Costa Rica

Rafael Ocampo Ramirez

Rafael Ocampo Ramirez seems to have been wired to be a guide, and in fact has been a professional guide in Costa Rica for 16 years. Rafael is eager to help visitors to understand not only his country but also one of his primary passions – nature. He expertise encompasses wildlife, plants and much of the local history in the places he explores with his clients.

Before he began his guiding career, he was an English teacher. That background serves him well when he shares his knowledge and enthusiasm for Costa Rica with others. Rafael sometimes spends weeks at a time traveling around Costa Rica with his clients, helping them discover the nature and culture of his country.

Originally from Ciudad Quesada, Costa Rica, Rafael is a family man, and likes to spend time with his wife, Laura, and his seven-year-old daughter, Valentina, at their home in La Fortuna near the majestic Arenal Volcano. He has traveled to the United States and Europe, where he visits some of the people he guided in Costa Rica.

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