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Born of volcanoes, Guatemala has emerged as the star of Central America and offers diversity enough for everyone from bird watchers, to adventure sport enthusiasts, to history buffs.

Guatemala offers a vibrant diversity of jungle landscapes, classic colonial towns and famous indigenous markets. Some regions remain utterly wild and free, while others were developed by early Mayans. The earliest Maya civilizations began to emerge in the highlands of Guatemala by 2000 BCE. By 250, the Early Classic Period, great temple cities of pyramids and plazas rose. They left behind dramatic, inspiring and important archaeological sites such as the magical temple city of Tikal, which rivals the world’s other grand pyramid sites. In addition to the remarkable architecture, the Maya also developed a complex calendar, a hieroglyphic writing system, and an impressive body of scientific knowledge. Guatemala also offers vibrant Spanish colonial towns and stylish cities with art galleries, museums, shops, restaurants, quaint bars and cafes. Add stellar nature experiences such as a helicopter for an overflight of six different volcanoes en route to Lake Atitlan, and glamping at Uaxactun Mayan ruins – an overnight stay in the ruins in the comfort of your own private camp with candle-lit dinner. Fish, trek the jungle, snorkel and more. Fascinating landscapes, flourishing cultures and plenty of adventures make Guatemala a stand-out destination.

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Guatemala’s Jungles, Jaguars & Peanut Butter – Precious Journeys®

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Volcanoes of Latin America

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Board a helicopter for an overflight of six different volcanoes en route to Lake Atitlan Savor a rare experience…  glamping at Uaxactun Mayan…

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Guatemala & Colombia

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Savor the unique opportunity to watch the sun set and rise during a private overnight tented stay in Guatemala's Maya archeological site…

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From $550 per person per day, land only, double occupancy | 7 Days |

Enjoy a rare opportunity to spend the night in a Mayan archaeological site in a in the middle of the wilderness in…

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Big Five is committed to sustainable tourism. Check the sustainability ranking of Guatemala and learn about our commitment to sustainable tourism.

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