FTA member logoThey are our future. One day, it will be up to them to make critical decisions that will impact the survival of species on a global basis. Why not reach out to them now? We have seen many examples of children making positive impacts in their communities. So convinced are we that children of all ages can make valuable contributions, we launched our children focused Kids KouncilTM. Our initial panel included six children from six to 19. The oldest one served as the chair person. We gave them nine questions to discuss. Only they were allowed to speak, and just one adult was outside the room taking notes. The point was to discover what they were specifically interested in when it comes to travel and family vacations. Their input was invaluable and gave us insights into how can better encompass kids in the planning travel process.  This was productive and fun that we are making this a regular event. Our next meeting of the Kids Kouncil will be in July. Stay tuned.


We developed  Precious Journeys adventures with children at the heart of each journey.

A Perfect Family Adventure
The Wall Street Journal: Online, Cecilie Rohwedder., July 7, 2015

Big Five Tours & Expeditions, based in Stuart, Fla., launched “Precious Journeys,” where families with young children can track tigers in India or camp under the stars in Kenya. Big Five President Ashish Sanghrajka said clients now ask for unique experiences beyond sightseeing.” 

More Fun for the Family
Vacation Agent, David Cogswell, June 1, 2015

“Big Five Tours has introduced a new series of family trips called Precious Journeys designed “for families to enjoy authentic journeys that welcome children as a vital part of the travel experience, providing the, with real-world experience,” says Big Five President Ashish Sanghrajka.”

5 thrilling family vacations
Newsday, May 6, 2015

“EMBARK ON A PRECIOUS JOURNEY Join Big Five Tours & Expeditions for a family travel adventure. Specifically created for ages 5 to 11, the journeys are designed to offer real-world experiences in destinations such as Ecuador, Costa Rica and Kenya.”

Hikes, camps and more make vacation memories
Dallas Morning News, Lynn O’Rourke Hayes, April 25, 2015

“Expect itineraries that offer breathtaking landscapes as well as activities intended to inspire young travelers and even spark interest in future careers as a volcanologist, naturalist or archeologist”

Big Five Hits Family Travel Market with Precious Journeys
Travel Pulse, David Cogswell, March 30, 2015

“The programs are designed to take subjects such as geology, zoology and archaeology from the sterile classroom environment and put them in the vivid and compelling settings of international travel, demonstrating how fascinating the subjects really are in the real world.”

“Each program has to meet strict requirements to be considered part of this collection so we don’t anticipate there to be a lot of programs here,” said Sanghrajka. “Additionally the activities are so unique that places one has stereotyped as family friendly actually don’t meet these requirements. The main reason is because there is nothing different in the activities beyond the style of accommodations. That contrasts with this collection where the entire journey down to the special access and the activities are designed with education in mind for the child and the family.”

10 Amazing Late-Night Hotel Amenities for the Travelers
Haute Living, March 18, 2015

“Going on a safari in Africa is filled with hours of adventure under the sun. But, as part of the 11-day Precious Journey itinerary you can go on a special excursion in Maasai Mara where you climb into “The Nest” that’s outfitted with infrared technology atop a Warburgia tree to keep a look out for nocturnal wildlife.”