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Galapagos Islands Land Adventure

$790 | 9 Days |

Explore historic center of Quito, “Old Town”, the largest and best-restored historical center in the Americas with its eccentric, narrow, winding cobblestone streets,...

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Northern Peru Warriors of the Clouds

$600 | 11 Days |

Explore the Sacred Valley in depth, with a day of discovery at the legendary mountain fortress of Machu Picchu Travel...

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Peru Andes Adventure by Train

$900 | 11 Days |

Train lovers enjoy three different train experiences: The Vistadome to Machu Picchu; the luxury Hiram Bingham train back through the...

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Bolivia & Argentina Highland Adventure

$500 | 14 Days |

Explore La Paz, both ancient and modern, from the Church of San Francisco, circa 1549, one of the finest examples of colonial religious...

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Tanzania & Kenya Safari Adventure

$1,200 | 17 Days |

Explore the characteristic landscapes of the Tarangire River and savor the atmosphere of a bygone era at an elegant and authentic safari camp, where...

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Trekking Tasmania & Maria Island

$650 | 13 Days |

Explore Melbourne, a city as passionate about football as it is about food Drive the extraordinary Great Ocean Road to...

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Crystal Canyons of Colombia

$600 | 13 Days |

Explore two of Colombia’s dynamic and historic cities – Bogota with its historic center and reputions for premier graffiti art; and Cartagena with its ancient walled city Take...

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Sri Lanka Of Teas & Temples

| 14 Days |

Explore the Cultural Triangle, home to the early Sinhalese civilization encompassing the great cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa. See an...

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Southern Africa: Teeth of the Crocodile – Precious Journeys® College Edition

$800 | 10 Days |

Walk with local Bushmen to gain insights into their ancient culture. Explore from graffiti art and Apartheid in South Africa,...

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Australia Unbound

$1800 | 32 Days | Precious Journeys® College Edition

Discover Australia on this in-depth exploration that ranges from distinctive cities such as Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, to eccentric islands such as Philip Island...

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Zimbabwe’s Wild Landscapes

$1600 | 11 Days | Precious Journeys® College Edition

Travel to the Zimbabwe side of Victoria Falls to experience the many activities available from scenic flights over the falls by...

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Southern India’s Vijaynagar Empire

$450 | 14 Days | Precious Journeys® College Edition

Discover the city of Bangalore with its 16th-cnetury Tipu’s Palace, the original mud-brick fort built, and Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, regarded as one of the...

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Natural Nicaragua

$650 | 10 Days | Precious Journeys® College Edition

Discover beautiful Apoyo Lagoon and range of nature-based activities that along the shoreline and forest. Explore the historic center of Granada...

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Brazil’s Amazing Amazon & Cultured Coast

$600 | 13 Days | Precious Journeys® College Edition

Explore in-depth the magnificent Amazon Rainforest, the majority, about 60%, is contained in Brazil, during a five night stay at a lodge in...

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Trekking Adventure in Ecuador’s Andes

$300 | 7 Days | Precious Journeys® College Edition

North of Quito, visit a historic hacienda and travel to a traditional Indian village, Peguche, to meet a family of...

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Ecuador’s Galapagos & Amazon

$800 | 15 Days | Precious Journeys® College Edition

Discover the eccentric inhabitants of three of the Galapagos extraordinary islands – San Cristobal,  Isabela, and Santa Cruz during a land-based stay here Snorkel...

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Australia Active – Precious Journeys® College Edition

$650 | 16 Days | Precious Journeys® College Edition

Explore Adelaide’s elegant tree-lined streets, parks and historic stone churches as well as the Adelaide Central Market and the National...

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Botswana & South Africa

$1,200 | 14 Days | Precious Journeys® College Edition

Participate in a photographic safari with David Murray, Great Plains Wild Studio, that includes a unique project – Facial Recognition Research Project – using cutting edge...

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Adventure Botswana & Victoria Falls

| 11 Days | Precious Journeys® College Edition

Discover some of the thrilling activities available at Victoria Falls – from helicopter flights to bungee jumping above the falls to canoeing...

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Guatemala, Colombia & Argentina: Graffiti Art Experience – Precious Journeys® College Edition

$600 | 16 Days | Precious Journeys® College Edition

Discover the fascinating world of graffiti art on this unique journey and meet some of today’s recognized artists. Travel to villages...

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