A higher purpose is that one essential thing that informs everything we do in life. It is the driving force that is found in each of us that author Simon Sinek writes about in “Start with Why.”  Why do we do we do?  That is the essential question we asked the ourselves.

We also asked our team to explore their individual higher purposes, which you see in the list below. These statements are truly the powerful force behind Big Five. We share them with you because we believe these are also among the most compelling reasons that professional travel advisors and our guests choose to journey with us.


  • I want to feel purpose for those I can help so that I leave a legacy worthy of my children.
  • I want to embrace my second chance of life as a cancer survivor, welcoming each day with thankfulness, love and joy so that I can touch family, friends and all who surround me to celebrate life’s journey in the most positive way possible, making a difference in their lives.
  • I want to keep learning so that I can apply what I learn and can teach others.
  • I want to be part of the solution so that I can contribute to making positive changes.
  • I want to have a purpose so that I earn my place in this world.
  • I want to try the impossible so that I know it can be done.
  •  I want to continue to learn and make a positive impact so that I can be happy.
  • I want to live each day to the fullest so that my life has a sense of meaning and accomplishment.
  • I want to engage only in things I believe in so that things I can help myself and others get more out of life.
  •  I want to come closer to understanding myself so that I have more empathy and treat others better.
  •  I want to improve the way I do things every day so that I can grow in all aspects of my life.
  • I want to be involved on the cutting edge of the sustainable eco-tourism movement through my personal travel so that I can enhance the lives of the people, both in the places I travel and for others travelling.
  • I want to start over so that I can make amends with the universe.
  • I want to be open minded so that I can achieve honesty and receive feedback and ideas.
  • I want to do what is right so that my family is proud of me.
  • I want my mind focused and happy so that I can eliminate unworthy thoughts, overcome fears and believe in success.
  • I want to follow the Golden Rule so that I will treat others with kindness.


If you connect with the ideas expressed here, then we should be working together.