Hello to Two Fabulous Tour Organizations – Peru

I hope it is ok that I have sent a combined email to both Big 5 and Delfina. I felt it was important to do so because the coordination on our behalf between the two organizations was superb… 

… And to our friends at Big 5. We loved how you coordinated in Peru and our every need was anticipated, from wheelchairs in the airport to being able to check out late and rest at Inkaterra. Always the guides were focused on our comfort and I knew management was in the wings and would be present at a moment’s notice if need be (Thank you). We were so glad we could do the second half of our trip because it was amazing. We went a little slower because of our injuries but the guides were always patient and worked with our limitations. Speaking of guides, it is clear to us that you hire the top guides, Guide) and (Guide) were topnotch. We spent the most time with(Guide) because he did the Sacred Valley phase of the trip. He went up and above to respond to our specific ad hoc requests, ie visit to Seminario. I think he has to be one of the most connected people in the Sacred Valley. We somehow got in front of all the long lines, met a world-famous artist. etc. And of course he was so knowledgeable about Peru, its culture and people. A delight! And (Guide) picked us up at the end of flights and had to deal with us when we were tired and maybe even a bit cranky :). But what a wonderful way to start our second part of the vacation but to have dinner at Huaca. It was a late night for him but he was gracious and kind and it made for a memorable evening for us. And thank you Big 5 for a beautiful final dinner at Museo Larco 

Chuck and I have wonderful memories of Peru and its people. And of course, we have a great story to tell. And whenever we tell the story we are sure to praise (you). 

Again many, many thanks for all your excellent care and concern and FUN! 

C. M. – Clients

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October 31, 2019

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