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In honor of the world & a hidden gem

Date: October 11, 2019 | By: Deborah Kilcollins | Category: Travel Blog

Although you may not have heard much about it, yesterday was World Environment Day, a United Nations day to help promote worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment, our planet.

Since it began 45 years ago, the event has grown to become a global platform for public outreach that is celebrated in more than 100 countries. On this day each of us are encouraged to do something, large or tiny, to help the planet. That action can be local, national or global; it can be a solo action or involve a crowd.

But who would have thought that that action could come in the form of a stay in Africa? Stay in a stunning, exclusive private retreat hidden in northern Kenya. Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy, a 58,000-acre reserve settled on the Laikipia plateau, was once the private home of the Wildenstein family, among the most well-known art dynasty families. The home is built among the kopjes, outcrops of ancient granite boulders and rocks that stick out like rough islands on the flat landscape.

Ol Jogi is today one of the most exclusive properties in all of Africa and perfect for those looking for an authentic Kenyan experience reminiscent of the days before mass-tourism. It is all yours for the length of your stay – no minivans, no other guests – perfect for family reunions or groups of friends. The complex accommodates groups of four to 20 guests throughout the year in the Main House, as well as larger groups for special events such as weddings and birthdays. For an extra bonus, enjoy Ol Jogi Under The Stars, a luxury tented camp set up adjacent to the Main House.

It clear that this has been a labor of love as well as a refuge from the outside world. Away from the main house, seven individually designed cottages overlook a watering hole in the garden. Each cottage has been individually designed around a different theme with tailored furniture, individual dressing rooms and ‘his and hers’ bathrooms. From your bed you wake up to spectacular sunrises above Mount Kenya and go to sleep aware of the vast array of wildlife around the watering hole. The combination of luxury and nature is hard to bet.

One of the most exceptional facets of this already exceptional property is that all the money generated goes directly back in to support the conservancy. This was never intended to be a money-making proposition.

The conservancy is home to endangered and threatened species including 25% of the world’s remaining Grevy’s zebra, more than 60 of the world’s 860 stock of Eastern Black Rhino, 375 Reticulated giraffe as well as African wild dog, lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, cheetah, hyena, Oryx, impala and eland. Ol Jogi also supports a Wildlife Rescue Centre & Veterinary Clinic that rescues elephants and orphaned rhinos.

You will revel in exploring this stunning landscape on guided day and night game drives, walking safaris and guided horse riding for experienced riders. Or, savor cultural encounters take you into Twala Cultural Village and the Ol Jogi Primary school to meet the children.

For a new twist on a walking safari, how about a walk with baboons? Follow the baboons as they clamber down from their sleeping sites, play in acacia trees and eat sweet opuntia fruit.

You’ll be led through the bush by a local Maasai guide and learn about other species, tracking and Maasai culture.

Baboons can live up to thirty years in the wild. Females are the stable center of the troop, which has multifaceted social structures based on friendship, alliances and family ties. Males, however, migrate in and out of groups. Although baboons are usually more active and social in the early morning and slightly more relaxed in the evening, both times offer excellent opportunities to observe them in their natural habitat.

A heated outdoor swimming pool with waterfall and island, gym, ‘spa’ services including a Moroccan-inspired Hammam (steam rooms), cedar wood sauna, Jacuzzi and private masseuse as well as helicopter excursions are available.

This exclusive and luxurious property delivers all that it promises and ever so much more. Every dollar earned through hosting guests is 100% reinvested into conservation efforts. Your trip will make a substantial donation to the conservation and community. Your stay includes a $25,000 donation, which you will decide how to invest once you have visited Ol Jogi’s conservation and community projects. That is worthy of World Environment Day!

Explore our newest President’s Pick Tanzania & Kenya The Wild Walk for more.

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