Davith Dam

Davith Dam comes from a large family, and is one of eight siblings. He was born in 198O during era of the Khmer Rouge, in a village west of Siem Reap city, where he attended primary school from 1985 to 1991. Growing up at that time, he was only permitted to live with his family in his hometown until age ten.  During that time, Cambodia was in a civil war with the Khmer Rouge army. During this difficult time, the people in the village were evacuated to Thai border, called Site 2 and Site B, to escape the danger of war in his village. But his parents chose to stay to take care of his elderly grandmother. With the closure of all the schools in the country, many children, including Davith, were evacuated for safety to live with Buddhist monks in a pagoda in Siem Reap, the only place at that time to offer education.

He lived with the monks for six years between 1992 and 1998, where he attended secondary school and high school.  from the pagoda in Siem Reap. After high school, Davith decided to become a monk. During that time, he also attended the university, where he studied English and Spanish. He was a monk for six years, 1999-2005, before he left the monkhood. That is when he began his career as a local guide, working for the Artisans D’Angkor for two years before taking the exam to become a licensed tour guide in his home town of Siem Reap and the nearby Angkor ruins complex.  Davith has enjoyed his work as a tour guide for some 13 years, sharing his knowledge and experience with Big Five travelers.

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