Santiago Martinez

Santiago’s passion for travel started when he was a child and came from his great sense of curiosity for  discovering new things about his home, the world and himself. He has spent part of his life in the countryside, which helped create his love of nature and adventure. He also developed a keen interest in anthropology.

Santiago has worked as a naturalist guide for more than 30 years in a variety of outdoor adventures including river rafting, trekking, horse riding and jungle excursions in mainland Ecuador. He has explored the remote jungles, volcanoes, Cloud Forest, the Galapagos Islands and the lost trails of the Andes on horseback. With his life-long passion for travel throughout Ecuador and abroad, Santiago cannot envision himself doing anything else, and see himself as an ambassador of his country.

“All that magic atmosphere makes Ecuador one of the most beautiful countries in the world,” he states. “There is nothing like sharing unbelievable moments with the local cultures and coming home with amazing stories that I love to share.”

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Fabian Arevalo

Fabian Arevalo attended Juan Montalvo High School in Quito. He continued his studies at the Universidad de Especialidades Turísticas (University of Tourism Specialties), a non-profit private higher education institution in Quito. He worked there for a time in customer support and as a museum guide for some of the UDET museums in the city. Fabian also became a natural guide at the protected area El Boliche in Pichincha Province, famous for its pine and cypresses plantations. He has been a national tour guide for some 14 years and tours throughout mainland Ecuador, accompanying Big Five Tours & Expeditions clients to discover the country’s cultural sites, its active markets and remarkable national parks. Always with a positive attitude, Fabian enjoys his job and the people he meets from around the globe. In addition to Spanish, he also speaks English and Italian.

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Jorge Castillo Jácome

Jorge Castillo Jácome was born in Quito. He attended elementary school at Don Bosco Salesian School, but also spent some time in the US, where he attended high school in Miami at Rockway Middle School. At Technological Institute of Hospitality and International Tourism, Jorge received his Bachelor of Science degree and a Masters in cultural studies.  His interests are wide ranging encompassing computing, cultural studies, music, human relations, Oriental philosophical studies and archaeology as well as colonial and contemporary art.  Jorge has served as a guide in several distinguished institutions such as the Metropolitan Cultural Center and the Chapel Of Man Foundation Guayasamín before spending several years as a freelance guide.  He has also been a naturalist guide at locations such as Chimborazo Wildlife Reserve, Ecological Reserve Illinizas and Cotopaxi National Park. Jorge speaks Spanish and English.

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Gina  Castillo Jàcome

Gina Castillo Jàcome was born in Quito, but spent several years in Miami, FL, where she attended Miami Coral Park Senior High School.  She earned a Bachelor in Business Administration from Andino Institute, and her national guiding degree at the Equnoctial University of Ecuador, where she also received a Masters Degree in tourism and hotel management. Gina taught for six years at the Technological Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management and at Iberoamerican University of Ecuador for a further three years. Gina also has an interest in sustainable tourism and has attended conferences on the subject. She began her guiding career more than 15 years ago and has worked with a number of distinguished companies.

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