“I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with Big Five and (Big Five Destination Specialist – DS)  It was truly an outstanding job done from beginning to end.   I have been a leisure travel agent for 37 years, and I am fortunate to say I get my share of high end travelers to many exotic parts of the world.  (DS) went above and beyond what any other operator would have given answering our clients many questions and requirements.  He lead us to make the best decisions.  There were a number of challenges planning with this particular trip and I was always given professional and personal guidance that I needed.  Even till the end when the Nairobi airport burned.  I had done my own air myself, but Big Five stepped in and assisted the travelers getting them home. Yes, we do have a choice in tour operators, and there are many good high end ones out there, but Big Five will be at the top.  Big Five and (DS) did surpass my expectations.” –   S.B.

July 31, 2014

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Machu Pichhu- Absolutely Fantastic


We have no words to thank you for the absolutely unbelievable service and the courtesies extended to us; your entire...

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