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Welcome to our new discoveries section dedicated to bringing you our newest journeys. What comes next? That is always our guiding challenge. Here, we present exciting new and emerging destinations to explore, people to meet and adventure tours to be experienced. Or, you may find itineraries that offer a new twist on a classic destination. All while we continue to honor our commitment to the best practices of sustainable, socially responsible travel. Travel should enhance our understanding of the world; promote connections between peoples and societies, and enrich travelers, the people they meet and the places they experience. Come along with us as we discover this amazing planet we call home.


Southern Ethiopia’s Omo Valley Tribes
Discover the rich cultural treasures of Southern Ethiopia found in the more than 45 different traditional indigenous communities. Explore Dimeka women’s market or visit the weekly market in Key Afer, one of the most outstanding market of the Lower Omo Valley tribes. Travel to Mago National Park, providing sanctuary to nearly 100 species of mammal and 300 species of bird species and Senkele Wildlife Sanctuary, originally established to protect the endemic, endangered antelope Swayne’s hartebeest as well as home to Bohor, reedbucks, orbis antelopes, spotted hyenas, serval and civet cat as well as 91 species of birds.

Adventure Trio South Africa, Zimbabwe & Botswana
Set out on an adventure through Southern Africa’s bush for some of the best game viewing — especially elephant viewing — in Africa. Experience the Zimbabwe side of legendary Victoria Falls by microlight, canoe, bungee jump or on foot. Discover South Africa’s exceptional Cape Winelands vineyards. Sample the extraordinary variety of what Southern Africa has to offer.

Peru Adventure Trek
Take the road less traveled – hike the less known route to Machu Picchu along the Salkantay Trail, spending nights glamping in luxury dome tents. Discover the legendary Machu Picchu. Go on a walking tour of colonial Cusco and savor a culinary adventure in Lima. 

President’s Picks: Ecuador & Colombia Exploration
“About a decade ago, we saw clearly that there was so much more to Ecuador than the fabled islands. In Colombia, the challenge was to get people to look beyond its troubled past. Fast forward to today, and see how this journey is the culmination of the vision we had. This in-depth adventure moves through the heart of the pre-Incan empires of these two remarkable countries.”

President’s Pick: New Zealand & Australia Land, Sea, Sky
“Every time I see the creative programs our team comes up with, I ask, ‘What does a cookie cutter even look like?’ That includes this one featuring one of my favorite parts of Australia, the Whitsundays along with some of the prettiest parts of New Zealand including the top golf courses on both islands. This is the Australia and New Zealand that reaches past the rock, the reef and commercialism.”

President’s Pick: Sri Lanka A Natural Adventure
“Sri Lanka is re-emerging on the world stage as a destination. On this adventure, you explore Sri Lanka’s natural and cultural history that rediscovers areas of the islands such as Jaffna that have been seldom visited for decades. Savor home-cooked meals in private homes, tour Jaffna by bicycle, look for leopards in Wilpattu National Park, and climb the fabled rock fortress of Sigiriya, Discover the culture, religious traditions, history, nature and the welcoming people of Sri Lanka.”