Taking the next step in travel innovation, Big Five Tours and Expeditions has launched GIB 5.0, an Artificial Intelligence proprietary application to support its sustainable tourism projects around the world.

“The most exciting aspect of GIB 5.0 is that it allows Big Five’s travelers to better support giving back to local people and the planet in the destinations they visit,” said Ashish Sanghrajka, President of Big Five.

The innovative travel company twice won the top global award for Sustainable Tourism Leadership by the Virtuoso Travel network, and currently provides funding to several long-term projects in the regions where they operate through their non-profit Spirit of Big Five Foundation.

“We are always seeking to integrate our wildlife conservation and community development efforts into ever more aspects of Big Five’s travel portfolio, which includes Asia, Africa and Latin America. Our vision remains to have a positive impact on the people and places we visit, through enjoyable, meaningful and sustainable travel to some of the world’s most spectacular places,” adds Sanghrajka. “GIB 5.0 uses proprietary AI to bring about more equitable giving, a belief that sustainability for communities and conservation should be consistent and constant no matter what geopolitical events are happening in our world.”

GIB 5.0 launches as soon as a client begins booking their first trip with Big Five and evolves as more information is added. Updates from guides, in-country managers, and from Big Five’s 24-hour White Glove Service program are added throughout a guest’s trip. GIB 5.0 can also help travel advisors learn about the interests and passions of their clients, providing them with an additional tool to better curate and design the vacation of a lifetime that also gives back to people and the planet.

Additionally, Big Five is expanding its support to encompass more short-term projects based upon the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by using the AI technology to present a rich variety of options to guests that are closely aligned with their personal interests when they travel, allowing them to better channel their philanthropic support. Should the client’s advisor or family want to present a special occasion gift to be delivered during a vacation, they can also opt to make a donation in the traveler’s name to a grassroots community development project, such as a local women’s handicraft cooperative or wildlife conservation program, in the country they are visiting.

“We want to change the conversation and empower the travel community, including both travelers and travel advisors,” states Sanghrajka. “GIB 5.0 provides more opportunities for more meaningful conversations about traveling with purpose and enabling each traveler to choose how they wish to ‘give back’ in tangible ways to local people and the environment, to create a better world for future generations. We believe that is the power and the promise of sustainable travel in action.”