Dear Advisor Partners,

Earlier this year, before my son’s 15th birthday, I began thinking about a meaningful gift, something that he would remember.  As I wondered, I thought about an article I read regarding NASA’s return to the moon, a mission called Artemis. As I researched more, I realized I could get my son’s name on a document that will be carried up on the mission.

Then my mind shifted to Mars when I remembered a visit to Jordan, to a location near Wadi Rum that reminded me of the images and renderings of the surface of the red planet. With space travel advancing and space tourism ever closer to becoming a reality, on top of a historic launch about to occur, we crafted this video about Jordan to celebrate how far we have come. Blending what we see down here with what we envision to be up there, travel possibilities and imagination can happily meld.

While the deserts of Mars and lunar surface of the moon get closer, the orbital landscapes of Jordan are already within reach. Please enjoy this week’s video. 

Dear Advisor Partners,

Even being in Las Vegas with a lost voice won’t keep me from speaking with you. And considering I can’t talk anymore, it’s only fitting that I share a video of an amazing conversation I had on our podcast, the Sustainable Voice, available on Spotify and Apple.

This was with fellow host and travel advisor Robin Cline, who runs her own podcast called the Intrepid Traveler. Robin and I were in Colombia recently and will be in Egypt later this year and we recently began a conversation about the transformation of small locations through responsible tourism. This episode was a continuation of that conversation.

Enjoy the video and as always thanks for subscribing. I am flattered and humbled by how many of you came up to me and told me you were a listener. Thank you sincerely.


Dear Advisor Partners,

Those of you planning safaris are probably being told by everyone and their brother that the migration is happening in East Africa. You’ve likely read countless newsletters, wildlife reports, and notes talking about this awesome occurrence. They all have one message in common – you have to see this.

Well seeing the migration take place regularly since I was 4 years old, I can tell you, that statement is almost right. Only, it’s missing a word – You have to see this, again.

That phrase is what gets me back to East Africa regularly, and no matter how many times I see the ground-shaking movement, it never gets old. Seeing herds of wildebeest, zebra and many other animals, stretching miles all the way to the horizon line is a natural phenomenon that can only happen in Africa. How can a movement this large, driving off instinct, be this consistent? Even the largest schools of fish don’t move like this, and that’s saying something. The question is, how do we show you instead of just telling you? While we wish you could all be at the crossing with us, we know it’s not possible.

Enter the raw footage we just received from guests, Eric and Heidi, who just got back from the Serengeti booked by one of our favorite partners, Lisa Freeburg of Travel A La Carte. Lisa and I had the pleasure of being in Africa at almost the same time earlier this year. Lisa’s guests had an amazing safari in the Mbulia Conservancy, deep in the heart of Tsavo, and heading into Tanzania, through Arusha, then the Serengeti. Here they timed their visit perfectly at their camp, as did Lisa’s prior guests who stayed nearby at one of our favorite camps, Serengeti Bushtops. The herds were moving with velocity, the crocodiles were moving into position, the cats were crouching, everything was set perfectly. The days were magical as Eric and Heidi enjoyed a safari so spectacular, that they shared this gem with Lisa as soon as they pulled up to their gate at their home city – “Just pulled up to the gate, you are off the clock… Thank you for everything.”

They ended their safari in rare style with a gorilla trek in Rwanda, which was a highlight in itself, all while reinforcing a lesson that has withstood the test of time – Timing is everything!

My friends, the migration is here, it’s happening and it’s a spectacle that has to be seen as many times as possible, simply to witness the greatest show on Earth. They don’t wait for anybody, and it’s not like I can call the lead wildebeest over satellite phone and ask him to stall.

Please enjoy this weeks video – starring raw footage courtesy of a couple Big Five guests.

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