The Forbidden Purple City found in Hue, Vietnam is more than just a tourist attraction, its living history. Built for the Nguyen Dynasty, the entire city is surrounded by a 10km moat and 10 gates. The city is laid out so that there is a citadel within a citadel within a citadel. The first citadel of the city was populated by non-royal commoners. The next was built for important ceremonies. The final citadel is where the Purple Forbidden City was located. Besides royalty, the only ones allowed in this inner sanctum were eunuchs who served the family and the emperor’s concubines.

Built in the early 19th century, the palace grounds were designed by feng shui experts to optimize the energy flow. The structures within the city were meant to resemble the Forbidden City of Beijing. The Forbidden Purple City grew to have hundreds of different rooms and became a vast property.

The Forbidden City has gone through many hardships. What termites and typhoons have not destroyed, war did. Only a few of the historic buildings remain standing after the war with the US. Much of the once majestic city is now covered with rice fields.

Currently, a handful of the structures have been restored and its possible to tour them. Efforts will continue to try and bring the city back to its former glory. A visit to these ruins gives a very hopeful yet sometimes haunting vibe. The story of rebirth for this Forbidden City is very intriguing and is definitely well worth a visit.

A visit to Laos is sure to be filled with many surprises. You never know which cultures you might experience, foods you may taste, or ancient history you might discover. It is a place filled with wonders and plenty of experiences that will create memories to last a lifetime.

If you are in search of an outdoor adventure, be sure to bring your hiking boots. A tour of the mountains in Laos will have you in awe. Not only is the scenery beautiful, there is also some beautiful culture to be found too. There are some very old hill tribe societies that still thrive here. They adhere to their traditional ways of life and craft everyday items as they have for many years. After the hike, be sure to explore the lush forests. These remote areas are home to misty waterfalls and a variety of wildlife. From colorful birds to simple tree-dwelling mammals, you are sure to spot something exciting.

If you are looking for a less wild experience, staying within the city limits is also pleasurable. As you wander the streets, you might encounter Buddhist monks traveling to and from temples. Seeing how calm and peaceful these monks are will resonate with you, perhaps even giving you some inner peace. If you are eager to do some shopping, there are many places to do so in the capitol city of Vientiane. Here you will find shops, restaurants, and other ways to find entertainment. Despite its high population, Vientiane has a laid back feel to it.

While Laos may not be the most popular tourist destination, it boasts some wonderful landscapes and rich culture that is a must-see for any experienced traveler.

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