Big Five Tours & Expedition’s Travel Blog

We have developed a Travel Blog for you, our travelers, to use as a way for you to share the important moments and amazing photographs with family and friends back home while you are still traveling.  It is designed to be used in conjunction with your computer, laptop or PDA.  (Please note that at this time, the Iphone does not support picture uploads to the blog; however, text blogs are functioning. Apple has been made aware of the problem and is working on a solution, also please be aware that at this time Comcast Customers have not been receiving the update emails sent by the blog. Comcast has been informed of the situation and is working on a solution.)

This is a wonderful way to share your adventures with the people who are important to you.  If you are traveling with Big Five and would like to create your personal Big Five travel blog, you will receive information on how to create your personal blog in your final documents.

Once set up, each time you update your blog while traveling, everyone on your list will receive an email form you saying that your blog has been updated.  It takes about 48 hours to post new entries.

Please Note: Big Five respects your privacy, and we assure you that any contacts you list here will never be used by us for marketing, promotion or for any other purpose. The blog is strictly a service to allow you to share your journey with friends and family as they happen.

We hope you enjoy sharing the adventures, the sights and the people you encounter along the way with your circle of family and friends. Happy blogging!