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New Reality – What is this new reality?  It is an attitude and enthusiasm that centers around one simple idea – your determination to experience your life, not merely pass through it.  One of the most significant benefits of travel is that it offers us that opportunity to step outside of our everyday lives, to spark our senses, to consider bigger ideas and to see our place in the world in more meaningful terms.  At the heart of our special collections is the very principal of personal discovery.   These journeys of discovery are not intended to appeal to everyone – indeed, they are geared toward the world traveler, the curious, the voyager. They share an attitude of adventure, and each collection has a general theme or idea that informs and infuses it.  We have crafted these tours from among our distinctive destinations in Africa, Central and South America, Asia, Orient and the South Pacific.

Each adventure is designed to be fluid and organic, and, if you will, fitted to each traveler like an exquisitely tailored suit.  Each collection will evolve over time as we continue to discover the best, cutting-edge experiences to offer you.  If one of our collections fires your imagination or makes your pulse race a bit, please contact us to discuss itineraries and options.  Take a step beyond expectations.


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Oman: Caravans of the Bedu 9 Days New Reality Interest(s): Sustainable Travel, Adventure Travel

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This luxury, award-winning adventure takes in the spectacular desert landscapes of Oman, traditional towns such as Quriyat and Mirbat, and Bedu settlements at Ras Al Ruways. In Oman’s wadis, search out desert wildlife such as hyena, camel, ibex and gazelle as well stunning geological landscapes.