Wirya (Willie) Sadaputra

Willie has been a professional tour guide in Bali for nearly three decades. He was born and raised Lombok and attended school on Lombok Island before going to secondary school at Warmadewa University in Denpasar. He began his career working in the front office of a small hotel Nusa Dua, and found he enjoyed the interactions with the guests. He then worked with a small tour operator and became its operations manager with responsibilities that included coordinating and organizing details with guides and hotel staff.

As a professional guide with 30 years of experience, Willie is eager to introduce the richness of Balinese culture, using his depth of knowledge and expertise.

“This was my dream since I was a kid. After years of experience, I am able to live the life I hoped, traveling while sharing my country with guests, making their trip an unforgettable experience” said Willie.

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Jack Bali

Born in Gianyar, Jack grew up in Bali as I Ketut Separma. He went to primary school in Gianyar while for his secondary education, he attended  Warmadewa University in Denpasar.  He grew up around tourism activities in Bali from early childhood. His mother was a senior nurse in the Central hospital of Bali, which deeply impacted him and helped give him a strong sense of responsibility. He chose to become a tour guide to share his country with travelers, and took the name of Jack Bali.

Since 1992, Jack has been licensed English-speaking tour guide. He works as a full-time guide who has served Big Five’s clients, providing them with his extensive knowledge of Bali’s customs, cultures and people. He is recognized for his great sense of humor as well as being very adaptive to guests interests and needs, which has been key in making him a favorite.

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