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China is simply too much – too big, too grand, too vast, too busy, too complex – to fit neatly into the space of a few pages. Hong Kong is the flashy metropolis that blends East and West, and Taiwan presents its own unique cultural story.

China is the massive stone wall spread along the its spine, the little girl in the pink dress sitting on her grandfather’s lap in a Beijing park, the river that has carried a nation on its broad back, the utter rush of Shanghai and Hong Kong, and the delicate songs of a Chinese opera. For more than five centuries, emperors ruled from the magnificent Forbidden City with its 9,999 rooms. In distant southeast China, over the course of a thousand years people gathered some 2,415 statues and paintings as well as ancient textiles, historic documents and 50,000 Buddhist scriptures, and placed them in the grottos of Magao Caves. An emperor created a red clay army of more than 7,000 soldiers, horses and chariots.

The country’s majestic legacy had been forged in the ancient water towns of Jiangnan and along the legendary Silk Road. Just 80 kilometers/112 miles off the southeastern coast of China, Taiwan has more than 5,000 Buddhist, Taoist and Confucius temples. It is a rare tropical island of which two thirds is covered with high mountain ranges. From momentous civilizations to phenomenal human achievements, China’s influence has been felt across the globe. What scale, what style… what an adventure!


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China including Hong Kong & Taiwan Tours

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China Custom Tour Varied Days Navigator Series Interest(s): Adventure Travel

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I spent the morning haunting the edges of the long trenches, mesmerized by the most unique army ever assembled – this army of clay. Xian’s soldiers, horses and chariots – more than 8,000 – were buried with the first emperor of China to serve as his protectors. Rows upon rows of figures, some broken and headless, many restored to full form, had returned from the grave after more than 2,200 years beneath the earth. My focus was broken by a giggle. I turned to see a petite girl about four years old looking at me with both glee and trepidation with her parents behind her. Although they spoke no English, their request was clear. Her father held a camera and motioned with a smile that they would like to take my picture with their daughter. I smiled and nodded. I stooped down to be eye level with this bright-faced child. After a moment, we were giggling, and she shyly put her hand in mine. I am used to playing photographer, not subject. The parents bowed their thank you and the girl waved as they walked away. I turned back to the clay wondering what she would tell her children about the foreigner in the photo.

Legendary China 29 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Adventure Travel

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Explore the depth of China, its vast history and amazing cities and towns. See the inspiration for the mountain in the movie "Avatar." Enjoy unique excursions such as traveling in a sidecar of a replica of a 1930’s BMW M71 motorcycle in Shanghai; touring Guilin by bicycle; and taking a bamboo raft along the Yulong River through amazing landscapes.

Custom China including Taiwan & Hong Kong Luxury Tour Varied Days Navigator Series Interest(s): Adventure Travel

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Take on infinite China, home to incredible wonders - both man-made and natural - from the Stone Forest in the southwest to Beijing's Great Wall to, Xian's incredible Qin Dynasty (246-209 BCE). clay army. The cultural, historic and natural wealth of China would take a lifetime to fully explore and comprehend, but you can experience some of the most dynamic and thrilling aspects of China. Explore the natural personality of Taiwan, with its surprisingly diversity of nature-based activities such as mountain biking, climbing, rafting, scuba diving, sailing and more; while Hong Kong is home to traditional monasteries such as Po Lin, Big Buddha, and world-renowned high-fashion shops, restaurants and more, China represents a kaleidoscope of unique experiences.

China’s Great Canal Cities 12 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s):

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Discover the historic Grand Canal, which originates in Beijing and is the longest canal, or artificial river, in the world. Enjoy authentic encounters as you explore a portion of the Great Wall first built in Northern Qi Dynasty and take train journey to Zhanjiang on the lower Yangtze River in Jiangsu Province.

China: Legacy of the Uyghur 15 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Adventure Travel

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This journey is about the beauty of a culture largely unknown to Western Civilization.  It explores the living legacy of the Uyghur people and their contributions to mankind, and visits the highlights of the Chinese Silk Road including Ürümqi, Kashgar, and Turpan. 

China 13 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Adventure Travel

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Explore vivacious Shanghai, the rich treasures and heritage of Beijing, China's ethnic minorities, and traditional villages of Longsheng and Guilin.

China’s Captivating Visions & Timeless Horizons 15 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Adventure Travel

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Experience life in southern China on this journey, one of National Geographic Traveler's 2011 “50 Tours of a Lifetime,” and discover the China of centuries past as well as the vibrant, modern culture of Shanghai. Travel well off the beaten path to see and experience the everyday life of rural southern China, its folk traditions, incredible landscapes and welcoming people.