ate when visiting family in Sudan growing up.

I often talk about Egypt being back, however, nothing could have prepared me for what I saw. The sheer joy of seeing Egypt busier than I have ever seen, something everyone has been waiting almost a decade for, is the truest sign that Egypt is once again on the main stage. Add to this, all the mystique of the almost daily new discoveries as the exploration of Egypt’s history moves into high gear, the anticipation of the Grand Egyptian Museum, and the amazement of the hot air balloons over Luxor, you can see why Egypt is at the top of everyone’s bucket list.

We can’t ignore all the expansion happening alongside the new hotels being built in Cairo. The new St. Regis and its amazing Thai restaurant, the Brazilian food at the Four Seasons First Residence, or the best Turkish coffee at an outdoor venue just outside Luxor are perfect examples. Then there is the local restaurant scene offering a non-touristy view of an evening in Cairo, something we specialize in. Of course, the highlight still belongs to the Old Cataract Hotel in Aswan and the famous Winston Churchill Suite.

Getting there is easier than it seems, and a simple phone call with us will get you on your way as we answer all your PCR questions based on personal experiences traveling to and from Egypt.  So I’ve just returned and already I cannot wait to go back!

Enjoy this week’s video.

Dear Advisor Partners,

You’ve seen the hashtag, #ilovemyjob, you may have even used it yourself. Well this week, I believe I proved it. To illustrate this, I must first take you back to Thanksgiving Day in the US.

Around 2:30 pm November 25th, traveling with some amazing advisors, their clients, and a few of my personal mentors, my journey to Egypt began. Quite the dynamic and a possible blueprint for later trips (more on that in later blogs). I watched some football as I connected through Atlanta on my way to Cairo. The rest of the group arrived on the 27th and 28th. Our first group dinner was on November 29th, and that’s where it happened…I slipped on my bathroom floor, landing on my elbow, causing my shoulder to contort in ways I suspect it wasn’t meant to. A doctor would later confirm my fears of a dislocated shoulder and rotator cuff damage.

For about 30 seconds the thought entered my mind, Do I go back? Do I stay in Cairo? On the 31st second, those thoughts were vanquished. This adventure was 12 months in the planning and Big Five was exhibiting at ILTM Cannes right after. We didn’t come this far for a shoulder to derail it. So after setting a schedule for ibuprofen and with the helpful advice of those on tour with us, the adventure was completed. In epic fashion, I might add. A special thanks is due to all those in Egypt with me. Their advice and care made the pain tolerable and the journey unforgettable, no activity or excursion was missed thanks to their help.

Fast forward now to December 6th, I flew to Cannes through Paris. Thanks again to the quick help of one of my favorite advisors, the long lines were all skipped in Paris as I connected flights. I write this on December 9th in Cannes, the last of the group is leaving Egypt and I am at our booth, at ILTM Cannes, TT20. Last night, walking back from dinner, I felt compelled to record a video in front of the Palais because I was so happy to be back with all of you.

We spent last year building out Axus and Travefy into media hubs for you,  building mini websites into each. We are fully streaming on both platforms and I love showing those off here in Cannes. So, busted shoulder or not, I love what I do, and I proved it (with the help of ibuprofen).

Check out this week’s video then explore our Axus and Travefy.


Dear Advisor Partners,

Sometimes it seems the world has gone crazy, then, just when you think it’s about to go completely mad, the world catches itself and sanity returns. I write this as I sit on my balcony in Luxor, Egypt, a place I have been visiting since the age of 15.

Traveling with some amazing advisor partners and their guests, I’ve been reminded, the transformational power tourism possesses. Yesterday I visited the tomb of Nefertari, one I have always loved seeing. This was no ordinary visit. You see, I have been helping a dear friend’s husband walk around the sights and everyone thinks he’s my father, which I happily agree with. Well at this particular tomb, the officer was moved, he took me back down the stairs for a completely private visit of the tomb. This week’s video documents that visit. I’ve never felt more like Indiana Jones or more connected with the story of Egypt because the officer’s reason for my private visit was simple. They thought the person I was helping was my father and that I was a good son helping him. These officers wanted to show off this amazing tomb privately for me!

You’re likely wondering how things are in Egypt. I am happy to say the country is buzzing, with tourism booming! Getting in is simple, a PCR test within 72 hours (96 if coming across the ocean) and a QR code. If you have any issues getting the QR code, that can be solved with a simple link that will ensure an easy flight over, just reach out if you need it.

Please enjoy this week’s video.

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